Verizon to launch MediaFLOs Mobile Real-time TV service

Verizon Wireless has announced its plans to provide real-time mobile video content to its subscribers, using multicasting network of the Qualcomm's subsidiary - MediaFLO. FLO is a streaming protocol that allows a carrier to broadcast to many subscribers simultaneously by letting the subscriber grab a stream that is already in progress and any user can instantly start viewing. The service, which is expected to be launched some time next year, will be accessible for Verizon's subscribers through MediaFLO-enabled EV-DO handsets. The service is planned to be initially launched in approximately half of the EV-DO markets, covered by Verizon Wireless and then slowly to expand in order to cover all EV-DO areas. There are still no hints at what price  this service will be available.



Source: VerizonWireless

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