Verizon officially acquires Alltel, becomes U.S. largest carrier

Verizon officially acquires Alltel, becomes U.S. largest carrier
As expected, Verizon Wireless has entered into an acquisition agreement with Alltel. The deal will cost Verizon $28.1 billion; approximately $5.9 billion for the carrier and $22.2 billion for settling its debt. The merger should be completed before the end of the year, subject to obtaining regulatory approvals. This will turn Verizon Wireless into the biggest cell phone carrier in the United States, replacing AT&T, currently at the number one position.

Alltel serves 13 million customers in 34 states, including 57 rural markets that VZW doesn’t. This will help Verizon expand its coverage in larger part of the States.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

Can you hear me now Chad? Can you hear me now? looks like the Verizon guy isn't going to be involved with the other guys in the commercials anymore.. Looks like it is going to be Chad the Test Guy and apparently the Wizard from this point forward.

3. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Good one lol, Damn this is big, this is super big what makes it scary is that they are both cdma and they both signed up for lte before the merger so this will be a way easy transition other than sprint nextel, good job big red good busniess move

39. yeahissme unregistered

not big news at all..... very normal.... this is only the first move in a very long game of Chess! VZW buys Alltell (Standing in the mirror felxing it's Muscles... not paying any attention) Att Buys Tmo (Says pipe down VZW... Who's your Daddy) Google buys Sprint (This will be crazy BIG.... Keep Watching!) Then Another little guy wil show up........

50. unregistered

Wow. Your head is FULL to the brim with bad information. Lets start at the beginning. - #1 Att will never buy T-mobile, T-mobile is a happy healthy company. They are a subsidiary of a European company called "Deutsche Telekom". For the record Deutsch Telekom is currently shopping "Sprint". They would never sell to ATT if they are looking to aquire sprint. - #2 Google buy Sprint??? Really?? Come on. I'm not even going to touch that one. - #3 VZW is way to busy to stand in front of the mirror and flex muscles. Being the industry leader in EVERY CATAGORY is a lot of work, and very time consuming.

58. nonie unregistered

Alltel has always been renting Verizon wireless cell sites and its not surprising that they merge. VZW has been a healthy company, they pay good salaries and provide excellent benefits to employees. AT&T is not buying T-Mobile.. maybe it could be the other way around. AT&T has filed too many bankruptcies changing its name numerous times from AT&T wireless to Cingular and back to AT&T... so whats next?? T-mobile is owned by Deutsch telecom is the biggest in Europe. The partly own a couple more companies in Asia - Singapore Telecoms and Globe Telecom in the Philippines. Sprint is going bankrupt.. so long.. VZW has dropped the deal with sprint as it owes billions of dollars. At the same time, VZW does not want to inherit the bad customer service reputation of Sprint. VZW is very particular in providing the best customer experience and spent millions of dollars developing means to provide the best for its customers.

60. nonie unregistered

There will be a new VerizonWireless commercial to be launch in July or September showing the merger of Alltel and Verizon Wireless. Chad will be one of the Test man's guys.. ..

67. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Google buying sprint that would be one hell of a big deal, I havent heard anything about it but that would be nice just get rid of nextel. the only thing I have heard is that Tmobile Might be buying Sprint that wouldnt make any damn network sense good theroy

68. Viper Matrix XM

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 06, 2008

Heres The Truth! Alltel Was Never A Good Company! Things From Picture Messaging Not Being Able To Be Sent To The Most Networks! This Was Because The System Was Programmed Backwards! Least Coverage! Sprint/Nextel/Powersource/Virgin Mobile Are Just Above It! Also No One Has Mentioned But Does Anyone Know When You Call An Alltel Customer It Says Contacting Nextel Subscriber! Hmmm... At One Point Alltel Was Part Of Nextel Years Back! Verizon Is The #1 In Best Coverage, Service! But Not Customer Service! T-Mobile Holds That Spot! If You Total T-Mobiles Customers It Would Be #1 Actually! I've Seen The #'s They Are Hitting Their 200 Millionth Mark Soon! T-Mobile Is Better Is The U.K. They Have Better Phones & Mobile TV! Even Though Verizon Is The Best Why Do They Gotta Be So Expensive! T-Mobile Holds #1 In Best Pricing! Who Can Get 600 Anytime For 39.99 Plus, Nights & Weekends Anymore! Alltel No Longer Being A Company Is A Good Thing. Sprint/Nextel/PowerSource/Virgin Mobile/Helio Is A Bad Company, Worst Customer Service & Not Enough Coverage. T-Mobile Holds #2 For Best Coverage Because AT&T's Map Is Smaller! Compare It To Sprint! AT&T Loves To Charge You! They Have The Most Features That Are Separate! AT&T Customer Service Is Irritating! I'd Either Be A T-Mobile Customer Or Verizon Customer But Since Verizon Is Too Expensive Like $50 More A Month! I'd Choose T-Mobile! Even Though They Just Started Rolling Out 3G Which Means I'd Have To Use EDGE, I'd Still Stick To T-Mobile! They Replace My Phones For Free! Who Agrees!?

75. unregistered

Wow! Viper Matrix, YOU KNOW NOTHING. All personal convictions with NOTHING to support your claims.

80. DamonO unregistered

Sorry, I don't even want to begin to read that. There's a reason why there are lower case letters and capitals.

86. rsa unregistered

I assume the viper has not call t-mobile customer service in a long time, because it took me 5 calls to get a credit for a charge that they should not be there in the first place, and they were not any response why they could not credit just because, and I ask for a mgr she behave worse than the customer service rep that myself the customer have to come her down, if that is what you a calling good customer service I think you should try Verizon wireless, the manager name susie left me powerless like the money that I paid every month I owed to them...another thing is you pay for what your get, if you go to purchase a car and you see a BMW and KIA obviously they will both give you good service but was service would be more reliable? that is Vz wireless compare to T-mobile.

107. unregistered

wow, ur pretty dumb lol. This must be a regular jo shmo consumer.

113. polo unregistered

ha its funny viper mentioned that t-mobile gives him free phones. With verizon i haven't yet have to pay for a phone and i am on number 18 in twp and 3 months of service with verizon.

115. unregistered

actually i know a guy on the inside and T mobile is planning on buying sprint and att will be buying US Cellular... IT will get very interesting

118. yeahissme unregistered

Change you user name to A-Hole!!! You couldnt find the begining if you tried.... Keep working at your Kiosk in the mall and I will cash the checks that you make for me!!! Verizon gets all of the respect here because they are the biggest and they have the strongest network! They do have time to stand in the mirror, and rightfully so! The writing ha been on the wall for Sprint for about 3 years. It's almost as if you didnt read anythign until i posted my comment... LOL! That is fine that you feel that my head is filled to brim with bad innformation. You can stop pricing phones, chasing customers, and cleaning the glass at your Kiosk when your information alone makes you the money that mine has made me. Google will out bid Deutsch Tel we all know that.... AS quiet as is is kept Deutsch is looking to unload. Watch and learn ROOKIE! PS... Sorry but you will probably get replaced by some hot chick that sells half but brings more traffic!!! LMAO...

121. unregistered

Wow you basicly just made a complete and utter fool of yourself. T-Mobile holds what? Would you like to provide me with some legitimate evidence supporting that claim?

123. unregistered

Are you stupid? Alltel has always been renting Verizon wireless cell sites and its not surprising that they merge???? Ok did you know that Alltel is the larget owned and operated cell phone carrier in the US? plus Verizon and Alltel arent even the #1 for each others roaming. They are #2 preferred. And verizon pays Alltel several million a year for verizon customers to travel on Alltels network. Alot more than what Alltel pays verizon. The reason Alltel makes the money they have been making is mostly because of their roaming revenue.

2. unregistered

I remember asking my boss why we hadnt bought out Alltel since it was kind of like a mini verizon anyways. That was about 9 months ago. Both companies do a great job with customer care and their service, it really does make sense. The next move is expanding the broadband service to everywhere so undoubltably this plays a huge role in the rural areas.

63. unregistered

I am a verizon customer but verizons customer cares sucks.

78. unregistered

yea which is why it has been ranked number 1 for the past few years

88. unregistered

no tmobile was

90. unregistered

Where have you been? Verizon is always rated #1 in care

94. unregistered

TMobile is #1 in care. Read a little, will ya?

95. unregistered

no sprint is!!!!!!!!!!!

103. unregistered

NO ALTELL IS!!! haha no seriously everyone knows T-mobile always takes the cake for customer service. VZW is very close though and has way more to offer so I still pick them in the big picture

108. unregistered

i actually work for the carrier, and im sorry you feel that way. Although i pride myself in being a good rep, we cant help those of us that have additudes and arent are good. We weed those people out believe me!!

119. unregistered

acutally tmobile and verizon tied in most of JDPs 6 regions, Tmobile "edged" verizon out overall. but if you look at the breakdowns tmobiles gets their cust sat on pricing and vzw gets it on network quality

4. unregistered

Dont worry Alltel you may be losing your 20 friends but you are getting 67 Million more! welcome to the club

42. ddsindy unregistered

Alltel's "My Circle" plans are better than any crap that Verizon offers. My Circle allows calling to anyone on any phone. Who cares about 67 million users if you don't call any of them?

51. unregistered

I would argue that sometimes paying a little more is better in the long run. If your company gives to much away for free (My circle" Then one day a streamlined more successful version of that company comes along and buys your company and teaches it how to hack it in the business world.

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