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Verizon to announce a Gusto II feature phone, pre-paid Jetpack 4G hotspot?

0. phoneArena posted on 10 Apr 2012, 02:37

Verizon might soon announce a new feature phone that will be known as the Gusto II. Also, the Jetpack 4G portable hotspot may soon be offered with a pre-paid plan...

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posted on 10 Apr 2012, 04:02

1. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

I hate my Samsung 4G mobile hotspot so no more "jetpacks". I am looking forward to the New iPad as my next LTE mobile hotspot with as much as 24-hour modem service.

posted on 10 Apr 2012, 08:16 2

2. BlacRaZredge (Posts: 36; Member since: 06 Mar 2012)

sad truth of the matter is that doesnt pull the same speed as the android tabs. i have done the test side by side and its noticeable

posted on 10 Apr 2012, 09:16 1

3. atheisticemetic (Posts: 377; Member since: 18 Dec 2011)

having a dedicated device to your mobile hotspot (as opposed to a tablet) is a much better option. It just stinks that the jetpacks often lack quality in the devices :/

posted on 10 Apr 2012, 09:20

4. atheisticemetic (Posts: 377; Member since: 18 Dec 2011)

You can already do prepaid on the 4g network with jetpacks. You pay full retail for the device and pay for you sim (obviously) and they'll even offer you the $35 3GB plan if you honestly wanted it. Most commanly is the 5GB plan

Under contract with MBB you must do the $50 5GB however....not sure why this is news?

nonetheless if it makes the device more affordable that is a plus

posted on 10 Apr 2012, 20:26

5. Wildmanfan (Posts: 238; Member since: 15 Jul 2010)

Maybe Verizon, insteading of worrying about hotspot this and Gusto that, maybe you dum no good sons a bitches need to worry about getting your f**king asses in gear and acquiring some better phones. You already f**ked up on getting the Note, the Lumina, Beam, HTC One series, so you might as well focus on something like the Salsxy S III instead of this Hotspot s**t.

posted on 10 Apr 2012, 21:49 1

6. Zorin (Posts: 152; Member since: 26 Jul 2010)

Gusto would have been cool in 98.

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