Verizon finally launches Palm Treo 700wx

Verizon finally launches Palm Treo 700wx
After Sprint folks have been enjoying it for months, Verizon also launched their version of the 700wx, to supplement the 700w and 700p in the carrier’s smartphone line. This one slightly upgrades the standard 700w with double the RAM memory. Otherwise, it is still Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone working in CDMA/EV-DO and featuring QWERTY, Touch display, and Bluetooth.

The funny thing is that Verizon’s 700wx is $399 ($299 after mail-in rebate) while Sprint sells it for $249.



1. jv verizon unregistered

well we can work the price of the phone it all depends on how much you pay monthly think about it higher monthly better discount!

2. sprint sales lead unregistered

yeah, but sprint has unlimited data for 15 bucks!!! verizon 40!?!?! why?!

3. LV verizon unregistered

sprint service is questionable. why settle for second best. It's like comparing toyota and bmw

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