Verizon's Touch Pro steals the scene in video

Any thought that Verizon wouldn't release the Touch Pro can officially be laid to rest...
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59. unregistered

Sprint Touch Diamond: 528mhz processor 256mb RAM Accelerometer Rev. A Verizon Touch Diamond: 400mhz processor 128mb RAM NO Accelerometer (HA! That's one of the major selling points of the Diamond!) Rev. A Upgradable

60. unregistered

They used to eliminate Wi-Fi on many of their phones. Most phones have certain features locked, such as the GPS, which is open on other carriers. Also, a lot of the phones have worse processors or less RAM than the same phone on other carriers. They just make their phones cheaper and lock the features so you have to pay out the a** to use them.

62. unregistered

your making assumptions based on a product that hasn't been released yet? Really? official specs havent even been announced. I have yet to see any listing in the equipment guide.

64. unregistered

Verizon isn't getting a Touch HD. No one in the US is.

68. unregistered

I love that all 4 of those links are refrencing the EXACT same picture as there statistical reference wich appears to be a sprint advertisement originally (guessing by the sprint logo on it) so you and them are basing your refrence off of something that STILL hasent been released yet. In that sense i could say the VZW or sprint one also has a WXGA display and a quad-core processor and you wouldnt be able to proove me wrong. I may well be wrong but, ****ING seriously?

77. unregistered

I love how the specs just came out at verizon wireless employee site today and guess what, you're wrong it has all those things... I love it when people give out wrong information all the time. Especially the wifi thing when the pro, saga and omnia all have wifi on it.... yea verizon never has phones with wifi..

20. unregistered

#20 your a flipping moron, as usual someone who claims to know something but knows nothing. The raphael and the touch hd are 2 different phone morons, touch hd has no physical keyboard retard. and to say vzw cripples the phones, they dont manufacturer them , they dont build them , they just get them from the manufacturer. I cant think of one smartphone they sell which is so restrcted in RAM that it causes inconvience to the consumer. You want to act like this is the reason VZW is not the best choice....when VZW has always been the best choice ( hence why no one leaves) Cant hack brew? thats because your a retard....10 year old kids hack brew all the time, I have 8 games and 150 living wallpapers and about 60 ringtones on my Dare that I paid for none of them. I get free internet access on my Voyager and I can use it as a modem for no charge whatsoever. I have changed the menus, chainged the UI ( pretty easy , dial a unlock # and the menu can be replaced with any bit images I chose ). And wi-fi??? LMFAO...if you depend on wi fi then your carrier SUCKS !!!! Straight up, I get dsl type speeds anywhere in the country ( loving the 85% coverage VZW gives for rev a.....pwning all other providers) good luck with fnding a wi fi spot that doesnt charge you money to connect and good luck in keeping that connection wen YOU ACTUALLY MOVE AROUND WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICE...wi fi is a poor mans cop out to not being able to afford the best there is. Expensive data plans? When ATT, SPrint and T Mobile are all more expensive per MB, thats another cop out from the poor man who couldnt come up with the money to pay the deposit at Verizon. And problems wth the mogul??????? Sorry but people live and die by this device, VZW sold over 2 million , so it obviously didnt have that many problems. Next time , come correct or dont post at all. VZW pwns all providers by a mile.

21. unregistered

#21, I don't understand how you think anyone will take you seriously when all you do is troll this board cursing , belittling people, and claiming their poor because they have a want or need for wi-fi. The ability to afford is different then the desire to spend. Warren Buffet could afford whatever he wants but chooses to buy suits at cheap stores and lives in a very modest house. You may not realize this, but if you had wi-fi you could sync/transfer faster with a pc and without the need for a cable at work/home. See it can be a convenience for both rich and poor. You don't want it. Fine leave it off. I want it and I can afford to choose whatever I want. Seriously I have seen your same writing style and claims on several other threads. Put the cue cards down man.... You know all to well that Verizon specs out how they want phone delivered both in hardware and software. Honestly anyone can figure that out, you are not fooling anyone. The people commenting have been stung by VZW, as have I. "Motoroala v710" yeah...nurtured if not flashed back to old firmware or hacked. Do I like their coverage? Yes I do, which is absolutely the only thing keeping me with far. I could go on, but have no desire to do so.

27. unregistered

#21 Haha you are quite possibly the worst VZW fanboy out there. First off, I stated that the Raphael and the Touch Pro were the same phone. The Touch HD is a completely different phone that won't even come to America. HTC has already stated this. Strike one, asshole. VZW completely maps out the specs of the phones that they want. So yes, they do indeed cripple the phones. They're notorious for crippling the phones. The HTC Mogul was notorious for having a complete lack of RAM. Granted, it was sold by the millions, but try opening up Skyfire or Opera as well as a couple other programs, and then tell me that it doesn't cause any inconvenience. And nobody leaves Verizon? You lost half a million customers to the iPhone, let alone any other phone. Adding ringers and wallpapers is easy. Hacking Brew 2.0 is not. In order to "hack" Brew you either have to extend a demo version of an application, or pay for the application and then change the files. Aren't you cool, on your locked down phones. Actually, I don't depend on Wi-Fi. I get EVDO - Rev. A all over the country. I get to use your VZW EVDO - Rev. A whenever I want, or use my own carrier's. Aka, "pwning all other providers". I prefer to use Wi-Fi when at home though, considering the quicker upload speeds, and the fact that I can use my phone as a remote for my stereo and laptop. Good luck connecting to other devices like that with your crippled phone. I pay $30 a month for unlimited data, text, picture mail, incoming, 5PM nights and weekends, and 1,500 minutes. You pay $30 a month for data alone. There goes your "OMG Verizon data cheappppp!!!" idea. Next time actually look up some basic facts and learn about what you're trying to argue about. You look like an absolute moron, spouting off VZW bullshit. Go breathe underwater or play in the street.

28. unregistered

And here's a little info to ease your ignorance, #21. Verizon doesn't cripple their devices? Go figure. Sprint Touch Diamond: 528mhz processor 256mb RAM Accelerometer Rev. A Verizon Touch Diamond: 400mhz processor 128mb RAM NO Accelerometer (HA! That's one of the major selling points of the Diamond!) Rev. A Upgradable

29. unregistered

awww does somebody need a hug???

37. MR unregistered

How is it that you only pay $30 for all that stuff dude? that's awesome.

38. MR @ 10 unregistered

oh man some people are so stupid? Verizon specs have Touch with accelometer on it and 256 mb RAM. Sounds like you guys live in an internet fantasy world where everything you read is true. How dreamy? oh and for the above moron who said you cant hack brew> what rock you live under? hacking brew is simple. your just to much in love with your lack of intelligence to realize how simple it is. EVERYONE on vzw who knows anything about phones hacks brew simply.

39. unregistered

The Touch Diamond on Verizon has specs released without the Accelerometer, and 128mb RAM, as well as the worse processor. Hacking Brew is easy. Hacking Brew 2.0 takes a lot more effort. I enjoy being able to open my phone and immediately add whatever I need to. Besides, I'd rather not pay out the a** for my stuff. It's called SERO, and it was the best deal in the wireless industry.

57. unregistered

That's amazing how you got the specs for the touch diamond when the specs aren't on verizon..... considering the employees don't even have the specs yet and they're not at the websites... I am really impressed by this. I mean wow. People stop making up s***.

58. unregistered

How about you do a simple search, and you'll find that the specs were released a while ago. They aren't on Verizon's site, yet, but they're out. They've been out. Just like people knew that the Touch Pro and Diamond were gonna come to Sprint and Verizon almost half a year before they were ever announced, along with the exact specs released.

63. unregistered

the only way ur gonna pay $30 for unlimited data, text, picture mail, incoming, 5PM nights and weekends, and 1,500 minutes is if you work for the company. so how are u gonna bash on vzw data plan. u r retarded!!!!!!!!!!!

65. unregistered

Really? I don't work for Sprint at all. Sprint offered SERO to anybody and it included unlimited data, text, picture mail, 7PM nights, and 500 minutes for $30. I got incoming, 5PM nights, and 1,000 minutes added from codes found, Trebek.

73. unregistered

wow..again u r retarded! i worked for sprint for about 4yrs! im currently with verizon but i called my friends from sprint and they said that you're full of SH*T lol. no way in hell can you get that for only $30. u can fool everybody online but u cant fool the people who worked for the company!

74. unregistered

Haha #76, you are a complete idiot. First off, just google search SERO. Actually, if you worked for Sprint, you'd know all about it, so I don't need to explain it. Then, using retentions codes found on FatWallet, SprintUsers, and HowardForums, I had the add-ons applied. BNW0UN5PS - The old code for 5PM Nights/Weekends RETULINC - Old Retentions Unlimited Incoming Code And the Bonus 1,000 minutes I just asked for, without having a code. If you worked for Sprint, you would know that there are hundreds of codes just like that in the system that can be easily stacked and applied. But you never did. You are a liar, and a complete moron. Go breathe underwater.

75. unregistered

And I actually pay less than $30, but there are taxes. I get a recurring $5 credit - so before taxes are added, my bill is only $25. Plus, I got my HTC Mogul for -$150 (They accidentally gave me $350 for my $200 rebate), and just swapped my Mogul for a brand new HTC Diamond for free. So I pay $25, got a Touch Diamond for -$150, and get all that stuff.

76. unregistered

Your "friends" from company are as stupid as you. I don't have quite the deal this guy #77, etc. has, but I pay $30 for unlimited text, internet, picture mail, roaming, and 5 pm nights and free first incoming minute on SERO.

79. SprintDude unregistered

There are codes that aren't in the system i've seen the unlimited incoming codes on some accounts for $5 and free...never even saw or heard of a 5pm night n weekend plan...but unless the retentions dept add it to your account, the customer service rep or in store rep would get terminated or placed on a final for adding it onto any account.and yes i work for sprint ;-).

80. unregistered

The code I wrote down, BNW0UN5PS, was an old code for 5PM nights and weekends. I got it activated through customer service, not from retentions. I honestly just asked to have the code applied, gave them the code, and it was added. The code should still be viewable in the system, but it's not active anymore.

25. unregistered

wi fi makes you sync faster? I am not agreeing with #21 but that is the biggest lie I have read on this page full of them. Wi fi makes nothing go faster in sync, and did you ever hear of blue tooth?

42. unregistered

Wi-Fi allows for quicker syncing with internet data.

44. unregistered

The biggest lie? LOL. Your going to select something that may in fact be subjective based on usage and application as the biggest lie. Wow aren't you objective. Bigger than Verizon not neutering phones? Bigger than ALL people who want wi-fi being poor and stupid? Bigger than..... whatever. Bluetooth? Yeah I have 8 up and running computers, take a guess how many have built in bluetooth. One. Sure I have an adapter I carry around too, but why would you even bring that up as even remotely close to having built in ease of 802.11g/n? Hmmm let's see, how many people that I know have bluetooth running should I want to share a file with them over there network. .....hmmm how many clients have it installed...... yeah that would be a very low percentage.

47. unregistered

^this guy is a total idiot. If you dont have blue tooth on 8 computers ( total lie. you have 1 and your mom bought it for ya ), then buy AN ADAPTER. Most comps come with blue tooth built in standard now. Neutering phones hurts the customer how again? Since verizon leads the industry for 4 years in KEEPING their customers, I think this is just ur way of complaining that u cant transfer porn files to your fellow pedofiles. Wi fi doesnt increase the speeds of a wireless sync from comp to handheld. Thats the dumbest thing anyone has said on here to date. Brainwashed broke T Mobile customers. Enjoy ur google phone LMAO.

50. unregistered

HAha #49, are you serious? First off, most computers DO NOT come with bluetooth built in - It's an add-on to nearly all computers. And #46 clearly said that they have an adapter, but why carry around a bluetooth adapter, when you could easily use Wi-Fi to sync up? Neutering phones hurts the customer because it gives them shitty phones. Big Red just has you all brainwashed and convinced that the grass is greener where you are. Wi-Fi allows for quicker internet usage, as well as the ease of creating a network between computer and handheld. I never said it allows faster syncing between the computer and the phone.
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