Verizon's VCast music service disables MP3 support

Verizon's VCast music service disables MP3 support

It was confirmed by a Verizon Wireless's spokesman that the upgrade of the software, required to launch the announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, V Cast music service from Verizon will disable previous capability of mobile phones to play MP3 files. The reason for disabling the MP3 player was said to be user-orientated - as the new service is based on Microsoft's digital-media technology, the user would be confused to have two players. Furthermore, according to the spokesman, users may not even notice a difference as Windows Media 10 software is capable of converting MP3 files to WMA files on the desktop before transferring them to the phone. Customers with Apple Macintosh or Linux-based computers, however, may be left out as they cannot use this software. The good point is that customers who want their phones updated will be informed beforehand about this effect.



Source: CNet


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