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Video shows how AT&T keeps Alaskan mobile users connected

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Video shows how AT&T keeps Alaskan mobile users connected
The part of the mobile industry that we get to see is basically a bunch of representatives all cozy inside a store surrounded by phones. But there is a whole other side to the business outdoors, where building towers and making sure they are working smoothly is done by a crew that has to deal with the weather. That is great for the crew that handles the outdoor tasks in warm weather locations like Florida, but what about the crew that takes care of mobile workers in Alaska?

AT&T has produced a short video showing how difficult the weather conditions are in Alaska, and how it affects cell phone towers and other operations. In southeast Alaska, AT&T has about 60 cell towers up and running and as you can see from the video, they can certainly take the brunt of the weather.

source: AT&T via IntoMobile

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