Verizon's Samsung U700 and U900

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Verizon's Samsung U700 and U900
Several new photos of the Samsung U700 Gleam and U900 made its way onto the web this past weekend.The SCH-U700 will be the next Samsung phone to be released by Verizon, followed by the U900 later this year.Features on the U700 include a 2MP Camera, QVGA Internal Display,MicroSD, front touch-sensitive music controls, and newer FlashUIthemes.The U700 is expected to be released between September and October.

If you are looking for phone with a little more punch, then expect the U900 to be out by the end of the year.The SCH-U900 replaces the current A900, and features an updated appearance, 3MP Autofocus Camera with Flash, Automatic lens cover, stereo speakers, Rotating QVGA Display, front touch-sensitive music controls, MicroSD, and newer FlashUI themes.The U900 is expected to be available in black and red finishes.

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1. Mr. S unregistered

so the 990 had a 3.2 mega pixel camera can someone explain to me how the 3.0 is supposed to be better than that? on the u900

2. unregistered

It isn't. If you can pick up on the .2MP difference on a phone camera...god bless you. The upgrades are the better swivel, QVGA display, autofocus on the camera and the automatic lens cover.

3. Shervin unregistered

Actually, you are forgetting the optical zoom lense which the A970 had and the A990 lost. The U900 has it! Also, the video camera is supposed to be upgraded and the photo lense itself is supposed to be of higher quality.

4. unregistered

Good call on the optical zoom lens. I wish I could have my 970 back :(

5. MR WIRELESS unregistered

Please verify ur info, the 990 had a 3 MP camera so it hasnt changed and also the sales on it were not supportive of the msrp on the phones. in other words where as it had a 3 MP cam, it lacked in other areas definitely not worth the $350+ it was being sold for.

6. bob unregistered

what does everyone think of the u700 (gleam) any info on a release date/price

7. unregistered

You should do your research before insulting someone. The 990 was is a 3.2M Pixel phone. So yes it may go down but like Mr S stated that .2 wont be a big differance.

8. CJ unregistered

i got the u700 recently and i reli like the size and weight of the phone,amongst other things obviously.i cant seem to find any themes though.please help...a rugby theme would be reli awesome

9. Inigma unregistered

This phone seems like it's just an update before Samsung relases a camera phone with 4 or 5 megapixels. Just like Motorala did with the Razar Maxx and then came out with the Razor 2 like 2 months later!

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