Verizon to get the Apple Tablet in March?

According to sources, Apple will be introducing their new Tablet next week, but plan to launch it on Verizon Wireless this March, not AT&T...
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9. Mateo8326

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30. deschats

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I like my DROID. But, obviously, like those with iPhones, I will get a new phone in a while. The plus about having an iPhone is that you can have a 2g, 3g, or 3gs and never tell the difference. They all look the same, and that was very smart on Apples part. However, now a days with the different phones you can put Android in, Apple should think about possibly some physical changes to their device.

11. icarus

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i couldn't be less excited about this..... give me my laptop any day. This is just a new toy for people to brag about. take a Macbook anyday

12. Legacystar

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I agree i don't see this tablet trend lasting very long. With how fast cellphones are moving forward why does anyone need a tablet that you can't put in your pocket?

16. Iphoneisthesuck

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Why wont it last? You cant put a netbook in your pocket, and the demand is growing for those devices. I can bet people thought taht internet access on cell phones wouldnt last because of the small screens and all around non ease of use. And look at it now....people RATHER get online than talk on the phone. I bet texting was pushed aside by most.....but look at it now, texting is THE way to contact people. Just because its new and its different, doesnt mean it will go the way of the dodo bird. It means that it will offer people new options to what they want to accomplish in their mobile life.

17. Legacystar

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im not saying there isn't a use for them, i'm saying they won't last long since phones are becoming more and more of an all in one device. Look at what happened to the pocket PC market once cell phones started advancing, they disapeered. i for one had a sony Clie' and it was great but once cell phones started getting web and email and apps there was no use for it anymore. why carry 2 devices when you can carry one. For that reason i don't see even netbooks lasting more then 3 years. why have a smart phone and a tablet when soon the smart phone will do everything the tablet does just with a smaller screen and highly portable.

31. deschats

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I think tablets are useless. They are just computers with touchscreens, all be it very useful, I am obsessive and I would fear everyday of my life that it would break.

50. corps1089

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Convergence is bona fide and will be realized this coming decade. There will be portable devices able to perform all needed functions that we use multiple devices to complete now, and I for one can not wait for the far future to arrive so I can become a cyborg with my device implanted on me and have Layar applied directly to my optic nerves.

15. ajpinton

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I'm still iffy on vzw getting this tablet due to them being CDMA and the rest of the world being gsm, that is cost why would you put a different brodcaster in for the US it kills the assembly-line aspect that keeps the price down. If vzw gets it all those who want it on AT&T or tmobile can just get it from Europe with gsm. Shure you would loose the $200 kick back for the 2yr contract, but if your dropping $600 on this I'm shure you can afford $800 plus shipping. This will just be a big iPod touch, lacking the voice ability of the iPhone assuming apple(or vzw) still makes it a pain to use VoIP. I just don't see my self rocking to iTunes or playing cromag rally on a 7-10in tablet but might use it for work if it could use some of the more standard apps like louts notes (the real one not a 3rd party app). I really hope this tablet has a lot more to offer than just being a big iTouch/iPhone. And lastly; being $600ish with a monthly $60ish bill being $1440 for 2 years of service add both for $2040. This is out of the range of most peoples pocket books, and with the recession most companies aswell.

32. deschats

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Well Vodafone is CDMA, and will most likely get it if VZW gets it. Theres your European version.

34. idiotwind13

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Vodafone = most definitely not CDMA.

41. rhomaion

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@ deschats Your an idiot. Vodafone is GSM. Only these retarded American companies would invest in CDMA.

42. Legacystar

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Not true they do have some cdma as well.

44. jundibasam

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Vodafone is GSM in Europe, but Vodafone also has CDMA in other places other than Europe. Europe is not the rest of the world, contrary to what those arrogant idiots across the pond tell you. Like the U.S., CDMA is available everywhere in North, Central, and South America, China, most of Asia, and parts of Africa. GSM only is in Europe, half of Africa, and Russia.

46. rjt185

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@rhomaionCDMA usage in our planet: -- 308 commercial operators, -- 116 countries/territories, -- 511,910,000 CDMA2000 subscribers (3Q 2009).--Source: ...ease up on assumptions. you know what they say about those.

48. Legacystar

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All that Guy ever posts is shit that spews from his mouth never any facts

22. DonLouie

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If this is for Verizon, it's not a phone so a cap will be in place. This is just an Apple netbook

23. DonLouie

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If this is for Verizon, it's not a phone so a cap will be in place. This is just an Apple netbook

37. Schmao

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I want an iphone with a hardware keyboard of some sort

49. randombp

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Really?? This is news? BGR and Phone Arena didn't know that this was coming to Verizon. I am nobody, and I knew 6 months ago. So much for informed media.
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