Verizon to offer Kyocera K323

Verizon to offer Kyocera K323
According to Verizon's Backup Assistant web site the Kyocera K323 is soon to be launched by the CDMA carrier. The handset is an entry-level device and sports a clamshell design. It has a 65k color 128x160 pixel internal display, as well as black and white 96x16 pixels external one and VGA camera with flash. It also features MP3 ringtones, BREW and Bluetooth support.

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1. P. Joseph unregistered

At the factory, Kyocera incorrectly programmed all the units, ommitting the "#" sign in front of the speed dial account access numbers. Thus, when one sent "#BAL", or "#MIN", the "#" signal did not send, even though the display incideates that it did. Hence, no connection was effected. An automated "Could not connect" robot-voice is returned. Further, when one tries to dial all four digits invidually, the phone drfaults to the incorrect speed-dial preprogrammed mistake and ther is STILL no connection. Kyocera and Verizon have been aware of this for a month, but they still push the defective phones. SAVE YOURSELF HOURS OF GRIEF - DON'T BUY THIS PHONE.

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