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Verizon announces new line

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Verizon announces new line
Verizon announces new line
The countdown timer ended at 8am today (Oct 3rd) on the www.verizonwireless.com/next page.

The site has now changed, showing all 4 Phones with Flash Animation.

At this time, all that you can do is view a little "blurb" about each phone and Sign Up for when the phones will be released, by entering you E-Mail address.

Earlier today, we informed you of the Pre-Order and Release Date for each phone.

Verizon announces new line
Verizon announces new line
Verizon announces new line
Verizon announces new line

Please continue to visit PhoneArena.com for the latest information as it becomes available.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. Shawn (unregistered)

4 Lame phones. Give me a break. Check out the latest tech from the HTC release that occurred in London this week. Verizon is making a fool of itself.

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 16:17

2. Emily (unregistered)

"Yesterday's technology today, Verizon Wireless..." Can't they do better than this? Geesh...

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 16:20

3. Phillip (unregistered)

I really thought I'd see something innovative considering all the hype. Maybe they have something else coming down the pike, but man, are they behind the eight-ball in terms of bringing tech to market. AT&T is kicking their $#@#....

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 16:25

4. WB (unregistered)

Whine... no pdas. Wonder why their pda lineup is so lame? the new i760 and 6800 are ancient, and haven't even been released yet!

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 16:32

5. JZ (unregistered)


posted on 03 Oct 2007, 16:33

6. Nell (unregistered)

Nice to see a touchscreen. Wonder how it will compare to the iphone?

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 17:11

7. Ive (unregistered)

Well unfortunatley only 2 of these phones I am looking forward to. The Voyager being #1 and the Venus. They are claiming the voyager is going to be the iphone killer but I will have to see for myself. The Pearl is sooo late..I dont understand why verizon does this all the time. Like someone else said they havent droped the i760 or the 6800 yet!? They might as well drop the tytnII but that will probably take another year or more. Juke is another music phone we dont need but I know other phones are coming out besides these so we will see.

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 17:46

8. Sharon (unregistered)

These are just phones people, relax...I don't know why people have such a problem with carriers putting out new phones...what's wrong with that? Are they not supposed to put out new phones or what? Yeah, you may not like them, but no phone is going to be perfect, not even the iPhone, HTC Touch, Sidekick, Voyager or whatever. so just get over it.

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 18:06

9. Mike (unregistered)

I have been waiting for a PDA which is not heavy, cluncky and old news. The Q does not impress me. Their competitors are killing them. I am past my contract period, and I think I am going to try another carrier

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 20:17

10. RG (unregistered)

I want to know why the competitors are killing verizon? Do you people want a phone that does cool things or a phone that gets good service. Because the last time i checked phones were made to talk on. And from my experience verizon has done a good job of keeping me happy with good reception. used to have sprint and they have to be the worst company out there

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 20:42

11. Todd (unregistered)

Hey Mike, How about you take your sorry ass to another carrier then, cause you'll be back to Verizon. Wake up and realize its not the phone, but the service you are getting and Verizon is the best

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 22:06

12. Scott (unregistered)

Probably 95% of people are content with a phone actually being just a phone. The people with the iphones or that alike are the only people who comment negatively on these things because they are so obsessed with themselves having the coolest product with useless features on the market. Accept the new products as a step forward and quit complaining that some company in the near future will have something better and more useful than your iphone.

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 22:31

13. dashib (unregistered)

You people complain too much. I have verizon and everytime I'm talking to my best friend who has sprint and at&t her calls are always dropping.. I have had all the other carriers except for t- mobile and verizons service is the best, I rarely 'drop a call. All this complaining is not that serious they are phones people if you don't like them don't get them!

posted on 03 Oct 2007, 23:44

14. ghostly goo (unregistered)

Wow..once again the haters gather. Why say nothing at all if you got something to say. Look. These aren't the only phones to be released. These are just the phones that they know will truly sell. Trust the Venus, Voyager will outsell the i760 and 6800..if you think different you don't kno squat..the reality is that these are to get people excited bout their offerings. Verizon (as a business) needed to do this due to the fact that they've been under the bus for awhile. But look who's complaining. What you guys are boosted cuz of the TyTn II..whoopti whoo..as long as edge is running that device is as useless as dial up..and ya'll know it..just get over the fact that the phones are great and they will definitely make this holiday season a showdown of course between the iPhone vs Voyager/Venus...I think it's great. Finally, I can get a device with similar..not the same..qualities and not have to switch.. I personally tried the iPhone and it was tight..but it wasn't enough to make me leave my carrier..i talk to my friend on his iPhone all the time..and he ends up cussing and complaining due to dropped calls..so how cool is it...it's just a phone that a touchscreen..but unable to make calls and no 3G!! c'mon..it's like handing out Razr's again..look..the devices are coming out..they just didnt make a special release due to issues with the software..heck..who cares if Sprint let's it out early.. Sprint is a horrible company....and Tmobile..don't even go outside the city gates cuz your service is toast..c'mon folks..face it..nobody is perfect and we all know VZW ain't..but give it a break..it's not that SERIOUS!!!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 01:38

15. Franklin Tummy (unregistered)

Hmmm, lets see...LG proven top notch phone manufacturer vs. apple that makes computers that 1/10 of the earths population buys; Voyager 8gb expandable memory vs. apples 8 gb internal that is really only 6.5 because of the onboard software; voyager changeable battery vs. apples internal sorry its messed up, but I will have to take your phone for 3 weeks to fix it battery; voyagers high speed internet vs. apples not; voyagers push wireless sync email vs. apples hey lets log in everytime like i do at home email; voyagers phone warranty vs. apples oops, that will be $800 more dollars please; voyagers live t.v. capability vs. apples nothing; hey didnt apple have to lower the price of the i-phone already because they sold 350,000 less units than projected and already drop the 4gb? voyagers downloadable music store vs. apples nothing again...hmm, what were you debating about again? use your brain guy.

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 03:36

16. dubb (unregistered)

get em tummy!!!!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 09:53

17. jabber (unregistered)

Go Haters!!! Most people on Verizon are from the northeast where you never get to experience the rest of the country. You only think you have good service do to the fact almost all of verizons towers for service are in New York, New Jersey, and so on. Try the rest of the world and you all who love verizon would have a whole new attitude when you can't use your phone!!!!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 11:16

18. rusty (unregistered)

you guys that are down playing the new phones that vzw is coming out with is scared that once you try them you may just return your i-phone . hey i live down south and i never had a problem with my service and i have traveled out west and still no problems . you just mad because you got t-mobile

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 12:18

19. dubb (unregistered)

I live in bmore but my home is alabama. I take alot of trips back that way to Atlanta and so forth. I have even driven to both places while pretty much talking on my phone the whole time and no dropped calls. Sorry can't give you credit for that one.

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 14:24

20. Mase (unregistered)

I live in Washington the great North West and i've never dropped a call i also travel to Calli on a regular basis and again never a dropped call so for you to say only NY and NJ has service your an idiot who probably lives in your moms basement and just has a hard time getting service down there

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 15:44

21. VZWTipster (unregistered)

It's official! The i760 will be launched to Business & Online on 10/19/2007 and Retail on 11/02/2007!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 17:03

22. (unregistered)

Damn Verizon sucks... I will not be impressed until they incorporate a 42 inch fold out plasma screen that fits into a 2 x 1 x .3 inch space with an expandable memory up to 57 gigs that doubles as a DVR. And i will only pay $5 dollars for it. Get real verizon listen to what the people want!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 18:26

23. Batman (unregistered)

Man i dont know where you live? must be the stone age... verizon came out with that last year... i have three myself, geez come on man keep up with the times

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 18:33

24. charlie (unregistered)

what's your problem with idaho and utah? best states in the union bro. not enough big city and crazy loonies for ya!?

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 20:44

25. stillwaiting (unregistered)

When are they coming out with the HTC s710 or the Stracom???? They need a decent smartphone

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 20:53

26. elgee02 (unregistered)

Whoever said the competitors are kicking VZW's ass... um no, they aren't. VZW has lowest churn and most retail ned adds quarter after quarter, most profit and highest revenue. VZW is kicking THEIR ass, lol

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 21:07

27. jvillan (unregistered)

please! at&t! they can get there act togetther! there hole iphone! just 15 sec of fame! lol if you wnt a serious company get verizon not lame a$# companies! there just mad cause they thougth there were getting a good phone! all alone verizon was going to lunch something way better that works on EVDO lol! and has a full HML broser! your ignorance just prove us rigth! people dnt wnt reliable service they wnt a preaty phone that will be obsolete on 6mothns! lol! so far the voyager has proven better than the iphone! and by the way the touch sensitive display was all ready out! by LG the prada!!!! oh by the way for all of you lameos! verizon doesnt only work in NY i travel all over the united states and you knw what! i taken 4 difft phones tmobil, sprint, cingu/at&t and VERIZON! and wnt to knw something my verizon work all over the us hell even on Montana! out on the bunnies! texas,florida, all over Cali, nevada, oregon, DC, Ny, even on Idaho! so please! dnt make me laugth when you talk things that are not true! get your facts rigth! VERIZON RULES!

posted on 04 Oct 2007, 22:59

28. God Schnarples (unregistered)

Tummy is right!!! The Voyager isnt even the I-phone killer because the I-phone is already dead. Why is it that you see the LG Chocolate in everyones hands, or even the EnV? I have see like 2 I-phones since they were supposed to be the next magnificent device!!! And where exactly is VZW dropping the ball on phones? Their phones do what the other carriers do, but they are better and can even do more like BT Stereo that yes, all the new phones will do!!! Oh yeah, by the way, the new LG's will also handle the AAC files of Apple, dont see the I-phone doing anything but I-tunes. Franklin Tummy, you are a genius for sharing your wisdom with the website.

posted on 05 Oct 2007, 02:56

29. dashib (unregistered)

I have verizon and travel frequently throughout the country and I always have great service and no dropped calls. I doubt that you know what your talkin about jabber. I have livind in california, las vegas and arizona my calls always come through crystal clear!!

posted on 05 Oct 2007, 09:23

30. C-Dawg (unregistered)

You people talking about Verizon having piss poor service? Let's not forget what cell service was the only service working in lower Manhattan on 9/11. Oh and when the space shuttle disintegrated over Texas? Verizon again was the only service available during the search. Why? Because they responded quickly with their "COWS" (Cells On Wheels) to assist in the search. Also, how about hurricane Katrina? Same thing... "COWS". 95% of all Verizon Wireless cell towers have complete power backup using generators. Other carriers can't say that. They're lucky to have 50%. Face it VZW has the BEST wireless service available hands down. Those of you stuck in your contracts with AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile are just upset and can't wait to switch.. I'm sure. Good luck with your calls. I know I'm good, I've got VZW!

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