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Vine already sending out promo e-mails to combat Instagram video

0. phoneArena posted on 21 Jun 2013, 16:24

Yesterday, Instagram announced an update to its popular photo sharing app that adds micro-video to the service. It expands on Vine's 6-second time limit (which itself was an expansion of the 5secondfilms idea started in 2008), and Instagram also added a couple of other interesting features to the micro-video idea. It seems that Twitter might have gotten a bit worried, because just a couple hours after that announcement, promo e-mails for Vine started making the rounds...

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posted on 21 Jun 2013, 16:34 1

1. amats69 (Posts: 1509; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

sorry Vine..but i love Instagram even more now. :)

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 18:12 1

6. natesvlogs (Posts: 40; Member since: 15 May 2012)

yeah the video feature is awesome

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 17:31

2. imkyle (Posts: 1084; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

See ya Vine.

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 17:31 5

3. ithinkimjoe (Posts: 25; Member since: 19 Jan 2012)

What Vine forgets to tell you is how horrible their Android app is. Basically unusable.

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 17:53

5. TheLolGuy (Posts: 483; Member since: 05 Mar 2013)

Yeah it's true. If Instagram Video comes out full featured and with no bugs it's game over. Vine's app in iOS is great, but it's debut on Android has many missing features and bugs/crashes out on many different phones.

I don't doubt that Vine is good, but their falling start could cost them dearly.

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 18:13

7. MichaelHeller (Posts: 2707; Member since: 26 May 2011)

Instagram video on Android is pretty good. The only thing it's missing (which is a fairly big thing) is the Cinema image stabilization.

posted on 21 Jun 2013, 17:32 2

4. HASHTAG (unregistered)

I'll stick with Vine.

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