Verizon launching the Curve on May 9, Sprint's launch delayed?

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Verizon launching the Curve on May 9, Sprint's launch delayed?
Alltel may have been first to market it, but Verizon seems to be the next one out of the gate with the CDMA Curve. It is set to launch May 9th online and in the B2B and telesales channels, with full availability May 12. Look for retail to run you $439.99, or $319.99 with a $50 rebate on a two-year contract. Sprint appeared poised for April 16, then said, it would be out by the end of April, but with the device still listed as "Coming Soon" in their system, it looks like they'll be the last to get it out.

CDMA Curve Specifications

source: Engadget Mobile



1. Brian unregistered

AT&T has had the Cuve out for months.

3. unregistered

Nobody cares about at&t. That freaking corporate piranha. Horrible coverage, false advertising. Trying to create several monopolies. Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. bkw13 unregistered

yeah, ATT has had it for several months, but thats why the article says "Verizon looks to be next out of the gate with the CDMA Curve". The CDMA, is actually 3G, unlike the one for ATT, and it does video recording, has more internal memory and more.

9. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

No... really? I don't think anyone knew that. And Captian Obvious emerges! Did you notice the part where the article says "CDMA Curve"?

2. Sammo unregistered

2 words: SO WHAT?

25. unregistered

thats actually 4 words

5. Duh unregistered

T's Curve is Edge and slow as shit. This will be the first 3G Curve with a Nationwide company, thats what.

6. sweetass! unregistered

The Curve is an awsome phone I love the curve I want it but I like the Glyde and the Dare

7. Crazydude1405

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

I dont get it by the Veriozn upcoming phones it says excpected May 5th here it says the May 9th which one is it i want to get it?

19. unregistered

9th can u read

8. Yester18 unregistered

May 9th online and telesales May 12th in stores. Confirmed.

10. STEVIECRACKBERRY unregistered


11. unregistered

rather be late, and be faster, upgraded, and tested, than early and have a crappo phone on a lesser network. some people really make me wonder.

12. unregistered

thats what im sayin # 11

13. yoooo unregistered

what? what's the curve? is it a flip phone?

14. Ballllllls unregistered

yes, the curve is a flip phone. Genious.

15. ISELLPHONES unregistered

Kind of hilarious when you think about how VZW is the largest distributor of blackberry, and 60 percent of blackberry users with other carriers have curves. Just think what would happen may 9th, vzw might be late but rules t he blackberry world. Lmao!

16. steviecrackberry unregistered

edge works faster with receiving emails than 3g. If VZW cust wants hi-internet speeds for their LG interface phones/pda/smart, stay home on your computer to use your myspace.

17. vzwrep unregistered

*clears throat* EDGE stands for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE operates at 2.75G although the UTI defines it as being 3G. How is it possible that a slower network, wait not just a slower network but a slower technology works better? the biggest complaint about ATT's network in general is that its not a data network. If people want cool phones they go to ATT. if they want fast connecions, reliable email services and the best coverage they go to Verizon...Period its been proven year after year.

18. Sprintspeed unregistered

who lied to you? Edge is crap point blank. That is why everyone in the WORLD is moving to 3g and sprint is going to 4g lol. edge lol

20. VZWREP unregistered

as well as Verizon. Sprint and Verizon will be the only true 4G networks come a year from now. EDGE is an absolute joke.

21. ballsack unregistered

i love my primeCo service its the best. anyone know anything about the blackberry 9000 and when it will be out for PrimeCo? have i been saying primeCo i meant to say verizon.

22. unregistered

I just upgraded my moto Q to the new curve. I ordered it from vzw online on may 4th will begetting it on may 6th dont know why they say it comes out on the 9th

23. unregistered

It's not even available online yet. Anywhere...

24. unregistered

it was acutually online may 4th. they had no picture for it, but it was there, price, accessories, and all. but now its vanished o_O

26. unregistered

its back on vzw web site now

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