Verizon to require $30 data plans for new smartphones

Starting November 14th, Verizon will require users to subscribe to data plans of at least $30 to activate a new smartphone...
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185. unregistered

it was last january

189. unregistered

you cant buy unlocked phones for verizon.

190. amigabill

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I don't want the data plan. I don't want web browsing or email which the data plan is used for. I want a device with good camera, keyboard, bluetooth picture beaming to other devices and memory slot. My Razr has pictures stuck in it that I cannot get out because there is no memory card, beaming, USB support for that and it refuses to message them over the VZW network saying the attachment is too big. WTF?! I want my pictures, burying them in an ld phone and not allowing me to access them is not acceptable and I won' tbuy another like that. The regular phones with keyboards have low MP and thus crap cameras. The Dare may be a minimally acceptabel cmera, but it has no keyboard and he store demo had a bad scratched screen. Not acceptable. The smartphones seem the better combination of camera, keyboard, etc. but I refuse to pay a $30/month ownership tax on those devices.

191. amigabill

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

So, as a Verison employee, block VZW network internet access from my smartphone and leave me to find an available WiFi point for that sort of thing.

200. willi4m

Posts: 1; Member since: May 10, 2010

May I suggest that Verizon has a feature to permanently block the 3g internet coverage to the device if a customer does not want to pay 30 bucks a month. I literally live in a wifi signal 23 hours of the day and I would have no use for the 3g that's "required".

4. unregistered

Omfg... after trying to argue that VZW Charged me 18 bucks for 3 Applications I didnt even need/use (RemoSync - Corporate Email for a 14 year old?) on my Dare... just looking at this makes me wanna shoot myself.. BUT! On the bright side... if the Dare get's selected as a phone that requires the Data Plan... I see my dad HAVING to give me VPAK in the future =)

8. unregistered

haha or downgrading your phone j/k lol

11. unregistered

Writer of 4. omg, that was also what I was worried about LOL. I think he's gonna throw it out a window and make me use my old Motorola v325 =O

14. rbz275

Posts: 37; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

The LG Dare is not considered a smart phone and will not need one of these data plans. VZW only considers devices with Windows Mobile or Blackberrys as smartphones.

15. unregistered

You are half wrong. The LG Dare may still fall under the catagory that requires Vcast. "select Mobile Web 2.0 devices will start carrying a data plan requirement next years as well" And considering it has a full HTML browser, my hunch is it may just be selected.

26. unregistered

dare is not mobile web 2.0. mobile web 2.0 are the older phones

31. VZW unregistered

Actually, the Dare as well as all other HTML capable phones (Krave, Glyde, Voyager) will require the VCAST VPAK. No time frame as to when that will be implemented yet...

39. unregistered

Theres also the fact that they wont add the requirement to an existing plan, only on activations or upgrades its required. So if you currently have a smartphone/mobile web 2.0 phone you wont see an additional charge all of a sudden.

104. unregistered

4...remosync is only on your phone if you download it...don't be acting like it somehow appeared there and you shouldn't have to pay for it...feigning ignorance is not a good argument

128. unregistered

READ CLOSER. certain mobile web 2.0 capable phones will also require a data plan(maybe just $15 VCAST Vpak) but a REQUIRED charge

147. unregistered

well it is installed on the env''s right out of the box.

148. unregistered

@150 I don't know about that but this guy's trying to make it seem like I honestly did it. I know what I did and didn't do. If he doesn't want me to believe it then fine, but don't go around falsely accusing me.

158. unregistered

Actually the Dare as well as the Voyager, Glyde and Krave are Mobile Web 2.0 capable and have an optimized browser

5. unregistered

why on earth do people want a pda phone which is designed to look for email actively syncing and pay .015 cents per kilobyte. i never understood this my curve last month used 51000 kbs * .015 per kbs is 765 dollars. why would u want this kind of phone and not use the data plan. then u call your cell company complaining that your phone racked up hundreds of dollars in charges because u left your internet session running or phone is accidentally set to active sync. crazy people if u cant afford the phones features dont buy the phone. people was the curve for the kids because kids say its cool looking. my 11 yr old loves t he look of my curve. i would never buy for her. stop buying phones on looks people.

16. unregistered

I agree. VZW will also be launching a hand full of new phones that apeal to the media lover but dont have EVDO capability, therefore will not require data. There is nothing wrong with requiring data on the data intensive handsets, provided a large selection of high end non-data handsets are offered, which is the case here.

40. unregistered

#16...... Per Phone Arena article above: "While in the minority, some smartphone customers choose to use them for their PDA functionality alone". I am one of these customers. I only use my PDA/phone to access medical programs for work and to make calls. I don't use internet; so, why should I be forced to pay for it??? Seems unjust to me. I think I will have to buy a separate phone and PDA now, even though only HP are making Windows Mobile PDA's these days. Not many choices.... :-(

55. unregistered

Not everyone needs to constantly be checking their email and be on the web. I was planning on getting a WM phone so I can edit word documents on the subway (no service there anyhow) but there's no way I can justify the 30 a month I dont need the internet that often I'm almost always at home or work. It's not the email capabilities but the office capabilities...besides some of us have been grandfathered in and don't pay per kilobyte. I'm still paying air time for downloading stuff on my on the nights and weekends it doesn't cost me

71. unregistered

What kind of PDA phone do you have to have to access your medical program. Im oing to take a shot in the dark and say it is a some type of PALM Treo. If this is the case, go buy a regular PALM with out the phone portion. Problem solved. I'm guessing if I am right you like the fact that having it all in one cuts down on having to carry multiple deviices. Convience comes with a charge.

87. The Expert unregistered

Sorry bro but it does cost you on the nights and weekends you may wanna lkk at your bill a little closer.... just an expert that's all.... that cares about the users....!

88. The Expert unregistered

I will 2nd that there... It Soooo comes with a charge!!

89. unregistered

usually its winmo. and regardless, its an inconvenience to carry two devices and forcing the customers to have something they dont need is wrong. seeing all you vzw fanboys on your high horse is pretty funny, given the iphone backlash/ridicule

105. unregistered

my understanding is that its only for new pda purchases, #40. they wont require it of people who ALREADY are on such plans. well.. i guess we can just stop selling the Palm Centro. The ONLY time i ever sell that phone is when someone just wants teh advanced calender features and nothing else... its like pulling nails to get data on that phone (and do it ethically).

122. unregistered

the Sway, Blitz & Juke all fit this. No premium plans, no huge extras, but all multimedia capable.. great phones for kids...And the sway adds a 2.0 megapixel, where the other 2 just have VGA

7. hmmm unregistered

I have been holding out for the verizon wireless Samsung Omnia, is it considered a smartphone? So if I make a purchase before Nov14th then I wont be required to have a $30 data plan?

10. killingthemonkey unregistered

Yes, the Omnia is a smartphone. It runs WinMo 6.1. Besides, I know exactly why they're doing this. A customer buys a smartphone. Then he totally ignores the rep trying to tell him the penny and a hal per kilobyte, because he's got someting new and shiny to play with. Then, when the bill comes in he calls and whines to customer service because he has a $30,000.00 bill. So, make them take the data plan and it doesn't happen.
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