Virgin Mobile USA to launch Kyocera Switch_Back messaging phone

Virgin Mobile USA to launch Kyocera Switch_Back messaging phone

Virgin Mobile USA is expected to start offering the Kyocera Switch_Back messaging phone nationwide this month for the price of $149.99. The device, which was previously announced as Kyocera KX21 Strobe, has a compact clamshell design. It features large QWERTY keyboard, revealed when the handset is turned sideways and is flipped open, which makes emailing, texting, IMing, gaming or browsing much easier for users. The dual-mode CDMA/AMPS handset also sports:

  • Dual 65k color STN displays
  • VGA camera with flash
  • 32MB memory
  • WAP 2.0 Internet browser
  • SMS/EMS/MMS/AIM support
  • Built-in speakerphone

Kyocera Switch_Back full specifications list




Source: PR Newswire



1. Anna unregistered

I don't have the phone yet but everyone says it's really cool.I really want the phone it's only $89.00 at target. which is the cheapest yet. Spring Break is coming up next week and I want to get the phone. Thanks Kyocera for making such a great phone

2. Billy bob unregistered

all i can say is: I WANT THIS PHONE it looks so cool. I'm getting it from virgin mobile. Did you know I'm a virgin. Okay that was a little too much information.

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