Verizon now offers the Curve

Verizon now offers the Curve
Although there was no exact date until now, it was known that Verizon Wireless will offer the CDMA BlackBerry Curve this month. Now available online, it costs $219.99 after a two-year contract discount, but after the $50 mail-in rebate it can be as low as $170. If you are looking for a 'Berry and like the design language and dimensions of the Curve and the camera is a must, there are not many alternatives.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 Specifications

source: Verizon



1. VZW man unregistered

The best Blackberry on the best network

2. jrcrow unregistered

ohh plz!..Verizon cripples EVERYTHING!..I hated verizon for their billing idiots..switched to ATT...$125..2 lines 700 min..UNLIMITED 2way walkie talkie n unlimited texting..hello!...Verizon nickel n dimes you til you have no money in your account!..PLUS the 8330 is frikkin expensive for a year old phone..mine was $100 after have phun with the money IV drip with them.

3. Windows Guy unregistered

Verizon 99.99 2 lines 700 min. unlimited text. And I don't need walkie talkie..(very annoying). You can install programs on BB for verizon. Using Yahoo mobile software for BB. Very nice. ATT raising for bars....I dont get bars in my house.

4. unregistered

I gotta agree with #1 & 3...and also the reason Verizon is just getting the Curve now is because unlike other carriers, they actually test the hell out of the phones before releasing them, thus reducing complaints from customers due to defects. Verizon may nickel n dime but they spent billions and billions of dollars in the past 5 years updating and improving the network, AT&T spent a billion just changing their name from Cingular. Hmmm I wonder what's more important to consumers the name of the company or the network the provides the best service for their wireless needs? Let's face it, AT&T may have the most customers and was the best at one point, but Verizon has been the most solid carrier thus far and will continue to be the best!

5. unregistered

#4 Said it all

6. sebastianscove unregistered

I don't think the curve is all that expensive considering that it has 3G and has video recording capabilities. Plus the phone at verizon is $169.99 after all rebates. Just ordered mine today and can't wait to get it! I used the curve on at&t and didn't have any complaints on the network other than it was only EDGE and their curve doesn't have 3G speeds, or video recording.

7. d nice unregistered

can you use vcast??

8. anonymous unregistered


9. TNT unregistered

This phone looks clean & legit!! Just wondering tho, can the Curve open PDF's (& Word docs)??

11. unregistered

yea ill open word doc. you just cant edit them like you would be able to on a Windows based device

10. unregistered

the phone is awesome...i've had it for almost a week now and loving every bit of it, just wish it was global like my 8830 that i previously had.

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