Verizon set to launch the Nokia 2605 Mirage

Verizon set to launch the Nokia 2605 Mirage
As if Verizon didn't have enough budget phones for under $50, here's one more: the Nokia 2605 Mirage, set to launch December 5th for $49.99 (after $50 rebate with 2-year contract). The features are pretty low-end: VGA camera, 120x160 pixel internal display, and only supports the 1x network for downloads, but it does comes with a few Xpress-on snaps to change the external color of the device. We first heard of the 2605 back in January, and are surprised that it's took this long to come out. It makes us wonder when the mid-range 7205 is due.

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1. unregistered

C'mon Nokia...make some high funtion phones. You're loosing American money (not that its worth alot) because of your lack of CDMA devices. Eh, I'll stick to Motorola.

17. unregistered

Eh i work for att and have sprint and motorola phones suck all att has is the razr and moto q and the razr 2 wow they are making a fortune

2. unregistered

a nokia with faceplates, been along time

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

Very old skool!

4. unregistered

wow.. its like its 1996 all over again!! way to be retro nokia! now.. can we put away all the spare parts and bring good mid and high level phones to CDMA as well? actually #1, they make more off of the basic phones than they do the expencive ones. The basic ones cost a few pennies to produce and are sold by the truckload cuz anyone can afford them. make a $2.00 phone and sell it for 100 or make a $300 phone and sell it for $350-400. Which do you think they sell more of? Atleast Nokia makes decent junk even on the low end.

5. unregistered

This phone is tiny!!! Only 3.22" in height? Only 2.32 ounces??? The LG VX5500 is small and it's 3.6" x 1.8" x 0.7", 3 ounces. Wow! This is nice for someone who likes a very small phone that can makes calls and doesn't care about other options. I would get this if the reception and call quality is as good as the GSM Nokia phones. Unfortunately, the last VZ Nokia phone (Nokia 6205) didn't seem that good!!

6. unregistered

Actually... I've had excellent reliability and quality with my 6205.

10. unregistered

I sell them(6205) and they are hit and miss. The quality isnt as good as the Lg 5400(vs nokia 6205) but if the unit doesnt have problem they seem to be holding up pretty well. They are better than motorola and probably on the same level as the samsungs but still fall short of the lgs quality * this is verses returns and fru's(aka recently dubbed like new replacements) i have had to order

7. vzw fanman unregistered

looks pretty gay to me

15. doll unregistered

and you sound pretty stupid to me

8. unregistered

Nice! Replacing the Samsung u340? I like the different face plates idea, I sometimes want to change the looks of my phone. No dual stereo speakers? I think itll have a long batt life. The camera is crappy, but so what? I hardly ever take pix! Hope it has a music player. Hope its free

9. T-Money3000 unregistered

I dont believe it has an mp3 player. probably same features as vx5500: BT, MW, MEmail, & VZNav

11. unregistered

This is a scaled down version of the soon-to-be-released 7205..... not that it matters. The last truly good phone Nokia had with Verizon was the i6315. Very underrated phone during its time.

12. unregistered

Nokia rep told me that they are working on some higher end models for VZW, but wouldn't give me any details.

13. T-Money3000 unregistered

My Jawbone rep is hot....... lol. sorry. off topic.

16. unregistered


14. unregistered

ugly phone, I don't understand why nokia stay 40% of markets .All have to do copy other phones and make them better. they don't have innoviations at all.

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