Verizon sending invites for a mystery event on January 11

Apparently, Verizon is sending out invitations for a mystery event that will take place at New York's Lincoln Center on January 11 – Tuesday...
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It doesn't take 4yrs to MAKE a phone dummy, but does to come to agreements on Apple's sociopath pricing, etc... I as well work for VZW. The stupid iphone is coming, sadly. There are leaked sku's already from our order site for accessories as well.

82. networkdood

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Good luck finding another job after security pulls you off your computer for violating company policy....

92. paulyyd

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what are you? the internet police? get off the guys dick already

15. c unregistered

T- you are a moron. Att can't manage their own network. How do you think they would be able to afford buying VZW? Especially because Verizon is the largest carrier in the country. Not going to happen. Also, vzw runs a cdma network with lte and att has a GSM network that hasn't even finished their 3g network.

45. tragichero

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ok... i dont know why i have to sypher through these comments and reply to retardation but it must be done... it was a joke dude... he said his cat gave him the info... lol. some people just cant pick up on humor

64. Jonnyboy unregistered

hahaha same here

17. Jonnyboy unregistered

AT&T barely even has 3G coverage. I feel bad for their customers because they do not have the option for unlimited internet on smart phones like we do on Verizon. Poor guys.

35. Tre-Nitty

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Hey Jonnyboy, you don't work for Verizon because you would know that, Verizon isn't unlimited, it's really a 5gb cap. ATT is the 2nd largest in the nation, I highly doubt the need sympathy.

39. Jonnyboy unregistered

Actually it is unlimited. You are a joke. Go use your limited internet lol. I average a little over 11 GB of usage. And all I pay 29.99 for unlimited data. No overages or imaginary 5 GB caps.

42. tragichero

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i work for verizon as well and its 29.99 a month for unlimited internet on pda's. get your facts straight trenitty ... lol. the 5gb cap only refers to mobile hotspots. doofus...

47. Tre-Nitty

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Doofus huh but he calls them pda's still and not smartphones. I'll leave the name calling to children. Keep being tough behind the computer, your so scary. If it's unlimited, then great, if not still don't give a crap. btw jonnyboy, I have ATT w/unlimited data grandfathered in and have went over 5gb many times and never heard a peep from ATT and Verizon(for work) which I don't pay for unlike you who works for them. So yeah i'll go enjoy as much internet as I want to and still pay less than you.

48. tragichero

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pay less? didnt he say he works for verizon? i think therefore he pays less then you dude lol. good for you... your grandfathered in but what matters is new customers and people who want a reliable network.

53. Jonnyboy unregistered

Lol trenitty your a noob. Oh sorry for the name calling. Its good that att has a loyal customer like you. They will need you, bad. If you have both I'm sure you now see why verizon is number one in the country.

87. Verizon

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Go have fun enjoying as much internet as you can when you will only get service in major cities. 5X more 3g network buddy. And, it's all about the future. I have not herd AT&T say one thing about their 4G network?

89. lovedove unregistered

Johnnyboy - you actually pay the full 29.99 for data? If you actually worked for Verizon Wireless you wouldn't be paying for data at all.

56. sean unregistered

you guys are dumb. i highly doubt anyone on this website works for any of the mobile companies. anyone with brains is able to do their research and post intelligent comments on here. and if you do work for verizon or any other mobile company there is no way for you to prove it without loosing your job. so stop talking trash and enjoy the posts and rumors and stop spoiling it for everyone else

61. Jonnyboy unregistered

Not spoiling anything just letting Verizon ppl hear exactly what they are wanting to hear. Just like this article is doing. Sean your a hater!

18. Hope unregistered

I hope it is just so we can stop hearing all of this speculation!!! Who REALLY cares?!

20. Jonnyboy unregistered

Well the Iphone isnt in the new rebate forms dating 1/10/2011-02/14/2011, then again I don't think Apple Iphone even has rebates anyways. Considering they usually go with GB size instead.

21. som

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Apple introduce their products very secretive ways so no other company can copy or clone it the easy way like 1st iPhone, 2nd iPhone, 3rd iPhone, 4th iPhone, 5th iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, Apps store and others. Apple is always ahead of other company in technology, design, style, innovative, patents, and others secretive ways of doing business. Other companies are a year behind Apple in all those fields. Apple is like a Superman in phone technology.

50. Gawain

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Is that why the iPhone couldn't handle MMS for its first two-and-a-half-years in existence? :-P Just ribbin' ya, but Apple is not so far advanced. Their approach is different - function follows form in the world of Apple. If they weren't, there wouldn't have been all those battery explosions or MacAir overheating issues, etc. It's simply a different approach. Their cult following certainly gives them a market force that other companies don't have, that's for certain.

76. dpullen81

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hahahaha som do your research before commenting... research has shown that it will take up to 15 years for apple to catch google on their phone OS. there have been many articles done on this study...

22. none unregistered

everyone knows the IPHONE sucks ...............but whats funny if that they are turning it in to and android iphone .....but still going to suck.....drop calls cant send pix and flx good,sorry but the iphone and apple just sucks...i mean if you like to have a phone that can do it all just get and android phone ..........IPHONE you need to stop making shitting phones and just stay with the ipods lol lol ..............................................

25. teeman unregistered

yea iphone sucks ass the only peeps that like it is the ones that dont know to much about phones learn how too or go home

93. paulyyd

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you both sound so ignorant its not even funny. If the phone "sucks ass" the how do you explain the millions of sells of the device?... but I'm sure they don't teach common sense where you two are from. Best of luck, you all are going to need it

23. 530gemini

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This would be interesting to see. This would truly reveal whether or not the iphone4, which is already over 6 months old, still has the appeal or can still compete against newly released android powerhouse devices with Verizon. The iphone4 doesn't really have strong rivals within AT&T. But now that it's going to branch out to Verizon, which already has a line of established and capable android smatphones, it would be spectacular to see how the Verizon newbie, but already out for a while iphone4, would fair against those devices as well. My prediction is. The iphone4 will still successfully sell. But I do not expect it to be as successful as it was with AT&T back in late June of 2010. The iphone that everyone should watch out for though, would be the iphone5. Apple is not just sitting back while the others boast of dual core chips and all. Apple has bought several rights and registered several patents in 2010 relating to both hardware and software that they may likely integrate into the next generation iphone.

24. Allday28

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I think its funny how alot of people come on here and bash the iphone stories saying who cares and there never gonna get or its not gonna do well because of android. But just look how many people comment on the iphone stories.. If you dont care why would you take the time to click on the story read it and than comment on it!!?? wether its good or bad the iphone still gets all the attention. no other story has as many comments as the iphone ones.. Alot of us know that droids can do more than the Iphone cause we are obviously into tech.. But the majority of cell phone owners could care less they just want a phone with good battery life quality apps and easy to use wich the iphone delivers.. having said that I myself am a android user and always will be cause i like the customization but im not gonna go out of my way and bash the phone that paved the way for android. No iphone would have meant no android.

28. networkdood

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People love drama....

29. Mike unregistered

The fact of the matter is. Everytime Verizon and Apple let this rumor fly. Their market value you goes up. This could just be an announcement on LTE prices and maybe a price drop. I am just going to wait for the news. The verizon customers have been have been using droids for a while now. Many are devoted. We have had probably the best line up of smartphone choices around. If the iPhone does come to Verizon it will be the first real test of Apple competing against Android in the US. Also Android has sold more outside the US as well. Sure some Android users will head to iPhone, but I think that is because they are just apple freaks anyway and they need all things Apple. It seems Google has made some serious fans too. I am an Android fan. I will not be buying an iPhone no matter what carrier they go too. Given the growing use of Android on TV and other cross devices. Perhaps Google can do what no one else has been able to do. Actually topple Apple and make their OS the one that everyone wants.

30. zfly9

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