Verizon's Touch Pro steals the scene in video

Verizon's Touch Pro steals the scene in video
Anyone who thought that Verizon Wireless had forgotten about the Touch Pro can rest at ease, as the lucrative phone has found its way into a video obtained by Engadget. Looking classy and sporting 512MB of ROM, TV-out, a microSD card slot,and a 3.2-megapixel camera, the device is sure to please users of "The Network" and those Windows Mobile junkies who have been craving a new device. When does it launch, you ask? Though a target date isn't known at the moment, the speculation is November 14th for deliveries. Mark your calendar!

source: Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

Do we know any kind of pricing?

5. David the Gom unregistered

i don't know exactly, but i'm guessing maybe xv6800's price range...

46. rgo unregistered

att just put it up on there web site for 299.

2. PSouz7 unregistered

How much ram is this thing going to have?

3. unregistered

if vzw had their way, probably -64mb

4. PSouz7 unregistered

That's probably true. I just hope its at more than 128MB. It would be nice if it was 288MB.

30. unregistered

if im not mistaken it comes with a 1gb micro sd card at least for sprint it does. it shouldnt be any different for verizon right?

31. unregistered

probably will be dude, verizon is the best, and they kno it and their customers kno it, and they obviously wouldnt want to leave the best, so verizon can charge shitloads of money because they kno their customers wont leave

41. unregistered

either this guy doesnt have a W key or it just works sometimes. Or he is completely retarded and learned english in the projects.

6. Timfantry unregistered

Hey i know how u can get awesome apps on other providers with this phone, but can u get apps with this phone for Verizon?

22. unregistered

The joy of windows mobile isnt the OS, its the fact that it may as well me an open format because you can hack it and put whatever you want on it... Bash WM all you want but its so easy to completly customize it and No verizon cant do anything to stop it. And for that matter you can hack just about any phone regardless. For a short time(untime verizon had an update) i was enjoying free internet on my EnVy :o)

7. unregistered

Pricing for verizon on an upgrade probably $450 with no MIR plus a $30 required data plan rip off anyone?

8. VZWREP unregistered

ummm ok last time i checked all of our phones have MIRs. the most expensive phone we sell as of right now is the 6800 which is 419.99 w/ a 70 dollar MIR, anyway this phone will REQUIRE a data plan of atleast 29.99.

14. unregistered

I'm currently on my 5th XV6800 (keeps bricking during the update to 6.1) you think customer service will finally get me out of the 6800 in favor of the pro?

23. unregistered

after the third "like new replacement" you should have been able to switch to a different comparable model... just fyi

9. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

What an amazing video...not. At least we all know the Touch Pro is gonna be good regardless. Hopefully Verizon doesn't "unbrand" it like they did with the Mogul and Touch.

10. unregistered

They probly will... It will be some stupid generic name like "Verizon Wireless XV6950" ... and vzw cost on this device is $403, so it might not be too pricey... maybe in the $199 ballpark??? We can only hope.

11. unregistered

does the name of the device really make a difference...if they call it the touch pro or the vx9850 is that going to stop someone from purchasing it? i highly doubt it. keep your mouths shut all you people seem to do is complain over trivial aspects.

16. unregistered

I'll buy a Touch Pro, but not an XV6950. Why do they mess with the original name and more importantly, the original hardware and software?

32. unregistered

the above comment is crazy, no matter if you call it a touch pro or xv6900, its the same thing. and HTC just started naming the devices after themselve. In the past the HTC brand was not looked at as superior when it came to their devices and was rebranded for such so cust would not look down on the device. so part has to do w/ the manufacturer

33. unregistered

but if it doesn't say the real name, how will i brag about it and prove how cool i am? my entire self worth is based my name brand phone

61. unregistered

Name of a device has a great deal whether people will consider looking at the phone or not. If you have a catchy name or something that sounds intriguing, people will be more inclined to at least looking at it before making up their minds. Plus, people remember names of devices with a specific name, not a model number. It's all marketing dude.

12. unregistered

with current pricing on advanced devices, i'd guess 200-300 with two year. i havent seen nor heard anything in the equipment guide so far so my guess is late november to mid december for release. im sure it will be out in plenty of time for christmas tho.

13. unregistered

doh, who cares ?!?! They're goin' to cripple it anyway

15. unregistered

then dont get it...bottom line.

24. unregistered

hey idiot I know its the cool thing on here to say "oh man verizon cripples all phone man...." no they dont its window... Idiot! Does Dell cripple a PC with windows? How about HP? Sony? No because its the software Microsoft makes. ANY and let me make this clear ANY phone that doesnt have the verizon interface (ie the dumb phones not smart phones) isnt crippled. Hardware maybe but not the software. The blackberry curve is virtually the same not matter if its on verizon, tmobile or att. The same with the windows mobile phones.

17. unregistered

lots of sour haters on here huh? sad because mommy has no credit and your stuck with a unlocked lame pda with a lamer provider? verizon seems to be getting all the hottest phones, the Voyager, Dare, Krave, envy2, they are getting all the best PDAs as well, Storm, Omnia, Raphael, Touch HD, Pro..... rules to be a VZW customer right now. Best phones, biggest network, best coverage and data connectivity. Plus every PDA and Handset phone VZW sells can EASILY be hacked and get free apps, ringtones , wall people in here who are crying about the UI and the RAM dont know anything about how to open up a phone so shut your geeky little pie holes and go back to World of Warcraft.

18. David the Gom unregistered

isn't Raphael and Touch Pro same phone? and where did u get the info vzw will get Tough HD? if they do, forget Touch Pro, i'm getting Touch HD!!!

19. unregistered

#18, you have no idea what you're talking about. Verizon gets all the "hot" dumbphones, and then cripples their smartphones. And really, they're going to get the non-US Touch HD? Are they going to port it over from all the overseas CDMA carriers? Oh... wait... The Raphael and the Touch Pro are the same phone, as #19 said, too. Any Windows Mobile or PDA-like device can be easily hacked... except it's not called being hacked... it's called installing software. You don't have to "hack" a device that will let you install free apps, ringtones, and wallpapers without any modification at all. And you can't do that on a dumbphone, thanks to Brew. Yeah, it's a great time to be on VZW. God knows I love paying out my ass in data fees and additional fees, on top of ridiculously priced plans. How's that Wi-Fi working out for you? Oh, wait... you don't have Wi-Fi? Verizon crippled it, and gave you 1/3 of the RAM on your phone? Ouch. Plus, it doesn't matter how great your network is, when if you are on a certain other carrier, you can simply set your phone to "Roam Only" and just use all your VZW data and network for free. Ha! And last time I checked, RAM was probably the most important thing in a PDA. You can always add a Micro-SD card for more memory, but you can't add for more RAM. Hence all the problems with the HTC Mogul/VX8600. I hope you can manage to run more than 1 program at once when you get stuck with almost no RAM.

56. unregistered

Ok, how does verizon cripple smartphones? Everyone says this yet no one says how they do it? What is different than a windows mobile phone for vzw than at&t? or even the blackberry or the palm phones? Can someone answer this very simple straightforward question for me cause I really want to know what the hell you're talking about. And please don't say wifi, cause people verizon doesn't manufactor the phones so don't give some dumb ass answer like that not to mention 2 of the new samsung phones and the pro will all have wifi. So if you answer, don't be a dumbass.

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