Verizon adds easy to use Samsung Knack

Verizon adds easy to use Samsung Knack
As it was expected thanks to a leaked rebate form, Verizon Wireless added the Samsung Knack to its line. Similar to the Coupe, this one is a budget model, designed as an easy-to-use handset. It has a large display (2.2 inches), a distinctive keypad, and dedicated keys in case of emergency. The Knack is advertised as an easy to operate, stylish and stress-free model to be used just as a phone. It is now available for $40 with a two-year contract.

Samsung Knack Specifications

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered


2. unregistered

online buying one right now......... ah ya no!!!!!!1

3. unregistered

Definitely aimed at the older, " I don't need anything else but to make calls", crowd.

4. C-Chicki unregistered

Is it really bad that I see the ICE on the phone and immediately I think Vanilla Ice without even registering that its for I.C.E (In Case Of Emergency) AH fucking reading comprehension

5. Coco Beauty unregistered

This phone is garbage, most defintely for the older folks. VZW has been coming out with some Fugly phones lately. Step your phone game up Verizon!!!

6. elgee02 unregistered

Yeah, how dare Verizon Wireless try to come out with simple, cheap, easy to use phones! Doesn't VZW realize that EVERYBODY wants top of the line, all the bells and whistles, $200+ phones?!?! You suck VZW!! Stop coming out with phones that don't have 3 mp cameras and 3" touch screens and full HTML browsers that cost less than $20

7. unregistered

hey, um.. coco beauty. when did verizon start making phones? or ATT or sprint? These companys are SERVICE providers not PHONE providers. I get so irritated at idiots who blame the carrier for a problem with a defect from the phone manufacturer. Same type of people blame Bush for Katrina I guess. I coulda sworn it was made by SAMSUNG and is another option for those that may not like the COUPE, which there is a decent market for. I certainly dont see any voyager or iphone customers going to this thing ,but there is a market for it.

9. unregistered

I believe the carrier makes the ultimate decision of whether or not to distribute the phone under it's name. I mean, it does have a Verizon logo on it. And it's not like you could say, "ever heard of unlocked phones?". Sure I have, but Verizon is CDMA, you can't unlock those.

8. skipo unregistered

When you get to be 83 years old you will understand why Verizon has offered this phone. Thanks VZW.

10. unregistered

i like where your head is at number 9. haha

11. unregistered

My mother is 88. Thank goodness for a phone she will be able to work with. Kudos to Verizon.

12. jackslackinback unregistered

piece of total krrraaap

13. JAILBYRD unregistered


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