Verizon sending invites for a mystery event on January 11

Apparently, Verizon is sending out invitations for a mystery event that will take place at New York's Lincoln Center on January 11 – Tuesday...
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One thing I've learned from soceity growing up is that you should never believe something just because someone told you it was true. Although when you do believe it you find yourself engulfed by it and embark on a journey of talking about it to everyone you know. Which is why my stores are continually occupied with customers asking when the iphone is coming to Verizon. I'm a skeptic when it comes to rumors because they lack substance, they lack evidence, but they are sure full of support! That's why this rumor has gone on for so long. It has been supported by everyone who reads it. It's just more fuel for the fire. The underlying factor here is Verizon though. When you interpret all of this you find what people are really interested in. You can ask yourself this question... Why would anyone want an Iphone on Verizon? I will leave the rest of this up to everyone who takes the time to read each and every comment on here and happens to find mine at the end.
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