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Verizon intros the Blitz

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Aug 2008, 02:15

Verizon's Blitz is a QWERTY phone designed for kids and teens...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

ugly phone i ever played with....absolutely retarded

posted on 25 Oct 2008, 18:58

81. (unregistered)

I have this fone and it is really ugly but it is really effective.......Its super easy to txt on and icuse at as an mp3 player when i dont feel like grabing my ipod.......plus its only $69..How can u beat a price like that

posted on 18 Sep 2010, 16:46

95. annoynomus (unregistered)

actually its $40 now at big lots and comes with 10 free minutes!

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 06:53

2. (unregistered)

This is the BEST phone on Earth!!

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 08:17

3. (unregistered)

word son

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 08:22

4. (unregistered)

I don't know any teen on earth that would want to carry that PoS around. If no one noticed teens like to look good..

posted on 21 Sep 2008, 17:28

61. (unregistered)

My son has the envy and I have the blitz I like both but the blitz fits in my pocket which I like. Thats a big deal for me!!! Great phone. Its cute, small, and easy to use.

posted on 02 Nov 2008, 13:43

85. (unregistered)

this is the best fone eva its so pimpin fly

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 09:33

5. (unregistered)

If there was an ugly phone contest, the judges would explode when this one showed up.

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 20:02

69. (unregistered)


posted on 25 Aug 2008, 09:43

6. (unregistered)

I didn't even know Fisher-Price had a phone coming out!

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 15:02

11. (unregistered)


posted on 25 Aug 2008, 10:28

7. (unregistered)

Kids have a greater sense of aesthetics than the old guys over at the phone companies give them credit for... I doubt this heap will be flying off the shelves, even if it does perform well.

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 11:47

8. (unregistered)

i can see little kids using this like 10 or 11 years old. after that no ones gunna want it.

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 01:54

67. inaday (unregistered)

i think its a cute little phone that is just enogh for even a grown up. im 36 and i enjoy being able to have the phone in my pocket and its bluetooth compat. i had the old version from the same company but i couldnt use bluetooth. and with the economy the way it is, grownup will make a practical decision and not get hooked on looks. and last i checked the store in new york in my borough sold out. so get over the color choice and pick a good phone. besides when its open it looks just like a blackberry without the price.

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 12:48

9. (unregistered)

I have seen this thing in action, it is as all of have said about being ugly, it is not the best looking. It does however perform well, better than most current verizon phones. As for the kids and tweens liking the phone, most don't really care about music and video, or even mobile web, they have ipods for that, if not an Iphone. I think the blitz will do well, its a cheap, sturdy phone with a qwerty keyboard, and 1.3 mp cam. Most kids and tweens only text msg, they rarely use the phone for talking. I think its a perfect starter phone.

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 13:14

10. C-Chicki (unregistered)

Wow at first glance you would think they are marketing this phone towards people that go around their daily lives wearing helmets. "YAY I GOT MAIL!! YAY!!!"

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 15:34

12. (unregistered)

Actually... and since everyone has a cell phone... I think that this can appeal to 8-13 year olds.

posted on 28 Jan 2009, 18:45

93. xxmcclurgxx32 (Posts: 1; Member since: 28 Jan 2009)

yea im 12 and i like this phon.....im getting it

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 16:07

13. *desire* (Posts: 2; Member since: 01 Aug 2008)

dayumm as i teen hell no i wont buy this phone you gotta look good but this is ugly not 4 any teen

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 18:10

14. (unregistered)

I was checking out this phone in the store and i swear it gave me a description of a pokemon. it said "charmander a fire type pokemon" this phone is perfect for you if your name is Ash. lolz Pokedex

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 18:22

15. (unregistered)

stupid poster is stupid

posted on 30 Aug 2008, 23:49

50. (unregistered)

okay clearly your like five ifyou know that charmander is a pokemon thing hahahhahaha this is actually an okay phone guys shut up

posted on 24 Sep 2008, 11:07

64. (unregistered)

ok i used to play with pokemon all the time i remember mad names from tht game/tv show or wutever and now im 16 and clearly not 5

posted on 20 Oct 2008, 20:04

78. (unregistered)

i have this phone, and EVERYONE at my schoool loves it they all think its cute and it is, its small has a fulll keyboard and its a cute color get over it go to a store and look at it, its a really good phone.

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 19:51

16. (unregistered)

it is a digivice

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 23:17

17. (unregistered)

I work at VZW. This phone was released today and I must say that it really looks good in person ( now that we have the LIVE version instead of the dummy phone ). I've already sold about six of them ... all to the "under 21" crowd. Navigation really takes some getting used to. The buttons are really easy to the touch and so far, call quality is very good. The menus are very clear on screen and the phone looks and feels great. I honestly thought this was a horrible phone since it's made my UTStarcomm ( it uses the same charger as the Coupe ). A few things I don't understand..... it's the only VZW megapixel camera phone that doesn't do video and although it's listed as Rhapsody-capable , it isn't VCast-capable.... and if anyone is having issues with the included USB cable when transferring data to and from the phone, you can obtain the "secret menu" by tapping *#7678 and End ( in that sequence ). For people with big hands, it fits real easy in your palm. But since it is made by UTSTarcomm, the jury is still out on it.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 19:53

29. (unregistered)

ok i want this phone so bad but i dont think i have enough money how much is it and the phone is not ugly it is the best looking phone i have seen and i am not 12 i am sixteen

posted on 28 Aug 2008, 00:14

31. (unregistered)

The current cost is $69.99 AFTER mail in rebate.

posted on 29 Aug 2008, 14:00

38. (unregistered)

without the two year deal though

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