Verizon's phantom $1.99 fee strikes again?

One Verizon Wireless insider goes into how flip phones are designed to never get around getting charged the phantom $1.99 fee...
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19. PapaJay224

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And a "-1" one for you Mr. Gullable Post reader JEEPOFFROADV8 ...Check the Facts Before Griping!

38. cansler

Posts: 136; Member since: Oct 07, 2009

That is the most childest thing I have seen in a long time. A person has a legitimate issue, and you still play tiddly-winks and reverse one-up them. do you feel better now? Hilarious. Just like in the other article you slam a guy for wanting better deals on several phones for black friday. Because according to you he's a crybaby wanting Big Red to cowtow to his every whim. Turns out he has several available upgrades an was actually planning on getting several devices. So his wishes weren't so far-fetched after all. I think after a while you just quit trying to contribute anything substantive and just started copying and pasting. E.N. had an actual situation and was not adding his "yeah, if that's what they are doing they are wrong for that" $.02 and you still go with the check the facts angle. Perhaps it is you who needs to gather a little fact or two. Because E.N. here actually experienced it.

14. Onomatopoeia

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1. Add blocks to prevent access 2. It's a bloody flip phone so pressing up or down is intentional and not a "pocket press" 3. As stated previously it costs Verizon more to issue a credit and actually take the call from a customer than the amount of money they would take in from a single MB charge. 4. Verizon doesn't make the phones so obviously they don't make the short cut keys. 5. Anonymous tipster for this article: "your a fuckin skank" see YouTube: New Haircut Video.

37. cansler

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1. Why is it the customer's responsibility to avoid a "phantom" charge for something they did not ask for / requested to not have? Be cause they are obviously generating money off it and won't change data charge issue. 2 people may call and have the charge reversed, while 5 may not even know they were charged. THAT is way it still exists. VZW can afford the $10-$15 call + $1.99 refund if they are avereging more non-calls/complaints than calls and complaints. 2. Ever hear of a horizontal pouch? Buttons get pushed all the time. Or other items in the Purse / pocket pressing against the up button? 3. See 1. 4. VZW does not make the phones, correct. They do, however have a huge hand in design specs. and can request that feature be placed there as they know it is a revenue generator. 5. ...won't even address.

49. Onomatopoeia

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Your math makes me a sad panda bear :( 2 people happen to catch the charge call in and get credit= (1.99*2) and then we toss in the $10 per call (low ball end of your estimate)= 23.98. Then five to seven people dont call in equals 13.93 on the high end estimate. Jager bomb?

15. ggp unregistered

Seriously folks... I work for VZW in tech support and help frequently with billing as well. The ratio of accidental data charges is proportionately very low! Out of 40 calls per day, I speak with maybe 4 people per week that have this issue. If it is happening to you, it IS quite annoying, no question about it, but it is NOT happening to everyone as this article would have you believe! What I see half the time is Mom or Dad calling because Jr's line keeps getting data charges but when I look, I can see Jr is pulling up actual websites from his phone and that is not accidental (Despite what the innocent little angel says)! That probably accounts for half of the calls I do get. So let's do the math, 40 calls x 5 days per week = 200 customers I speak with. Of those, 4 have issues, and of those, 2 are Jr, and 2 are a problem... so that comes to 1%. Should Verizon resolve this issue for that 1%? Absolutely! But it's NOT happening to all 87M customers like the article would have you believe!

32. BrokenImaege

Posts: 173; Member since: Jul 27, 2009

And serious, if you get these, we have always credited the customer back in store and helped them locked the feature down. We aren't trying to steal anyones hard earned money. That has never been what we are about and never will be.

33. Phoney

Posts: 13; Member since: Aug 16, 2009

you only get so few calls because most people don't realize they're getting charged!!!!! f'ers! i just realized i've been getting these silly charges a few weeks ago but if i wasn't so lazy and it was more than the 1.99 plus taxes, i probably would have called already. i'm calling now... if this is the issue why i've been charged (no i don't use internet intentionally) then vzw is a POS.

39. cansler

Posts: 136; Member since: Oct 07, 2009

B-I-N-G-O Phoney was their target, then he wised up. As long as they can get sway with cahrging more that don't realize it's happening over those who figure it out and call in to have them reversed they will likely still do it. Most customers aren't the techhie geniouses we all are and just get the coolest phone they can get and go with it. Most don't even open the manual because they figured out how to do the functions they want to do a long time ago. So they may not even realize the button mapping is customizeable. They shouldn't have to know how to block a feature they don't want. I actually go in and change the web setting on my parents and wife's phones so they get an "error can't connect type message" whenever they accidentally hit that web button. I know most if not all AT&T handsets have that web mall/media max set to the enter button in the center of the control keys and it used to get me until I figured it out. It's the Providers way of skimming a little from each customer. Like those movies where the hi-tech bank heist plan is to take $.01 or $1 from each bank customer (they figure no body will miss it). If you add up all those small Dollars and Cents it ADDS up.

16. biggles

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I don't understand how this is a problem. I've had a flip phone for over 3.5 years on Verizon and never "accidentally" started mobile web services. If this is getting you fired up to leave for a lesser carrier, SEE YA!

23. PapaJay224

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And a "-1" one for you Mr. Gullable Post reader...Check the Facts Before Griping!

24. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

Sorry Biggles, I didnt mean that... I miss read your post...LOL

25. vzw fanman

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if you go don't have a data plan and are worried about accidentally going on the internet then go to my verizon and checkmark mobile web block. :-)

26. DonLouie

Posts: 594; Member since: Dec 22, 2008

PapaJay224, for some reason your post come off as skewed. Where the information you've volunteered comes from isn't a great source because it's tainted by the company reps.

28. ggp unregistered

Just thinking further about my previous post which indicated this may be a problem for 1% of customers... of those 1%, about 3/4 are taken care of either by educating, or by putting a block on (not even the block that blocks MMS messages, just the regular web block). Of those that I put a block on, I always follow up when the next bill generates just to make sure there's no data charges, and it's always good! So finishing my math... we're truly talking about less than .25% of customers affected. (Sorry didn't think the first post through enough... up till 4:30 am fighting a Vista computer... but that's a post for another forum!)


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I also work for VZW, and like others have said, accidentally pressing the up arrow and loading the VZW web home page DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT, bill megabyte charges. The system is setup to prevent these inadvertent charges. Like other posters have said, it's ONLY if you navigate or click past the homepage. Maybe in the future, phone arena should verify before posting this b/s repeatedly.

30. elgee02

Posts: 28; Member since: Jan 26, 2009

What PhoneArena fails to mention is that opening the home page of the mobile web browser DOES NOT CHARGE. VZW changed this over a year ago shortly after they came out with the Nationwide plans. This article = trash.

31. taco50

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Verizon needs to fix this and up the minimum limit before charging for Internet access

34. vzwfann15

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This very same thing has happened to my family on numerous times and when we go to block the service, the same thing occurs the following month. COME ON VERIZON!

36. pyrex.kitty

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Often times, when charges occur on the following bill, it's because the block was added effective in the middle of the bill cycle. So there may still be charges from before you called in to add the block.

35. DonLouie

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I'm glad at least one vzw sub has mentioned the charge and the block, some of these refuse the believe $#!+ stinks. If enough people complain it could be an issue, they aren't infallible

41. DonLouie

Posts: 594; Member since: Dec 22, 2008

There are plenty of apologist here, this NY Times article sheds some light on the view http://pogue.blogs.

44. Cali_E

Posts: 196; Member since: Sep 24, 2008

I've watched cust service credit so many people cause they cant figure out how to change a stupid shortcut. phone arena you guys r haters. this is a terrible artical and it is making me question the integrity and intellegence of your writers. these have been the same settings on the phones since before they started charging by the Mb. its just a convenience key. F**k you phone arena for this article. it really just made me lose so much repect for you guys. so ignorent

51. DonLouie

Posts: 594; Member since: Dec 22, 2008

That article leads one to believe charges apply to phone changes, maybe if left out carriers, the rest is on point. I found another one too
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