Video: see the first functional 4.7-inch iPhone 6 clone in action

This iPhone 6 wannabe may look like the handset that Apple will announce in September, but it's obviously inferior to the real thing...
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34. syncronyze

Posts: 103; Member since: Apr 26, 2014

I mean it's going to be competing in all 3 of the things you just said come the next update. Resolution and screen quality are still there on the 5S, when you get to something like QUAD TRIPLE X HD, your eyes can't really tell the difference, it just puts more strain on the battery.

32. EiadAjam

Posts: 4; Member since: Jul 11, 2013

this is fake you can see it is lagging and software is ios 7 totally fake and poor

35. brasstax

Posts: 539; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

less appealing than the Retina Display of the iPhone 5s - that cracked me up ROTFL Well.. Maybe 3 years ago. Now it's a joke to mention that terminology, when even entry-level phones from the competition push more pixels. I am not trolling. It's a fact that the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone concept. It's a fact that Google had to rewrite Android to make it touch based as a result of the iphone's release. It's a fact that at 3.5 inches, the original iphone's screen was one of the biggest of the time. Finally, the Retina Display, at the time of its introduction, was industry leading. But that was in the past. On every single one of the aforementioned parameters, Android phones are leading by such a huge margin, it's not funny. To their credit, Apple last year did release the first 64 bit mobile CPU. However unlike before, it wasn't a novel concept. Switch to 64 bit was always inevitable. They made it happen much sooner than expected. Even then if you look at benchmarks, the 32 bit Android phones score at least the same as apple's 64 bit iPhone. And they are pushing out 3 or 4 times the number of pixels while doing so. In India we have a saying - the students have surpassed the master. And that's apt for high end Android phones. Thats not to say that Apple can no longer be in the running. They are a smart company & surely realize that they are behind the curve. The supposed larger iPhone 6 versions & the limited introduction of widgets & 3rd party keyboards in IOS 8 are sure indicators that those who matter in Apple have awoken & smelt the coffee. That can only be a good thing. As consumers, its in our interest to see healthy competition. Lopsided Contest where one side is way ahead of the other is never healthy. Apple led the way initially. Android now rules. We need an even Contest. Yeah sure apple still makes an insane amount of money. I am talking about hardware quality. The fact is the iPhone 5s is on a hardware level, not a patch on high end Android phones. Put simply, when I see somebody with an iPhone, I know that my note 3 owns it

36. NickSDC

Posts: 26; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

"To their credit, Apple last year did release the first 64 bit mobile CPU." And good thing Samsung was around to manufacture it for them.

38. Iodine

Posts: 1471; Member since: Jun 19, 2014

And, if I can ask, in what they are so much behind ?

37. dorianb

Posts: 617; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Home Button looks weird

41. marianvaru

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 31, 2014

This IPhone 6 clone seems legit, but I'd rather not buy it, I don't know, it does not attract me into it. I can't breath at night expecting the new IPhone, but 'till then, I found a phone, that will start shipping from August 30,2014, but it's now available for preorder, and which seems like a best-deal, top-quality, a kind of chinese-premium, and the owner's site has free shipping worldwide, so, I said, why not? (check​duct_id=62 if you do not believe me). Called HDC Thunderbird I6, it comes with 4.7 Inch Muti-touch Capacitive Screen, an MTK6572 Dual Core, 1 GB Ram, 2 GB ROM, 13 mp camera, 5mp frontal, all type of sensors(gravity, light, distance, motion, etc). It's only 123.8mm * 58.6mm * 7.6mm, and while talking it stays up to 4 hrs, which seems great, in my opinion. And it's multilangual. You can see more about it in this presentation I already ordered it. What do you say? You agree with me that is good? I need opinions :D
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