Verizon branded Apple iPhone to be introduced just after CES; what will happen to AT&T?

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Big Red will finally introduce the Verizon branded Apple iPhone after CES to be followed by a more formal announcement before Valentine's day...
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58. Fanboykiller unregistered

Apple willl introduce a CDMA version for China Mobile and the Asian market, so fanboys get you sorry ass wallets ready. Many has forgot that the contract in the US ends in 2012 documents proof that and neither bloomberg, phonearena, phonescoop, cnet and all those who kiss slow-rizon asses had shown anything to say otherwise so fanboys not yet meanwhile keep dreaming.....!!!!!!

61. therygy

Posts: 94; Member since: May 24, 2010

Verizon constumers complain so much about the iPhone and they say that it is horrible and the platform is boring and how Android is soooo much better. Why does Big Red want the iPhone soo badly, if it apperently sucks and is really boring? Look who is begggging for the iPhone - Verizon. This just proves how AT&T is the best. Verizon constumers are brats and two faced. AT&T constumers are loyal and they wont leave AT&T for Verizon, becasue Verizon sucks.

63. WhoNeedsLogic unregistered

I see you're comment here and I tried to follow the logic of it, but I couldn't find any in it. ???

64. Youre All Retards unregistered

Verizon ISNT begging...Verizon turned down the first iPhone contract in the first place before it was offered to AT&T...Apple NEEDS Verizon because they are being outsold by Android...Youre an idiot

65. XxVerbalxX unregistered

your comment was so stupid i had to reply. 1. verizon is well known as the nations #1 wireless carrier. they have more customers than at&t. apple needs them, not the other way around. they are not fighting from bottom here 2. Verizon earlier this year pretty much told apple it was up to them and they didnt need the iphone (if you are to believe phonearena...) 3. only reason verizon wants it is because of idiots like u. isheep jokers who dont know any better. i wish they would keep that crap of my network. 4. Speaking for myself, and i believe multiple verizon reps, i for one am going to do everything in my power to make the verizon iphone a huge failure. i will only sell it after pretty much telling the isheep they are making a huge huge mistake. every verizon rep has been trained for years to sell NOT an iphone. most of us dont want it dont need it and sure as fuck dont want to deal with the apple cult. id rather have them stay on at&t then have them here bitching about the iphone and not being able to troubleshoot a damn thing because apple is a buch insane nazis on protocol. so put that in ur at&t pipe and smoke it.

66. DrOOOOiD! unregistered

Im not looking forward to the iPhone rush, "IF" it dose happen. Working for Verizon myself I look at it from the otherside of the glass. This phone meens higher commission tiers which meens less money for ME and more for VZW. They'll expect us to sell a crap load of these phones and pay us less for it. Also, (like that guy said) the 30 day return policy is gonna kill us. I know the first month we have it we'll lose more money that we'd make. And,not to mention the 3G bog down. I realy dont think it will come out 4g if it dose. That MIGHT happen latter on,i meen come on,how long did it take Apple to get to this point? So if it dose happen i just hope its not a mad,"running of the bulls" type stiuation. Droid is awsome anyway. GO DROID!

67. bone unregistered

gemini, yes you are right. ATT 3g is faster. the speed difference is barely noticable first off. Second, if you live in an area where 3g is available and you're not on the road or traveling thats great for you. But when you compare 3g coverage areas between VZW and ATT theres no competition. When you go onto ATT site they mislead you showing where data services are available. Then when you dig deaper you realize the coverage area is inferior to VZW. I work in the city but live in the live out in the country. My friend is still able to use his iphone but it really reminds me of dial up days. 2g is horrible whereas my droid x and the amazing 3g coverage i have, i have no issues connecting to the web. pretty much out here droid x t-bags the iphones data connection. in the city when loading a page he might and i mean might have a 1 second advantage. for me.... ill wait the extra second for the best network

69. lawlzroflz unregistered

red iphone will be coming to verizon why ells would they make it a big deal to get it done be4 Feb14

71. Verizon customer reps sucks unregistered

I am a droid user (dell streak ATT) and I went from the 1st,2nd, and 3rd gen iphones and being on the android you see an "open play ground," while on the crap iphone you see a padded room unless you jail break it. I was also on verizon and I don't know how in the world people think they care for the customer. I had went to three different verizon stores to pay a bill and each time I went (this is a span of a year) they said they did not get my payment (I payed check and one time cash) and I was doing my payment with a physical person. I got charge double and they would not do anything to help me. What kind of bs is that when I clearly showed a recite and a bank statement showing that the money was taken? All in total I ended up paying 800+. Yeah verizon can kiss my butt. ATT all the way. I'm not the only one all of my 50 contacts were verizon and they switched to att and the reps help you. My messaging plan got accidentally taken off by my father and my brother did 1898 texts in three days and I got charge up the butt but instead of being like verizon they didn't charge me and I got a normal bill of 231 like I should. Verizon would say "not my problem. I can't wait till verizon has customer calling them 24/7 complaining about their call quality hahaha Enjoy the apple crap. I'm just gonna watch as I play with android and laugh.
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