Video leaks out of an Apple iPhone 5 booting up to iOS 6

Today might be the big day for Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 Lumias, but it doesn’t stop Apple gadgetry to leak out at an alarming rate for the once most secretive company…
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10. Aeires unregistered

Wha!? Someone ported iOS onto the Goophone!

11. Commentator

Posts: 3722; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Black looks way deeper on the new one.

14. fistigons

Posts: 368; Member since: Feb 11, 2012

What is the point of putting the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone? I hate when companies do that. Maybe the top is where the NFC chip will be.

19. Vinayakn73

Posts: 207; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

dude the headphone jack is kind of a$$ of phone. so its always stays at bottom. a$$ es are not to put on head (Top)

23. quickweevil

Posts: 51; Member since: Dec 21, 2011

I love it! My Galaxy Nexus had it on the bottom. For me, when I put the phone in my front pocket, it's natural to put the phone in upside-down. That way, when I pull it out, it's already rightside-up. My iPhone 4S is a pain when it comes to that.

28. iamcc

Posts: 1319; Member since: Oct 07, 2011

I thought the same thing when my Galaxy Nexus came with the jack on the bottom. After roughly 60 seconds of actually using the phone while listening to music it all made perfect sense. I hope every phone I buy from now on has it on the bottom and as silly as it sounds it's actually a selling point for me. It's just clunky having the wire draped over the top when you're actually using the phone.

42. Aeires unregistered

Works fine until I slide the phone in my car dock, then the earphone on the bottom becomes an aggravation. Loved the location on my S2, not so fond of it on my GNex.

15. iDroidx650

Posts: 83; Member since: May 26, 2010

It's an iPhone. What makes you think Apple will go and make it look like a completely different phone running a revamped OS. That is not how Apple runs their business. The iPhone will always still in line with the same design que.

25. AppleConspiracy

Posts: 637; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

That's right. French philosopher Jean F. Lyotard has written in the seventies about current state of knowledge in the world, ad described it as a state in which "science and progress" are the ideological and religious pamphlets. Progress must be made for the progress' sake, even if we don't need it. If Apple iPhone works for most people, then progress in terms of changing design just to be changed because we expect it under this "progress regime" is nothing more than ideological terrorism inside the system itself. We are now looking for ways to hate iPhone for something. And so we decided we hate it because it didn't change design (and nobody asks why should great design be changed at all) or some technical aspect. Of course, we see that precisely in this we find religion far more dangerous than Apple religion itself. It's something in which we are fundamentally religious - in hate for iPhone. And we secretly know that it isn't actually because it hasn't changed design or have killer specs. We know this is our faith, materialized thru hatred just as Christian hates Muslim, or vice versa...

18. tech_lover

Posts: 26; Member since: Jun 02, 2012

this can't be the real deal IMO..see the bottom of the phone is not symmetrical as it was in 4s...this probably is a chinese knockoff...waitin for 12th sep.....

22. KiddUriel

Posts: 5; Member since: Jul 16, 2012

Is it just more or does anyone else think that the phone is a fake? At 0:30 notice the design flaw on the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Also, compare the home button seen on the original iPhone to the supposed iPhone 5. It isnt "Apple Like" quality. But all of this is just a thought. I could be wrong.

35. kcombs

Posts: 275; Member since: Dec 15, 2010

I'm glad I went Android. If that is the new iPhone, I would not have purchased one. I'm happy with my Note, and will be happy with my Note2 when it comes out.

39. JessJess unregistered

Congratulation. You're winner.

47. hosker unregistered

lol... whaT?

36. itreday

Posts: 68; Member since: May 24, 2012

FAKE! The screen isn't aligned with the phone on the left side it gets narrower as it gets to the bottom of the screen.

38. JessJess unregistered

@01:14 "We're unable to complete you" lmao But Apple. You do complete me :'(

44. alan_1230

Posts: 86; Member since: Apr 22, 2012

i really hope Apple is doing this on purpose and is going to release a whole different device i mean apple really never get's there devices leaked ever ! So yeah imagine they release a 4'5 inch iPhone with a beautiful design and with ios 6 and new maps and nfc and lte (samsung waiting to sue -.-) lol and yes I am a android samsung galaxy s2 owner and i really want a iPhone for the first time !!!!

46. richardyarrell2011

Posts: 510; Member since: Mar 16, 2011

Apple sucks MAJOR ROTTEN EGGS. Nothing but pure bordom and sad simpleton's feature. s**t on Apple.

49. Peter27

Posts: 233; Member since: Jul 13, 2012

I like how iFans are contradicting them selves. On one side they say the great design does not need change. On other they say this is fake,bla bla, apple will reveal the new design during conference and blow us away. iFans please make up your mind.

50. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

all i see is a dumb fruit on the screen
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