Vertu working on a 3G Signature phone?

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Vertu working on a 3G Signature phone?
It seems that Nokia’s luxury phones brand, Vertu, may be bringing its Signature line up to date with 3G support and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its design just screams Vertu with the chevron keypad, the etched “V” logos and beautiful craftsmanship. The new Signature device is rumored to have an OLED QVGA display, which will allow its screen to merge with the front side while inactive, but still retaining its visibility during usage.

via: EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

good lookin phone...lemme guess....GSM??? as always..................

2. unregistered

as always? you mean of course. gsm has a larger market share world wide.

3. unregistered

gsm 188 countries cdma 180 countries not that much of a difference huh? and 43 GSM countries are poverty stricken countries meaning they are not markets companies are pushing this is a lame exuse for devs being to lazy to produce more CDMA phones, especially because it is superior in every aspect.

6. rj04 unregistered

CDMA- approximately 438 million users worlwide. GSM-over 2 BILLION If you had any intelligence and were a company who makes phones there is no question who you would make them for. How many amazing and feature packed phones do you see on the market that can be purchased unlocked or have it done after and be used on ATT or T-mobile in the US. Then, I go to another country, by a cheap prepaid sim while I'm there, pop it in my phone and I'm good to go. With GSM, phone makers can design a phone however they want and sell it to more than five+ times as many consumers. They don't have to wait and hope for approval like they would on the CDMA side. It's simple really.

4. unregistered

cool phone, too bad i cant afford it :(

5. jrcrow unregistered

umm..allI can say is ...$$$

7. unregistered

nice looking phone wish it had a qwerty keyboard... um kinda use to it now

8. unregistered

its so sexy like me

9. unregistered

Nice "Galactic" look

10. Wreddg unregistered

Yet CDMA has better service if you spend the greater amount of your life here in the U.S... I'm fine with Verizon, they have some phones that offer a combo GSM/CDMA anyway.

11. unregistered

where is the bucks :L

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