Verizon gets pretty TV phone - RIZR Z6tv

Verizon gets pretty TV phone - RIZR Z6tv
It seems that Verizon Wireless will get its third MediaFlo TV phone by Motorola, after it now offers one from Samsung and LG. The RIZR Z6tv looks very similar to the Z6m, but instead on music, stresses on TV. It drops the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and has 2.5mm one instead, but still supports A2DP for Bluetooth Stereo. Like the Z6m, Z6tv is EV-DO device with QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera and microSD slot for memory.

The branding over it and the fact it is a MediaFlo phone, clearly points it is developed for Verizon, but it is still not officially announced by either the carrier or Motorola.

source: FCC



1. moody unregistered

suxx!!! a degrade from z3!!! wat d hell hpd to the flash??

2. doesnt matter unregistered

Wheres the flash? that was the first thing i noticed...

3. Don unregistered

I just bought this phone last Friday and will be taking it back as soon as I get home from this business trip. The phone has some nice features but I should have researched it on my own before upgrading. I was told by two associates in the store that this phone would support the 4GB Micro SD card. It does not, only 2GB. So, today I called Verizon customer service and they said that the MOTORAZR² V9m is the phone that supports 4GB. They were going to send my one overnight but I got online and found that it only supports 2GB also. I am sick of dealing with Verizon associates and customer service that has no idea what they are talking about. I called and canceled the order and will return this one to the store where I bought it.

4. some jew unregistered

exactly! verizon associates are complete and total retards! i hate them because they give out false and unture answers all the time. the z6tv is without a doubt a great lookin fone with a simple system and decent camera. but they really could have done a lot better feature wise AND thickness wise compared to the razor

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