Verizon to require $30 data plans for new smartphones

Starting November 14th, Verizon will require users to subscribe to data plans of at least $30 to activate a new smartphone...
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17. unregistered

"Yes, hi. I would like your fastest Lamboruini, in red. Hmmm? Oh, no. I won't be needing wheels. I'm not going to drive it. I just want to put it in my driveway and say, "look what I have but can't afford to drive!"

19. unregistered

not everyone needs data features. some just dont want to carry a separate pda and phone. while im not one of these people, i cant blame them for not needing to be connected 24/7

41. unregistered

#19- I second your thoughts. I am also one of those who uses the PDA for features other than internet access, e-mail. Why should I be forced to purchase internet access if I'm not going to use it? Seems very wrong to me.

52. Balz Deep N her unregistered

I'm glad Verizon is finally charging. I am sick of selling a PDA and not gaining any sales dollars because johnny pedifile wants to look important so everyone won't know his dirty secrets. Seriously though, most people don't use the medical program. Most people want PDA's for status or they don't understand what they are buying. Verizon is sick of fixing user mistakes and I'm sick of hearing about them.

58. unregistered

I dont need to check to check my email every 2 seconds but want the functionality of a WM phone I shouldn't have to pay an extra $30 a month for something I'm not going to use so you can buy a new pair of panties

61. unregistered


75. unregistered

Why do people think when the so called fees are inforced companies are doing it to stick it to everyone. How about maybe they are tired of people trying to think they can out smart them by thinking that jsut because they didn't ask for an internet package they shouldn't be charged if they aquire extra fees when their bill comes. They spend all day downloading games, ringtones, and apps but when the bill comes and there are $200 in extra fees, all of a sudden it's the company's fault cause they didn't know the internet cost extra to use. Or just maybe they put out a products that requires specific plans. These products also state that if someone decides to purchase these so called products extra services are required. So being a customer and seeing that WOW if I buy this phone you are telling me that I need to also pay monthly to have this phone. "What about this non PDA phone, is there an extra fee for this one?" There is not, ok I'll take that one and when I save up enough money i'll come back for that one.

77. unregistered

Hey buddy, its not just VZ, we here at ATT feel the same way. WOW this is such a special momnet, an ATT and VZ rep areeeing on something. I'll cherish this moment.

90. The Expert unregistered

Dang...! killingthemonkey that was so correct.... I highly applaued your reponse that is exactly the case as a feloow expert i have seen this a number of times....! Thanks for getting these folks in line.... oh and the Omnia won't release before the 14th anyways! so with that said bring plan on adding $30 to your phone bill MR.

91. The Expert unregistered

WELL SAID... As a fellow expert I AGREE....!!!

129. unregistered

well said

154. unregistered

Why can't VZW be proactive then and disable any and all data features on the phone since the customer says they don't want it or don't need it? Then when and if they try to use a data feature that has been disabled they can have a nice little message pop up telling them to contact CS to use this feature. They then call CS and can deside if they want to pay $30 a month to use this feature or save $30 and not use it instead of forcing them to pay for a service they may not use.

168. unregistered

"Why can't VZW be proactive then and disable any and all data features on the phone since the customer says they don't want it or don't need it?" Because that would defeat the point. like people buying SUV's and never taking them offroad most of the people want the capability to do it but dont want to pay extra for it. they want to have there cake and eat it too. 90% of customers i see with PDA's without a data plan do not ask for me to block data features completely. and generally if they do its not on there line its on one they bought for there kid. wich irks me as well but i digress...

174. unregistered

Key word "most" not everyone. That is why not all SUVs have 4x4 it is an extra feature and the cunsumre has the option to purchase that feature if they want. It is not forced upon them becasue they want an SUV like VZW is doing. What they are doing is like any TV provider forcing you to pay for a DVR service just becasue you want an HD recevier which happens to include a hard drive for DVR.

192. amigabill

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I dont' want to be stuck with teh extra fees, nor do I want to do those things over the Verizon network. They should be able to block internet/data usage, the same way I can currently block things via my wireless account manager on their web pave via PC. Set age-level content restrictions on Vcast and all that junk, completely block vcast, block rinback tone purchases, block mobile web, block Vcast video clips, block application downloads, block SMS messaging, etc. On my old phone I had text messaging blocked completely for a long time after Verizon charged me for a wrong-dumber or spam text and refused to credit it. Add another checkbox on my web page account manager to block data access. And activate that block for anyoen buying a smartphone that doesn't want the data plan, such as me. Problem solved...

193. amigabill

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

How many of these smart phones have Wifi support? Use that instead of data plan.

9. unregistered

I dont know what im more annoyed about.. the fact that i will have to pay data on a PDA or how biased this article is!! Next time maybe a unbiased article instead of this crap. Let me form my own view on it .... douche bags

18. unregistered

I agree, fair and ballances my ace

53. unregistered

What were you trying to say? I love your fairy balls in my face

156. unregistered

I think you may be confusing biased with actual facts. Everything in this artical is true. I guess the truth hurts some times?

12. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

This article is confusing. If I'm correct, this $30 requirement is ONLY for new smartphones (i.e. Diamond, Omnia, and Touch Pro, etc). So this means I can still get an XV6900 with data block, right?

13. unregistered

thats what it appears. this article mentions new smartphones only, as does the leaked slide, but the bgr report says any smartphone activated after that date. as with any leaked info well have to wait for an official announcement to get the facts 100% straight

35. VZW unregistered

This is incorrect, ALL PDA/Smartphones will require a $29.99 or higher data plan after Nov. 14th. Also, all HTML capable phones (Glyde, Voyager, Dare, Krave) will be required to have the $15 VCAST VPAK.

62. OPINION unregistered

This is just a way for VZW employees to "bundle" the company shouldn't require the package though. I believe that if a customer doesnt want the package they should just pay regular price for the phone and if they do get the package then the phone price should be dropped to something reasonable that makes more sense because not everyone is going to buy a smartphone (evn though it is a smartphone) for internet/email/etc.. everyone has a different purpose

68. unregistered

Yeah, like how some people just want to look cool, and some just want to look important. Why should those people be forced to actually USE their phones? It's not fair. What happened to the good old days, when you could just buy a PDA you can't afford to use, and tell your friends they can't use your internet because the "battery is going to die".

79. unregistered

thats why they make different types of phones. If a sales rep asks you if you intend to use for e mail or internet and you say no, then you should realize as well as the sales rep should start showing you non PDA phones like the RAZR or some other basic phone. That way customers can't say they are making me get this extra PDA plan. This is all a stupid argument, if you don't want to pay extra then even though that Storm or I Phone looks so cool, maybe you should stick to a flip phone. I want a BMW 6 series and I think I should pay the same amount every month as what a Cobalt is worth.

107. unregistered

sorry 63, while i completly understand you position, and as a rep, we do have people come in once and a while that need it for the med programs and whatnot, the vast majority of people that want a pDA without a data plan is the "i gotta be cool.. but dont want to spend the money". i see probably 3 of 5 of these idiots come back within the first 3 months bitching about their bill. I warned every one of them, and most of them didnt listen. Its about customer satisfaction. If there is the charge and the understanding up front, and you still buy it, you will be more satisfied with the device and the money you have invested in it, because you will be using it for its full purpose. Its a proven fact. As far as for the mobile web phones go, the same theory applies, but i dont think they should be made to have it... unless they drop the price to like 10 bux instead of 15, just so people dont blink at it. and BTW, the 30 charge on the Iphone is a JOKE. The iphone IS NOT A PDA. And that charge was raised from 20 to 30 for no reason other than it being an iphone and ATT admitted that. And people are still dumb enough to get it thinking its some kind of wonderphone.

110. unregistered

i hate apple, but the iphone is now most definitely a pda and offers a MUCH better web experience than anything vzw has ever offered

130. unregistered

NO! it is not about the phone models, it is about the Dates involved. On November 14th if you activate any pda style phone on VZW, the $30 plan will go with it. The last thing VZW will want is consumers buying up old / discontinued inventory (like the xv6800) and trying to activate them without the data charge well into 2009. If you want it the old way, do it before Nov 14, 2008.

134. unregistered

its not a pda #111, its a dumbphone like a dare or voyager. its an Ipod touch, with phone capabilities. It is in no way shape or form, a PDA.
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