Virgin introduces $80 unlimited plan

Virgin introduces $80 unlimited plan
We thought the unlimited plan war was over, but Virgin mobile announced today that they're hopping on the trend starting July 1. Always one for value, Virgin's plan is only $79.99 and comes without the stigma of a contract. Unlimited messaging can be added for $10, which puts them right in line with Sprint's $90 no data plan and $10 below T-Mobile's unlimited offering. Throw in the potential of some Helio handsets with the rumored merger- strike that, takeover- and Virgin has a pretty serious offering.

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1. VZW Employee unregistered

With all the takeovers or mergers, sooner or later there won't be too much competition anymore.

2. unregistered

There will always be competition the FTC will see to that (supposedly). The problem in the wireless industry is that there are too many carriers, inevitably the smaller ones will be bought or they will go out of business. There would be a problem if any one of the big 3 bought the other (which I dont think will happen), then you would be looking at a Monopoly.

3. unregistered

Poster #1 said "there won't be too much competition." And he's right. We know "there will always be competition" but it will be quite limited to consumers in the future. And that is not fair because it doesn't give us choice.

4. THUFF unregistered


5. C-Chickie unregistered

I believe Virgin is CDMA

6. unregistered

Virgin is CDMA..they work off sprints network. Pretty decent service..Cant go wrong for the $$$

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