Verizon to require $30 data plans for new smartphones

Starting November 14th, Verizon will require users to subscribe to data plans of at least $30 to activate a new smartphone...
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93. unregistered glad. im tired of people getting phones because its cool and using it to its full potential.

95. unregistered

stupid verizon! I wanted to get the raphael...this is gay!

96. unregistered

Think about what it says though. It says New Smartphones devices launched after Nov. 14th will require a data plan. Might mean just phones like the Storm or VZW HTC Touch have to have the data plan. I know its gonna suck not being able to get the new phones but get maybe a Curve or Treo and you might not have to have the data plan

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102. think about it..... unregistered

seriously... everyone who says "Screw VZW" or "Go to Sprint, it's Cheaper".... take a second, open a new window for your favorite Web Browser and go to J.D. Power and Associates.... got to the Wireless portion.... and their you will find Verizon Wireless on top of almost EVERY list... why? Because they are a PREMIUM WIRELESS CARRIER..... so bottom line is..... You Get What You Pay For! Best Wireless Network, Best Customer Service, Most Reliable Devices(percentage wise/on a whole)..... so yes, it's a mandatory thing, kinda sucks for some people. But for a majority, it really won't matter because most people say no because it's an "option". As soon as they say, "Oh definitely, we can get you into the Samsung Omnia. Just keep in mind, there's a $30 data feature that's required each month."..... you'll either move on to another device, or you just get the phone you want. So don't worry about it, if you don't like it, go to something else? Cool?

142. unregistered

I guess that depends on the customer. I live in Philadelphia and I travel to NYC and Baltimore often. I have Sprint and am extremely happy with it. I get the same features as those who have your "PREMIUM WIRELESS CARRIER" and I pay almost $900 less over the life of my 2 year agreement. I never have issues with my service so I cannot imagine seeing a $900 difference to switch over. Now to be fair, if I lived in or frequently traveled to smaller towns, I would probably not experience the same level of service and I would most likely go with Verizon because I think they are better than AT&T coverage-wise. My Dad has Verizon and he is also very happy with it, but he is not the same kind of user that I am so he wouldn't save nearly as much as I do. He sticks with it because it's he feels it's better for him. Like anything else, I would comparison shop and get what's best for you. Test drive the carrier that gives you the services you need for the best value and if it doesn't work out, go to the next one. Use the consumer ratings as a guide, but remember: JD Power doesn't live in your town. He doesn't have the same usage habbits as you. Find out for yourself and as an end result, I bet you will be a happy camper.

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Best post I've read so far...could not have said it better myself!

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I see a lot of comments on here about the new "forced" data plan that Verizon is imposing. As an employee, let me clear some things up for the masses. First thing, thank you PhoneArena for being so biased. "nickel and diming's" NEW name? Sounds like a lot of hatred towards the company to me. Are you sure your "imformant" doesn't work for Cricket Mobile or something? Secondly, only the PDAs will require that data after Nov. 14th...NOT HTML browser dumbphones. In all this mayhem, your informant left out some details. On that date, VZW will also announce a NEW plan..... the Connect plan. For $10 more than a Select plan on a single line or $20 more on a FS Select plan, you will get unlimited data and Mobile email as well. For example, the Select 450 plan is $59.99 and the 450 minute Connect plan will be $69.99. Example two: A three line 700 minute Select plan is 109.99. You can add $20 to the Primary line or $10 to any of the secondary lines to give them unlimited use Mobile Web and Email .... DATA FREE!!! It would have been nice if this guy got his facts straight. Listen people ... YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A PDA!!! It's that simple. I hear people whine about all this but DON'T have to have it. I get sick of people coming to the store and the first thing out of their mouth is ".... I only need a phone with no bells or whistles". And then they head straight for VCast enabled phone. They honestly get mad when I mention VCast as an option for unlimited data. Of course, they're not interested but still want the phone. I kindly direct them to a Coupe or a Knack. What is the point? Are they buying phones cause it's pretty??? WTF?? Honestly people, would you buy a Porsche just to use it for grocery shopping? The very reason we in a recession ( as many of you pointed out ) is because we as Americans love to spend money on shit we don't need. You need a calendar, get something like a Samsung 430 or LG 5500. They are simple camera phones with no video or music player but they do have a calendar. Hell, for that matter, get a Coupe or Knack. Need special programs to run? ... get a freestanding PDA. No monthly costs and it does exactly what you want it to do. Americans, we want everything but want to pay nothing for our money is going to the great beyond with us after we die. Get a grip. All cell companies ( or any companies for that matter ) are gonna have some charges for their services that you're not gonna agree with. But instead of bitching about it, DON'T BUY IT!!! It's not rocket science people. Remember what life was like before cell phones? Yes you do and you survived it. It's like a friend of mine said: "...Americans, we want the whole mountain for the same price as an ant hill ... ".

106. Amen... Halleluah and all that unregistered

101.... thank you brutha... (or sista)... lol Fantastically put.... I think you're comment should seriously be the last one because honestly, it sums it up in a nutshell. I'm a Sales Rep in the South Region, and I hate the.... "I'm just looking for a basic phone".... then they go straight to the ENV2. Me: "But sir, do you do any texting since this has a QWERTY keyboard." Retarded Cust: "No no, I just use it for calling." --- Goes to the Curve. ---- "I like this. How much is it?" Me: "Oh, do you like to browse the internet or get emails?" Retarded Cust: "No no, I just use it for calling. I just told you that!" ---- Gets Mad Me: "Sir, let's look at the Coupe or the Samsung Knack. Fits you perfectly." Customer ends up leaving with a Voyager with blocked internet, blocked app downloads, blocked mobileTV, blocked text messaging, blocked everything and theirs nothing you can ever do to talk that guy or customer out of it..... why? Because some people are just idiots..... like the people who want a PDA but use it just for a dial 'em up phone. Guess what.... move along to the 8350 sweetheart.

111. unregistered

aww, its so cute to see you come to the defense of vzw. of course youll support this, it makes you more money. once you leave youll wise up the the bullshit kool aid they feed you on a daily basis. those plans are still a ripoff,and now each plan has four options which further confuses customers. know your shit. VZW E, the informant from howard forums, is an employee that has been posing reliable information for 5+ years. hes a good dude, and hes as reliable as a vzw press release

113. unregistered

Verizon employee, is the Samsung Omnia a PDA? Hope not, if it is and this rumor turns out to be true, you just lost a customer.

138. unregistered

The Omnia is a PDA. Runs WinMo

151. unregistered

VZW E...NOT a reliable source of info. If he was, why did he miss the info about the Connect plans? And for your information, the plans are not a ripoff. Did you read post #101? He just said that if you don't need PDA functions, why would you buy one? For the looks? It's idiotic retards like YOU who will shell out $300 for a phone just to text on. As for your informant .... sorry, he's about as reliable as a skyscraper being held up by garbage cans.

188. unregistered

yeah, people are retarded cause they want something and shouldn't be force to simple plans that increase revenues of VZW. a piece of hardware should not qualify anyone as a retard.... your lack of respect for your costumers disgusts me. your lack of respect for mentally handicap angers me. So i want a blackberry curve....i have to use it for email or I'm retarded..... how many people have blackberry curves and don't use them for email. Everyone just email Verizon regarding how unfair this mandatory data plan tax is, customers are stronger then the company. People who call their customers retarded do not deserve customers let alone a job.

101. unregistered

I have the LG Dare, and have regretted getting it since seeing some of the phones coming out for other carriers in the near future. Would this mandatory price hike be a way for me to get out of my contract with Verizon without paying an early termination fee?

137. elgee02 unregistered

Only if you buy your phone AFTER Nov 14, is reading really that hard?

112. unregistered

are you really fighting about this BB data plan crap? bottom line, verizon is cheap....they can't stand to see people using 300 dollar phones with no strings attached.... cheap pieces of crap....

115. unregistered

It's been said over and over and over... VZW overcharges customers and rakes people over the coals. When will people wake up and realize that TMo and Sprint offer better plans for your money. IT'S YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

116. unregistered

mobile web 2.0 and html phones will require unlimited data. It could be with vcast, premium pland or the new connect plan which gives mobile email and unlimited data. PDAs will still require a data package activated on or after the 14th. VZW reps check your trainings

166. unregistered

ok, you're an idiot. Every single phone that vzw has has....... wait for it..... mobile web 2.0 now. So what you're saying they will make everying single person pay for unlimited data. ummm, no way ANY cell phone company would do that.

117. xmguy unregistered

I have a family plan on the NW. I have the Dare with Vpak (hope it stays) then an 5400 with no data plan. I'm assuming this means that like would HAVE to get the Vpak even if no data is used.

118. unregistered

What I hope comes of this is more basic phones having more sophisticated calendars and easier integration with Outlook and other calendar applications. That's what almost everybody that buys a PDA phone from me w/o the data plan is looking for. Editing documents on the go is a far distant second, as you have to get that document on your phone in the first place.

119. dbombsss unregistered

this is balls comonnn verizon give us a break..... i wont be surprised now that vzw is gonna do wat at&t does, and people leave verizon to go to att bc of the iphone now that vzw is jackin there prices.

120. unregistered

wow...this company is a POS! So glad I left them!

123. Tbag unregistered

It pains me everytime i see phonearena refer to Sprint's 3G network as "mature" or even remotely compare it to verizon's. Anyone who has Verizon or Sprint will agree.

131. thank you Tbag unregistered

you're a freakin genius, why? Because I'm so sick and tired of people saying Verizon is overcharging customer and yada yada yada. Listen, I've had Sprint(briefly) and I have Cingular right before or right when it was becoming AT&T, Sprint's network sucks totally and AT&T is good in SOME metro areas, but in a whole, sucks as well. Sprint just sold EVERY tower they own JUST to keep their head above water. Now their coverage is in the hands of some private company who's leasing their old towers to them.Compare Verizon's 3G Coverage to AT&Ts or anyone elses for that matter and guess what, BLOWS them out of the water! You get what you pay for. T-Mobile has to have gimmicks to get people to come to their network. I get it, they're cheap. But their coverage sucks. No 3G. (barely any) and Alltel is getting taken over by Verizon. So you want the best (according to J.D. Power and Associates and almost every industry critic), you pay for it! Welcome to Verizon. And PhoneArena has always been haters. "Mature network".... bull shit. Mature in what sense? RETARDED

144. unregistered

If you really believe what you just spewed, you are a friggin' moron. I have Sprint and the 3G data coverage is fantastic. Much better than AT&T's and it works everywhere I go. Stop drinking the Kool Aid. VZW is not as superior as they would have you believe. But if you want to pay double what I do for your data, be my guest. And about the towers thing: wake up! Sprint OWNS the spectrum. The only difference is they no longer own the phyical structures that the equipment is placed on. How does this impact the end consumer? NOT AT ALL!! Every major carrier leases a portion of their towers. This has no bearing on anything!

153. unregistered

Here's a challenged for the uninformed. Simply do this: Go to Sprint's site and bring up a map of their national 3G coverage. Press PrntScrn to copy the map. Do the same for Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Look at the maps. Verizon easily, EASILY, has the most 3G coverage but guess what........... you cronies will still look at it like: "...duhhh, nope. I don't see it. Nope. duhhhh..." Idiots

177. unregistered

written like a true 14yr old

125. unregistered

We can all thank the Iphone for this! when it released At&t required data for the phone and now they have sold likw 2 million Iphones and data revenue has gone through the roof, it makes sense other carriers would follow suit. vzw will be saving themselves allot of money from not handing out credits for data anymore.!
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