Verizon to launch 5G hotspots (pucks) in 2018 because 5G phones won't arrive in time

During an interview with Bloomberg, Verizon's wireless chief, Ronan Dunne said that if there's anything available this year to support a 5G network, it's more likely to be a hotspot rather than a smartphone...
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1. bambamboogy02

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With the limited amount of pucks that will be out there, they can do better testing and TRY to fix problems before they happen. It would suck to launch 5G phones and be riddled with connectivity issues and/or DATA speed issues. What I mean by "limited amount of pucks" is limited in quantity vs the number of smartphones. Smaller sample size to start with.

2. gamehead unregistered

Cant believe 5G is upon us. I remember when 3G arived

3. Jrod99

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LTE still really good so no hurry for 5G for my use. Definitely not messing with Verizon. Ugh. Never again. Never.