Verizon to require $30 data plans for new smartphones

Starting November 14th, Verizon will require users to subscribe to data plans of at least $30 to activate a new smartphone...
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82. unregistered

They all do. and if they don't now they will in the future.

36. unregistered

Personally I am really glad I picked up my Centro this week but I think that this is dumb, not everyone with a smartphone needs the internet, I always have some way to get online and it isnt my phone. I dont think this is necesary and isnt going to accomplish anything.

37. #1 Sales Rep in the NE unregistered

I believe this is a terrible idea for my company, we already have ATT nicklel and diming their consumers and it has never helped them, and now we are being subjected to it as well. This will not help keep our industry leading churn rate low. Not wise and very money hungry. I have 6 phones on VZW, 4 of which are paid for by the company, and all my phones have data because it is necessary to perform my job correctly. But my wife has 3 lines for her and the 2 kids who are old enough to have them. They dont need data at all, since my wife uses her centro to keep her calendar, shopping list and other appointments . My kids both have Dares, and neither of them want the internet , they use that in their rooms. Doesnt seem to benefit the customer at all.

85. unregistered

You know what I don't see the benifit in, your wife and kids having phones that they don't need. Your wifes Centro can be replaced with a pocket orginizer or a regular phone. Your kids, reguler phones since it sounds that all they need the phone is to call you in case of emergency and maybe text. News flash regular phones do all of the things that you listed. Nothing personel sir, and as for ATT nickel and diming, how is that? The nerve of them to charge for services used. All of you VZ loving people must be in the state of morning today. How dare VZ charge for services. We all know ATT is in this business to make money but not VZ, I could of swore I saw non profit under their name up on their sign yesterday. While we are at it I am so pissed that my cable carrier makes me pay extra for HBO. I don't watch it everyday plus some of the same movies that paly on HBO are on regular cable. I think that's wrong that they make me have HBO and pay for it. Wait, they don't make me have HBO and they only charge me if , I knowing that it is extra, ask for it

152. unregistered

all i can say to this comment by #86 ,, is that ur a freaking genius,, i think u just wrapped up the whole discussion abt the chrg,,

159. unregistered

WOW...You my friend have the D-Bag post of the week. You start off by saying his wife has a phone she doesn't need then turn around and say maybe she should get a pocket orginizer....WTF do you think a Centro is smart guy? So maybe she does need a Centro and you are just tool fanboy that will back anything VZW does and try to spin into a postive at all cost.

172. unregistered

I've no idea what that whole thing about HBO was supposed to prove but in any case your argument makes no sense. You want to pay for a Dare for what it is then you should be able to. Who are you to tell someone else that they "don't need it"? But then again, judging from your spelling abilities, you're not that bright to start with.

175. unregistered

I was lost on the HBO comment as well. I can call my TV provider and pay for HBO if I want or tell them to remove it and not pay for it. That will not be the case with data on Smartphones with VZW from 11-14 forward.

38. this site sucks unregistered

this is not even confirmed, this is not even passed over to be reviewed by the legal department yet, and yet this is the only moronic site to post such VZW bashing once again. get off the i phones ****, stop pleasuring apple zombies or else change this site name to" we love apple and if you dont your lame".com thanks for making sure I will never come back here and read anymore of your misinformation and absolutely disgraceful insult of an article.

45. unregistered

Phone Arena has published cutting edge material; some of it proves to be correct and some not. Choose what you wish to believe. If it is a "moronic site", why are you visiting it? A recent article on Phone Arena suggested a new VZW phone that are going to be released, the LG VX5500: This was just released and is available now in stores. Of course, Phone Arena let us know well before the release date. This should be praised, not critiqued as "VZW bashing once again" and a "moronic site".

47. unregistered

did you not see where they linked not one but TWO sources for this story, meaning they are by no means the only site reporting this. furthermore, they are simply reporting this, not breaking a story. lastly, along with Roc, VZW E has been a trusted poster at HoFo for years. and your apple comments are hilarious, since they never once mention the iphone (and only mention att in a bad light) and sprint is the one who came out of this article looking like the good guys

162. unregistered

If we could only be so lucky to never read another one of your great post. Check BGR, Engadget, Phonenews....all have posted the same info....I guess you will no longer vist those sites as well?

44. unregistered

Funny, isnt November 14th the expected release date for the Storm?

48. unregistered

Looks like I'm switching to AT&T. I rarely use cellular data, mainly because I'm always around WiFi hotspots where I live and work. At least with AT&T I can just get pay-per use. AT&T Fuze here I come! Can't wait until November 21!

49. unregistered

If data plans on all smart phones wasn't bad enough now they are requiring to get data plans on select mobile 2.0 devices? Bye verizon... I was planning to get the OMNIA but I guess not anymore. Obviousily a strategy to mak more money. however, have they ever wondered that most people don't use there internet and maybe just e-mail. They are going to lose a good chunk of customers because of this.

50. unregistered

not only does sprints $30 plan include a whole slew of other features, but they only require the $25 plan for mail in rebates and you get everything but the unlimited messaging. their $15 package gives you exactly the same thing that vzw and at&ts $30 plan and tmos $20 plan does

163. unregistered

That is why I'm with Sprint...have a 1500 min shared plan nights at 7pm unlimited everything else and TEP for $150

51. unregistered

wow if vzn goes through with this its gonna be a big mistake...alot of ppl dont need internet for their phones, especially those who take advantage of i dont need internet on my phone during the school day bc im in the computer lab for two periods so i can just blow off work and browse the web then.......i can def see alot of ppl leaving for another carrier

54. unregistered

The article is no doubt heavily biased, (arent news sites supposed to be neutral? or at least leave the flaming to us) and very unprofessional. As far as the data plan thing... it exists. I'm a VZW tech. and really as so many people have pointed out If you dont NEED a PDA... dont buy one. Its the same principle as other people put it of someone who buys like a lambo or a ferrari and never takes it over the speed limit. regular phones can do 90% of the stuff as far as organizers go, (press the down shortcut key on your VZW cell phone, lo and behold the calander you can add appointments into) if your getting it just to run certain apps, well yes this does kinda suck. Sadly you cant please everyone but this will probably please more people. well please in the sense that they dont have a shock at the end of the month that there bill has extra 00's on the end of it.

57. unregistered

dont be suprised if u guys lose alot of customers

73. unregistered

Bad business move, in this tough economy verizon is forcing people to commit more dollars on top of all the taxes and fees. People like buying products with full features and the ability to use these features as they please not commiting to $30 month for 1 or 2 yrs.

76. unregistered

I need a PDA for calender/organizer, e-mail, and Exchange sync. Though I'm always around WiFi and just use that. I use PPU data rarely, but I've had enough of Verizons crap as of late, and I'm making the switch when they get the Fuze.

164. unregistered

so you're going to att who has the same 30 dollar data plan rule because verizon now has that rule? how does that work?

65. elgee02 unregistered

Whatever happened to being impartial and uniased, eh phonarena? Damn if this article is loaded with anti VZW bias I don't know what it. What's so hard about just reporting the facts and letting the commenters here make the opinions?

72. unregistered

I like smartphones and all the features but dont like being forced by carriers to subscribe to a certain service level just because the phone can perform tasks. I want the ability to turn these features on/off as I please. Its like buying a car with sirius radio, nice option and i will subscribe if i like it, not forced into a plan. Now verizon may have lost a customer if this article turns out to be true.

74. unregistered

i can't believe you guys are arguing about fees on your phone bill

78. unregistered


84. unregistered

I'm glad VZW is doing this. I get so tired of people with these PDA's and Smartphone's calling up talkin about they don't use internet, mobile web, or data and these charges needs to be removed. If you want to call and text, get a regular phone. If you want internet get a PDA! IMO, I wish VZW would block all mobile web on all regular phones automatically. If you want mobile web and do not accept a MB plan then you accept any overages that occur. If you get a PDA/smartphone you should have an internet plan (unlimited) automatically. People do not understand KB or MB charges and I get tired of having to explain it to them where they understand.

92. unregistered

If they think that they're going to increase revenues by mandating people use a data service with their bluetooth/wifi PDA phones, they're probably going to find out that its going to drive potential customers away from Verizon, and shift over to a carrier such as Sprint, that charges a flat rate on their "Simply Everything" plan. Not to mention, Sprint phones are always (generally) more responsive, have more internal memory, have better clock speeds, better quality processors, and they generally carry high end PDA devices long before Verizon does. .. Makes me wonder why the hell I'm on Verizon in the first place.

165. unregistered

Switch over to sprint, find out why they're plans are so cheap and you'll see exactly why you're on verizon wireless.... there is a reason why they don't cost as much. You get what you pay for.
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