Verizon says it cuts costs through Open Access

Verizon says it cuts costs through Open Access
On 27 November 2007 Verizon announced open access, which means that the carrier will not have the firm grip it had before upon what devices, services and downloads clients can use. COO Denny Strigl said that this is motivated by the desire to cut costs and he expects many other carriers to offer open access. The plan is to carry traffic generated by third party very much like Sprint, which is providing similar service to for its book reading device. In short, customers will be able to use third party devices. The users will pay Verizon based on the network usage.




1. unregistered

well....I guess we will start to see layoffs once this happens.

2. unregistered

WOW, you people really do not understand! VZW is doing this to make MORE money, more net adds, and not to cut jobs. If anything Verizon Wireless will be creating more jobs to handle the demand of more people using more products on the network.

3. sinfulta unregistered

To the first comment. Verizon is not going to be loosing jobs because of this. If anything they will have to hire thousands more to accomidate this but in the long run save money on all the handsets which are designed specifically for VZW. This is also going to create foot traffic to get people into stores! How many people you think will say F' it and just get brand new equipment with new service. Quite a bit. Carriers can care less on what phone people use, as long as they are paying for high tiered plans with as much data products as possilble is all they care about.

4. VZW BUFF unregistered

When are they going to come out with 7pm night calling??

5. VZWCustServ unregistered

1)Don't expect 7pm nights anytime soon. You can call 60 million people for free, which is FAR more than Sprint. That's how Sprint/other smaller carriers get away with it. Consider that the trade-off. 2)VZW has opened another call center in the Midwest within the last few months and I can think of three more that are opening soon as well - just off the top of my head. VZW is expanding rapidly - gaining more customers and, for the umpteen-millionth year in a row, ranking #1 in a popular consumer survey. If anyone needs to be worried about layoffs, it's Sprint. I take so many calls from disgruntled Sprint customers talking about how poor their phone service was. Their customer service, apparently, leaves a lot to be desired, too. In short, VZW isn't going ANYWHERE. I am safe in the knowledge that my job is secure.

6. unregistered

WOW, so much Verizon lovers here. GSM will always be better than CDMA. just that T-mobile and AT&T make GSM look bad. Europe, S. Korea, and Japan is the perfect examples why GSM rules. USA just sucks. Funny how USA was the first to offer cell phones (back in 1973) but they are currently last place for cell phone market.

7. unregistered

every myopian who says teh US is last in cell phone technology forgets a few common things 1. the US made the jump first, and laid a MASIVE network down. this leads to one of two paths, the first of a system that the world adopts to and comes in technology wise or B. the world goes a different direction, and because they are rebuilding a country the side of rhode island every time they network is a little easier to. basically when you take chances you either take those chances and look amaizng, or you take those chances and you fall flat on yrou face. I hardly woudl say the US fell flat on thier face, but for some idiot like yourself to come in here telling us all how japan is the leader in twechnology when they were so far behind at's comical how soon we forget the world was a different place when the networks rolled out. you want the country to go to GSM...go ahead and hold yrou breath, a buiold out fo the entire US would cost an epic levl of cash that no carrier is ready to front just so that bob and tom myopian can say "wow...we really have a nice GSm network" and friend, is a quick and dirty lesson on how things work. p.s. ATT and tmobile's network SUCKS outside of major markets were a large portion of the cell phone market lives....

8. yeppers unregistered

I RALLY WISH THAT VERIZON WOULD HAVE MORE WIFI PHONES. i know that they do it for money making purposes, but i think that they new wave of people and subscribers are looking for wifi and they will go to were it is at. it seems that every other carrier accept maybe sprint is going that rout. i love verizon and their coverage so i wish they would let more phones like the VOYAGER and the VENUS have wifi. it is just said that they loose people for that reason. i will say even some of my good friends will not sing up for verizon because of that reason!!!

9. greatheart unregistered

I'm a Communications Engineer .. No I do not work for Verizon .. howeverI cut over the first celluar communications system on the east coast back when Verizon Wirless was BAMS {Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems}and from a techinal stand point Verizon does have the best network .. however the phones they have been sellling really suck .. not cool @ all .. now with Verizon opening up thier network to ANY CDMA DEVICE this should most definetly take up the slack where Verizon has been sorely lacking in the types of phones they were locking thier customers into purchasing from them ..Me personally I'm looking @ HTC phones ... like the HTC CDMA Touch .. BRAVO VERIZON FOR FINALLY BEING CREATIVE AND OPENING UP YOUR NETWORK AND CREATING A WIN WIN SITUATION FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND VERIZON ...

10. unregistered

you guys are funny. A) Verizon has wifi phones. They are just not in a position where they have to advertise it to try to attract customers to a lesser network. The Voyager works on 3g, not 2g like that little Iphone. They have the most extensive coverage area. Are they the best everywhere all the time, no thats impossible, but they are over all the best in by far the most places.

11. James unregistered

Being honest I would have to say Verizon Wireless is the best company also. Wierd thing is if you would have asked me this question a couple of years ago. I wouldnt have said that and its because I didnt know any better. I was actually working for Verizon when I had t-mobile phones. And I had the first sidekick all the way until the sidekick II. I never used it as a phone because I couldnt make/rec calls anyway. Only used it for data but there data was always down weeks and weeks at a time. When calling them asking them the eta on it they would never know anything at all. So finally one of my co-workers gave me there spare phone to use. Thats the first time I realize that you can be with another company and actually have a phone to use. So thats when I fired my sidekickII and I was looking into getting the sidekick3 at the time. But come on now still no video on the device. And got me a pda thru Verizon and been there ever since. I must say that Verizon is more exspensive but hey you get what you pay for. Also Verizon Wireless is smart for the moves they make. Now there opening up the network which is going to bring the rest of the customer fan base over. So in final words no company is perfect but as far as overall I would have to say Verizon Wireless has it hands down.

12. SM unregistered

Forgive my ignorence but, does this mean that you will be able to use whatever phone you have with verizon or does it mean that if you have another carrier and you do not have coverage in an area and verizon does you will be able to pick that up?

13. CellDiva2 unregistered

RESPONSETO VZWCUSTSERV!!! Don't get the " I got job security with VZW twisted" b/c in my 15 year experience in the communication industry , I myself went through cutbacks and layoffs.Each and everyt time somethingis rendered that will affect cost in any company, jobs are definitely diminished and all people that are at the bottom of the Seniority list are first to go. Also,b/c Verizon Wireless is so data driven, and the introduction of newer service are rendered, alot ofthePremium features will not be available and if it is , it probably wont work, which in the ends leads consumers forced to purchase VZW provisioned phones... Is all this really work it and to talk about the Cust Serv,you guys has the worst and Costly prices for Calling Plans and the way the company treat their employees are unethical . I can go on forever conveying to you the many issues that I have had with VZW , through my own experience with working for them for 10 years in MD. They do not support their product and always assumes that the consumer has done something to make their equipment , inoperable... and as for the Voyager VZW has really gotten a slick way of gettingmoney through the MB billing with the Nationwideplan ,which is forcing consumers to either pay more or get the VCASt feature added. " that sucks"

14. CellDiva2 unregistered

.. As you see VZW has forced me to actively practice Law , for which now I am full time attorney that works for a firm that handles federal cases and large cases involving class action suits and companies that rape , consumers (literally) each and everyday ... There is nothing Smart about a company that continuously has unresolved lawsuits,not just with consumers but their own employees,,, so my advice to anyone looking to have a career with VZW, please think about it and decide if you want to always be at the bottom of the poll for opportunities, until someone that has been there longer that you decides to let up so that you can move up,,, and to just think if you are minority chances are security linked positons or positions involving decision making for a mass amt of people would never be in you favor b/c the company is open to " EMBRACE CHANGE" but is that change really being embraced and or biased , the company itsuelf will shoot you a host of Bull@@@@! about you not being qualified and once you have gotten all of the necessary degrees along with experience they will still,refuse you as a minority the every right to interview, by throwing you some crap about , something that they will dig up as a way to keep you where you are... I have been there done that , VZW paid 2 degrees ( B.S Information System Technolgy ) Minor in Programming and Masters In Software Develp. I have allof my MS Cerifications and I know I am qualified , but after being told that I will probably never get a position in my field of study for which VZW paid for , zthat was enough for me to filemy own suit and against them base don my own experience, so consumers, dont be fooled gowith a company that you trust... if a company doule crosses theirown employees they will do it to you, BEWARE ALL POTENTIAL VZW EMPL READ and REsearch the COMPANY POLICIES /////

15. wickdwtrfals unregistered

just to give you a heads up i work for vzw and i have been here 3 years so far. i have an autistic child and they have been very wonderful and forgiving with me. so jsut to let you know no company is the best they all have some issues but vzw has been wonderful for me..

16. for wickdwtrfals unregistered

That is wonderful and I hope they continue to help and assist you,justkeep your eyes and ears open for opportunity from all angles of employment ... and make use of the benfits that VZW have to offer you...Good Luck with your child and with VZW !

17. unregistered

WOW! really sounds as if your venting because, hmmm, maybe you WEREN'T qualified for the job you applied for. VZW hires many minorities and they are in some of the TOP positions in the company...growht is exceptional here, I know someone who hasn't been there a full 2 years and already moved up to management...Also you should know that all cell carriers require pkg's for data and vzw is the cheapest...And why complain when your education was for FREE??? Guess that isn't good enough?? And if you have a pending lawsuit, isn't it best not to discuss that publicy or is that how you LAWYERS handle lawsuits? Sounds as if your venting that's it...Verizon has the best network, and yeah they are late with alot of the new devices but that is because they test the phones to make sure there are no software issues, and YES sometimes the customers do damage the phones and that DOES make the device inoperable

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