Vertu prepares a new Signature S Design phone

Vertu prepares a new Signature S Design phone
Nokia's luxury brand Vertu has a short trailer up on its website, showcasing the design of its new Signature S Design phone - "A Phone Without Equal". From information, courtesy of the FCC, we know that it will be a quad-band GSM/EDGE with 3G HSDPA (Vertu's first) on the 850/ 2100 MHz bands. It is also the first Vertu to have built-in Wi-Fi.

The availability of Wi-Fi is interesting. On one side, the vast majority of Nokia devices which have it also run on Symbian S60 smartphone OS, so Vertu may be preparing a smartphone! On the other hand, some non-smart Nokia phones (like the 6301 for example) also have Wi-Fi as they support UMA.

The trailer says that the Signature S Design is coming this October, so we can expect more details next month.

source: Vertu via Engadget



1. hargs48 unregistered

I seriously doubt it will run S60 OS...I am gonna say its runs the straightforward S40 platform with a WLAN module added...

2. Dexter unregistered

Yeah, seriously. HaHa...

3. unregistered


4. unregistered

Tough choice, "Gee honey, should we buy a new car or a phone? They are the same price so I will leave the choice up to you." Who pays the prices for these things?!?!?!?!

5. unregistered

very unique..but which carrier??

6. unregistered

it's European, in the next five-ten years i'm betting one of the US carriers make a CDMA or just USA variant of these phones, they're so cool

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