Verizon iPhone 4 vs AT&T iPhone 4: Data speeds

You know that the competition between AT&T and Verizon is only going to get more fierce since they both now lay claim to the coveted Apple iPhone 4, but as we’ve seen in the past on many occasions, the two big shots...
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29. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

The fact that you get so upset shows who the true FANBOYS is here. You act as though this is Crips vs Bloods or something like that. And if you wanna talk about redundancy, you haven't said anything different or insightful your entire time as a member on PA. And also since we're talking about numbers... The fact is there are more GSM subscribers world wide, but in the US there are more CDMA (46%) subscribers then GSM (38%). Also, of the big 4 carriers, the 2 CDMA companies have the best customer satisfaction, while the 2 GSM companies filled the bottom slots. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, speed and connivence being GSM's strengths, while security, call quality, and efficiency is CDMA's, but I guess wouldn't believe that either. I notice with all your post that when presented with an opposing opinion or any concrete proof that your opinion isn't FACT, you call the person a fanboy and VZW slow-rizon. You been riding that stale joke for what seems like years and it still ain't funny! I just wanna know what is it you have against VZW? Are you a disgruntle employee? Couldn't pass the credit check or what?


Posts: 316; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

Nice try FANBOY but am a person who enjoy what true most advaced cell is all about and I don't think neither slow-rizon nor CDMA can offer that. I don't believe anybody could travel all over the world being unemployed with bad credit, ohhh wait you haven't cross the Dixie Border!!!! Truth hurts you FANBOY....!!!!!!

31. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

LOL! My 5 year old niece has better comebacks then you! But if "fanboy" is the best you can do, I'll take that.

26. Crosby175 unregistered

Why do you guys argue about which network is better? You people are taking offense to when one person says their network is better. Did you create the network you are on? Oh you didn't?! Stop whining. Everyone is able to make calls and browse the internet so please stop acting like using one network over the other is the greatest thing ever while the other is obsolete. The networks themselves argue and try and persuade you, the consumer, to use their network because they want YOUR MONEY. If you are happy with your network, then stay with them. If not, then switch. Just stop trying to see who's you know what is bigger. I'm not losing any sleep over it and neither should all of you.

28. lolbradley

Posts: 6; Member since: Feb 10, 2011

I'm confused, how is this news? At&t has had a faster 3g network for a long time. Testing of is a waste of time. At&t = faster. Verizon = better coverage. Move on.

33. thisisthewayitis unregistered

I sell VZW, ATT,and Tmobile... I have seen an incredible decline in VZW data speeds since the iphone launch..everything from running backup assistant on customers phones to loading web pages to loading apps not just on smartphones but all phones .. I hear it from customers all day " why is my internet not working on my phone" or "why is my mifi so slow all of the sudden" .. VZW said they would have no problems with data when they got the Iphone.. shame on them .. VZWS so called 3g was rediculously slow anyway now its just plain dumb to have a smartphone on their network. You will see a flood of returns of smartphones back to VZW and customers going back to ATT if VZW cant get there act together quick.

34. Cody W. unregistered

People are saying Verizon's EVDO network can't be upgraded anymore. It actually can. Currently Verizon uses EVDO Rev-A. A faster version called EVDO Rev-B is available that they coult upgrade to. But phones have to come with support for it. For example, a Droid X on Verizon would be able to connect to the EVDO Rev-B tower, but it would only get EVDO Rev-A speeds. But I doubt they'd upgrade anyway. They're probably focusing on LTE.

35. Nita unregistered

so in other words.. is att faster then verizon?? cause I going to get the iphone 4 but dont know which company to go with.

39. Timmmyvo unregistered

Hi PhoneArena , I really like the wallpaper of the AT&T version in the clip above, I just wanna ask you that can you share to me ??? It's very nice of you to say yes , hope to get your response soon , thank you.
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