Verizon XV6800 rumored to appear on November 16

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Verizon XV6800 rumored to appear on November 16
As we have already informed you, Verizon is about to enrich its smartphone assortment with XV6800 (HTC Titan), but by that time the carrier had not stated its official release date. Yesterday a user, named Verizonguy, "scheduled" its Verizon's release for November 16, 2007. Then it will appear for store sale, though he says that it will be most likely available for online purchase after November 2. He informs that the XV6800s will be delivered to the stores by the middle of November, but will not be available to the customers before the already mentioned “official” release date.

source: PPCGeeks via EngadgetMobile



1. ckeegan unregistered

that's not the picture of the XV6800. i know that's the pic of the Mogul, but they don't look alike.

2. blah unregistered

mogul=titan=xv6800 same phone look on the product page and it says the different names of it for each carrier

3. Ive unregistered

They are the same phone. T mobil has it under the name the T wing, sprint the mougl and verizon will be the titan. This isnt new...they do the same thing with other phones as well ie. the blackberry pearl, Q9M, etc etc

4. lindsay123 unregistered

how much are they selling for?

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