Verizon's Touch Pro2 appears in a video

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Verizon's Touch Pro2 appears in a video
Hey, here’s yet another appearance of the business-centric HTC goodness for Verizon – the Touch Pro2. This time, thanks to a tipster of ours who brought this to our attention, we get to see a YouTube video of the still unofficial Windows Mobile smartphone. The video confirms what we hoped for when we saw the Touch Pro2’s version for Telus – it is equipped with a 3.5mm jack. The video also confirms that the handset will be usable in the whole wide world. There is no information as of when we may see this one become available with Big Red, but hope it won’t take long. Check out the video while waiting!

HTC Touch Pro2 Preliminary Specifications | Review (EU)

Thanks, David!



1. ViBRATOt49

Posts: 17; Member since: Aug 06, 2009

i cant wait for this!!

2. xcalibur

Posts: 49; Member since: May 18, 2009

so i gotta decide between the TPro2 and the moto sholes or calgary or whatever it's called, as for looks they did a nice job keeping it the way it's supposed to look, and i heard from different sites that it's not get this ya'll ......CRIPPLED GASP!!!!!

3. vzw fanman

Posts: 1977; Member since: Dec 11, 2008


4. Sethdras

Posts: 61; Member since: Jul 22, 2009

yea i'm deciding between those two as well, but i havent had the best past with Motorola's so i think i am leaning towards the TP2. I am going to check it out at T-mobile on August 12th to see how it is first. A release date for Verizon would help a lot

5. VZWfangirl

Posts: 71; Member since: Jul 25, 2009

I'm also debating between the Android phones and this. I'm not a fan of Windows Mobile but the phone is undeniably sexy. I'll most likely just wait though and see what the Calgary and Sholes or 'Shules" are like. I'm upset they removed the flash though, but I hear the battery life is really good which is always a plus.

6. Fanboys Suck

Posts: 609; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

Bravo for the 3.5 mm Head Phone Jack!!! No Flash? Not like HTC... Boo!!

7. stdeeeez

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 06, 2009

I Went into verizon today...about an hour ago. just about 4 days ago i got my very own touch pro.then i heard news about verizon releasing the Touch Pro 2 Soon. So i asked him if i should jus return the touch pro and wait for the touch pro two and he said i couldnt tell you when its coming out but u should probably jus keep your phone for another week and then see what happens ......WINK WInk GRINS BIG.

10. Quemical

Posts: 162; Member since: Jul 14, 2009

so just return it and stop reading into nothing

11. ckeegan

Posts: 24; Member since: Sep 20, 2005

A week? I have to say that's a little hard to believe, but the sooner the better. Right now, I'm hearing August 27th and September 1st.

18. stdeeeez

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 06, 2009

I Jus GOt The touch Pro... Why Would I Return Before The TPII Comes Out If i can use my original tp until the new one comes out and then just xchange it.

19. stdeeeez

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 06, 2009

No im not saying he was trying to tell me it would be out in a week but that it would be announced in a week or so.

21. ckeegan

Posts: 24; Member since: Sep 20, 2005

Gotcha, but even then, Verizon doesn't typically release official announcements until right before the device is launched, unless it's a BB device. The Tour teaser page went online a month before release, and the actual availability date was added 2 weeks before release. Even then, I'd be amazed if Verizon put any marketing effort whatsoever behind the Touch Pro2, since they haven't done so in the past. Heck, the XV6800 just showed up on the website one day, with no official announcement whatsoever. Here's to hoping we do see some kind of confirmation next week though.

8. Sethdras

Posts: 61; Member since: Jul 22, 2009

very nice, lets hope the release date comes out soon then. VZWfangirl, i think the Calgary is now named Shules, so its actually 1 phone. I heard there will be flash on the Shules (calgary).

9. dZW

Posts: 23; Member since: Jun 16, 2008

the sholes and calgary are two different full-qwerty android devices destined for Verizon.

12. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

yeah isn't the calgary supposed to be the android phone that has a qwerty razr-esque keyboard?

25. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

Its a name Toss up thanks to Phone arena's botched leaks and desire to F with people to make a story...Its actually 1 phone.

13. dZW

Posts: 23; Member since: Jun 16, 2008

last i saw it still had the razr like qwerty, probably wont be released till late 2009 early 2010 since the sholes will be release sometime this fall. Dont want to have too much competition for an adroid device especially for the same company.

14. Sethdras

Posts: 61; Member since: Jul 22, 2009

if you look at the motorola phones on this website, it shows that the calgary is also named sholes or shules, so i am standing by the "its 1 phone", but it does look sweet

23. dZW

Posts: 23; Member since: Jun 16, 2008

yea im not sure why phonearena has that messed up but i know for a fact they are two different.... here's the sholes here's the calgary..

24. Sethdras

Posts: 61; Member since: Jul 22, 2009

oh ok, they look really similar and i thought that the original picture (the calgary) that shows a razor type qwerty keyboard was a very old leaked photo and that the actual calgary changed names and is no longer like that. So i dont know who to beleive anymore! haha

15. uknow85

Posts: 38; Member since: May 28, 2009

this or the blackberry storm 2??

16. wswanson04

Posts: 14; Member since: Nov 18, 2008

Any word on the ram??

17. ckeegan

Posts: 24; Member since: Sep 20, 2005

RAM has been verified by several people who currently have the TP2 in their possession, including the person who posted the video on YouTube. It's all there.

20. VZWChick

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 07, 2009

Ok, question is: The Pre, the Touch Pro 2 or the Shules???????????????Hmmph!

22. ckeegan

Posts: 24; Member since: Sep 20, 2005

I personally would take the Touch Pro2 over the Pre, but the Shules is hard to say. There's not really a lot of info on it yet, processor speed, user interface, etc.

26. xcalibur

Posts: 49; Member since: May 18, 2009

i was hoping it would also have a flash for the camera

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