Verizon to require $30 data plans for new smartphones

Starting November 14th, Verizon will require users to subscribe to data plans of at least $30 to activate a new smartphone...
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187. unregistered

YES it is about the phone models. VZW has said you can actiavte old style smartphone without data plan after the 14th. only NEW smartphones get the NEW forced data plan. And for all you poozers out there, if I want to use a smartphone to just synch outlook between my home and work PCs why should I be forced into a damn data plan. OOOO, cause I'm not cool enough to goose step along with you other poozers. I occassionaly use my smartphone for the internet, but not to the tune of $30 / mo. Who dreamed up that requirement. Is it that idiot VZW rep who just didn't like customers complaints. Hey, Mr. PotatoeHead, that's your job as a rep to listen to customers.

20. unregistered

I'd like to think the iPhone set another standard in the mobile phone world with these required data plans, I mean why not if people are buying iphones just for music and don't have a choice but to pay an extra $30 a month even though it has wifi, why should VZ do the same, hey at least maybe this will mean more phones with wifi since it won't matter since they'll be gettin paid either way

86. unregistered

If they are buying I phones for music and wifi then they should buy the Apple Touch. problem solved. I Phone didn't start this. There were PDA's before the I Phone. The I Phone just made it more main stream

21. unregistered

we always find ways around this

132. unregistered

good luck

24. vzw fanboy unregistered

what is so special about november 14th tho?

28. unregistered

what you dont know!? ooooooo youre missing out on some articles lol yeah lots of things are changing for vzw coming up but o well. silly to buy a pda just to make phone calls. let me go buy a shelby cobra and keep it under 35.

42. unregistered

#28- "silly to buy a pda just to make phone calls". I agree, but most people buy a PDA/phone to make phone calls AND to use the PDA features. And some don't need the internet access and don't appreciate being forced to purchase it.

63. unregistered


81. unregistered

What are these PDA features that you feel you need so badly that you need an actual PDA phone. Go buy a pocket orginizer then. ALL phones have calenders and to do lists as well as calculators and memo in them. No body is being forced to purchase anything. Its one thing if every phone on display requires a PDA package but that is not the case. If you do not appreciate as you say forced to purchase this plan, we as reps don't appreciate having our time wasted trying to talk you out of phone that requires an extra fee in to buying a phone that doesn't require that fee. Thats fair right?

108. unregistered

hopefully they will even it out to 30 on each line, instead of manditory 45 on share lines... and keep the 45 to corperate liable only.

194. amigabill

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Indeed. I don't need internet access to do spreadsheets or look at pdf files do I? I don't need internet access to take a 5MP photo with the Samsung Omnia do I? (Only 5MP camera phone I've seen at VZW) I don' tneed internet access to add Windows Mobile applications/games do I? They have USB and memory slots for a lot of things...

25. unregistered

Wow do any of these sites check your sources because this post is completly bogus. For one the wording sounds like an idiot wrote it. The postings that go out to employees are not worded like a bash against service. Next but lets not forget about corperate business here all customers have to be notified in a form of a mailer etc before a policy like this would take effect. So whoever made this posting is a fool and I cant beleive they get away with posting these things with out a shred of proof.

46. unregistered

sorry buddy, VZW E is one of the most trusted sources on the net and has proven to be right time and time and time and time and time again

133. unregistered

THIS IS AMAZING! reading some of these posts is just an absolutely a riot. They should Rename this site CHEAPSKATES UNITE! although the site would probably fail due to the fact that no one would advertise on this site since no one will spend money on the advertised products, or services. IPHONE's popularity has done this. For the past 16 month's Apple / AT&T has been chaging a mandatory DATA charge on the iPhone. All other carriers have noticed that even with this charge they have sold millions of iPhones. It's all about revenue. Get used to it, and when paying your cell bills, don't foget to thank Steve Jobs.

27. unregistered


56. unregistered

All I know is I am pissed off. Today I just talked to my district manager at Verizon and he told me 150 kiosk locations inside Circuit City are being shut down. Luckily mine is not but I wonder how long it will be before another 150 are shut down. He said that Circuit City is trying to avoid chapter 11 bankruptcy. I guess we will be ok, he said we would be obsorbed into the corporate stores seing how we are corporate. I'm sure this solution for our location won't work everywhere though.

64. unregistered

Yeah you are right a VP from verizon defenitely said that many kiosk will be closing VERY SOON sorry dude I AM HIRING THOUGH

109. unregistered

i work for verizon as does my wife. a few of the kiosks she oversees are being shut down. dont worry, verizon fires noone for that, your job is safe, you will just be moved to another location until they make other arrangements.

139. unregistered

Those kiosks are shutting down because those Circuit City stores are closing. Good luck, I hope CC gets their stuff together and your store stays open.

29. unregistered

Apparently nothing on Howards Forum is confirmed and anyone with Photoshop can post. This is exactly why your phone bills go up each month is because of stupid things like this. Because of the thousands of useless calls to customer service to ask if this idiot was right and what they can do to avoid being charged. Seriously if you buy into this crap then you are exactly why we pay more for cell service

30. unregistered

This info is correct but.... You can also get unlimited text for $10 on top of the $30 for your data plan. So in the end it's cheaper if you should happen to need unlimited messaging. Before it was $30 for unlimited Data and $20 for unlimted messaging. so yeah, they force you to get a data plan (why get pda/smartphone without one???) but texting it chaeper with one.

32. unregistered

I am employed by Verizon Wireless and the way that it was explained to me is that only new smartphones launched in November will be required to have the data pkg. If you are already on the 10 MB plan or pay as you go plan, then you will be grandfathered in and will be able to keep the plan as long as you don't upgrade to a new smartphone. Also, any of the existing smartphones such as the centro, q9c, xv6900, etc will still be allowed to be activated with the pay as you go plan or the 10 MB, but once those phones are disconituned and out of stock, the any new smartphone will require at least a 29.99 data pkg. That's how it was explained to me, but I was told that unofficially. So far, there has been no official announcement to VZW employees. So far there are no specifics on the standard handsets with a html requiring VCast, but it is being a level much higher than myself.

59. unregistered

Well as far as I'm concerned every phone has to have data now. I don't care anymore, if you don't want it then don't come to me because it is mandatory.

124. unregistered

wrong.. all upgrades and new activations of ANY smartphone will require the data. you're only safe if you already own a PDA and have a per MB or the 10MB plan

135. unregistered

Not if you come to me!

140. unregistered

That's great customer service, 136. Tell me your name and what store you work in so I know to avoid you. :)

33. Suffy unregistered

Course you always have the option go block GIN and mobile web 2.0... to avoid running you up on the 1.99/mb data charge. Or vcast unlimited data for $15. Smartphones is great since the advantage of getting one is for email and a better browser/internet experience. Along with all the apps using data connectivity. I can see some customers who only want a PDA to use it for contacts, wifi, calendar, and cable syncing, but what can y ou do? or are they in the lower percentile of smartphone users?

43. unregistered

#33- "but what can you do?"------ What you can do is allow those users in the lower percentile to not be required to purchase a data plan. But of course Verizon won't do this; that's why they'll lose those customers.

60. BalzDeepNher unregistered

Loose them to who? at&t? They are doing the same thing.
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