Verizon's Touch Pro steals the scene in video

Any thought that Verizon wouldn't release the Touch Pro can officially be laid to rest...
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70. unregistered

I worked at best buy about three years ago and alot of the computers had bluetooth and almost all the laptops(except the super cheap ones) had bluetooth so maybe your machines are just old. Also so if you accessing wifi at home through your phone it can easily be hacked(your network). A phone isnt nearly as complicated as a laptop to get through. Just fyi, other than that im pretty indifferent on the subject.

26. unregistered

Wow... VZW fanboys are funny... Keep arguing, it's entertaining.

45. vzw fanboy unregistered

ok will do

34. unregistered

Why do posts about a new phone always turn into "verizon sucks" verizon rules" i-phone rules" "i-phone sucks" phone geeks are like hardcore liberals or ultra conservatives; you're not going to change their mind no matter what you say, and insulting them while you try to just gives them a reason to hate you more. there should be a "post about the carrier you hate" section here, so all of you who have to tell us why you hate big red or why Sprint is the devil, Don't get in the way of those of us that actually want to know facts about the phone. Not insults, rumors and carrier bashing

35. unregistered

You might be asking for too much.....but im with you 100%

36. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol what is the since of advertising then? you might as well have no commercials. like those sprint commercials that are in black and white except the yellow sprint store.

40. unregistered

"Can you hear me now? What? You can't? Shit, this service is terrible here!"

43. unregistered

It is an over clocked version of the tytn xv6800 with same chipset 7200, they don’t want the phone to be too powerful “like the sprint’s” instead they want to miss lead their customers to buy the crippled WiFiless downgraded cpu speed from 624 MHz to 528 MHz, the storm. That’s why there is another delay in the storm launch because pages were slow to load and render and zoom/pan operations were slow and jerky, as usual their crippled chipsets can’t perform well. Bottom of the line they don’t want the phone to be too powerful, so u don’t buy it instead of the storm cuz they have a Quota in the storm

49. unregistered

lmao 1 storm was originally scheduled to launch in december before christmas, that was corporate initiative and main goal since last year. 2 your specs are wrong on this handset. 3 our handsets perform better than anyone in the industry. if ur just upset because we dont allow people to rip up the phone and make it their personal pocket pc, tough ... cry to someone about it and live with your crappy service and crappy reception. 4 owned

51. unregistered

1. Storm has had numerous delays 2. It essentially is a small upgraded Mogul 3. Verizon's handsets, at least in the pocket pc category, consistently perform WORSE than comparable handsets by other carriers. That's what happens when you cripple the phones.

52. MR unregistered

if one buys the it too much to want to do with it as we please? Hell no! I bought it therefore let me mess with it as much as i want. no doubt vzw has the best network, but i hate the fact that they want total control over the devices when after all their main goal is to make money and they do.

53. vzw fanboy unregistered

and why do you think VERIZON has the best coverage? because they spend all that extra money increasing coverage, maintening the network and building new cell sites! duhh lol.

48. unregistered

my only problem is the design. the square edges i prefer rounded. it looks like a brick.

54. unregistered

its probobly 299$ thats what at&t and sprints are, i hope verizon has the same back and look as sprints version.

55. unregistered

1. The VX6850 will have an accelerometer 2.The processor will be the same as sprint's, but will have a lower RAM 3.The 2-year price will be around $249.99-$299.99 4.The 6850 will have TouchFLO3d in landscape mode, but as shown in the video, keeps a couple of icons, such as composing an email/ SMS/MMS How do I know this, you ask? I have a friend who tests all Windows Mobile devices that come to Verizon. He actually let me use the 6850 and the Omnia for a bit. Very solid devices.

67. Timfantry unregistered

Ahh cool cool i heard it would have no accelerometer and slower processor but if ur friend tests them and u tried i believe u so i like the pro but do u think thew omnia is better than pro for Verizon?

69. unregistered

you people are funny

71. unregistered

Hey guys, No offense to anyone...but the whole Touch HD thing was amended recently.... They declared that while the HD wouldn't be coming our way (NA) immediately, they realized that there was a larger and growing HTC market here and decided to release it, probably next year....dates were not specific though. Still, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.. And as for VZW degrading its inclined to believe they do (the smart/pda phones) I've checked the HTC site vs. what is sent to the US...esp verizon, and it seems that the VZW phones tend to be significantly underpowered compared to the full HTC versions of the same phone....not sure why.... I can say this, I do have a friend who's son works for VZW. He told me one day that the reason that they do some of this (and the reason our networks/internet are SO far behind) is because the infrastructure here can't handle the data that would be going thru it. So they create an artificial bottleneck to control it....i think that's BS, especially if its true...and this guy had NO reason to lie to me....he wasnt entirely sure on all details, but he's pretty smart and kinda put 2 and 2 together. Anyway..I am still a VZW like to see better service...and I really would luv to get a hold of an HD..Im way past due for an upgrade....willing to wait, but if the wait is going to be another year or more...than maybe I should go for the Touch Pro Good luck all

72. unregistered

EVDO can't handle the amount of data that would be needed for such things as video calling, etc. But you have to realize that the US networks have to stretch so far and be so expansive, when compared to European or especially the networks in many Asian countries. Verizon doesn't cripple their phones because of the network though - They do it because it's cheaper, and they can charge for all the services that they cripple. How would RAM or GPS affect the handling of data? The Touch HD is NOT going to come to the US. What HTC said is that they are looking at other options, after the overwhelming call for the HD in America. But it would take them over a year to pass FCC regulations and build a Touch HD for CDMA networks here in the US. By that time, even the HD will be somewhat outdated, with the possibility of even better screens, more RAM, better connections, etc. HTC is going to develop a NEW phone for America that will be released in a year or so that will be comparable, yet hopefully better than the HD.

78. Timfantry unregistered

Hey here it says that it will be the same specs as sprints and to launch on the 24th check it out and more info

81. unregistered

Can someone explain what it means to unlock a phone? Would there be any benefit of buying the Touch Pro from an independant source and have it unlocked to be used with a Verizon account? Is that even possable and/or have any benefits? Maybe if Verizon does strip it down or if they charge a lot more than other do??? Thanks
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