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Verizon, Nokia and Qualcomm complete first 5G call using 3GPP-compliant NR technology

The other day, we told you how Verizon Chairman Lowell McAdam and KT chairman and CEO Chang-Gyu Hwang connected on the first "pre-commercial" 5G video chat during the Super Bowl. As carriers continue the testing process for 5G, today Big Red announced that along with Nokia and Qualcomm, it completed a 5G voice call. With this action, Verizon becomes the first carrier to make such a call using 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) technology over licensed spectrum...
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5G is now the thing, eh? But what about the battery life? 4G chew thorugh my battery like no tomorrow and I don't think I'd appreciate an even more power hungry technology. Gosh I miss The GSM days when our phones would last almost a bloody week on single charge! Oh well, 4,000mAh batteries will be the new norm in upcoming years, I suppose? G'Day!


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LTE move started when 32nm and 28nm process was in use. S845 is built using 10nm LPP, much efficient. And 5G modem is likely to be built on 7nm. Little less power hungry in comparison to 10 nm. I am wondering, what’s use of 5G with data caps in place.


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battery life is much improved.


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I'll be perfectly honest with you, I was content with 3G network speeds. The media I consume on the go is typically stored locally and not streamed so as long as I'm connected to run map, news, weather, and various productivity apps I'm content. Although I know I'm in the minority with my preference, but if it would mean that I could reduce my monthly cellular bill even more, I wouldn't hesitate to run exclusively on 3G.


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Come on really?!?! First call. You mean they haven't been testing this for years as this news.


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I used video calling back in 2005 with my Sony Ericsson Z800i on 3G UMTS. Nice that it works on 5G too.