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Verizon will start selling its first WP7 in the HTC Trophy starting May 26 for $150

0. phoneArena posted on 19 May 2011, 10:06

It’s all official! Verizon Wireless will finally take the plunge with Windows Phone 7 starting on May 26th when the long awaited HTC Trophy is set to become ready for sale with the carrier – thus finally completing the platform’s...

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posted on 19 May 2011, 10:15 2

1. mcnugget (unregistered)

it's about time this phone came out! will try to check it out in stores when it releases! i've been dying for a windows phone on verizon!

posted on 19 May 2011, 18:04

6. BobbyTaba (Posts: 316; Member since: 11 Aug 2010)

Ur stupid get a droid x2

posted on 19 May 2011, 19:37 2

7. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

he just said hed been wanting a wp7... u r retarded...

posted on 19 May 2011, 22:03 1

8. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Yeah... every person on the face of Earth wants a droid- right? W7 is a good OS. Verizon customers who are interested will be very pleased with this device.

posted on 19 May 2011, 10:30

2. peaceofmercy (unregistered)

I've been impatiently waiting for VzW to release a WP7 device, and my wait is almost over. But now if I go right out and get this and Big Red does a hurry-up to release a Nokia WP7 phone, or if Mango comes out mid-summer with Skype and front-facing cameras... I'm gonna just SCREAM! But what are the chances Verizon will roll out another WindowsPhone anytime soon? I guess I'm safe.

posted on 19 May 2011, 10:31

3. wexroc (unregistered)

You might be the only one!

posted on 19 May 2011, 11:25

4. fairly_mismatched (unregistered)

I feel soory for WP7... its a great product that I just don't think will find any traction.

posted on 19 May 2011, 23:16

9. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

just wait

posted on 19 May 2011, 23:39

10. CRICKETownz (Posts: 980; Member since: 24 Oct 2009)

Glad Verizon is picking up a WP7. Although in its infant stage, I think it has great potential to be a big competitor in the mobile industry.

posted on 20 May 2011, 18:20

11. BigEaze22 (Posts: 25; Member since: 17 May 2011)

gonna get me this phone

posted on 26 May 2011, 03:41

12. risee2 (Posts: 9; Member since: 25 May 2011)

Its finally here. :) Im going to buy this phone.

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