Verizon XV6800 now available

Verizon launched the XV6800, which is a variant of the Mogul. Currently the most advanced smartphone of the carrier, the phone offers ...
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31. vzwtech unregistered

I'll tell you, reading some of these posts are GREAT for a laugh. IPhone, SchmI-phone...wanna talk about outdated? How many phones are offered these days that don't have a camera, removable battery, or Location Based Services? Only 1 that I know of, the golden-child of AT&T. The I-phone is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more than a fancy mp3 player with a phone attached. Think about it. Like the commercials say, "It's all about the network"...why else would someone with so many complaints stay with a company for 11 years? LOL! Because EVERYONE knows that VZW is to Lexus as AT&T is to Ford, (and Sprint is to horse and buggy). Think our phones have slow release dates? That's least they work when we release them. How many Iphones didn't work on release day, or had to be sent back? I saw the 6800 months ago, and heard about the Palm 755 even before that. But, difference is, we'll make sure it's the best it can be before selling it to a customer, even if it means other companies offer 2nd-rate or buggy versions first. By the way, music software doesn't cost $ can download it for free What you're paying for is the CABLE to connect phone to PC. Got a Motorola? Then you don't even need that, since most have USB-B plugs. Don't like it? Complain to LG, Samsung, and Nokia, the ones making the phones. And, btw, it's only $30, and we throw in a pair of earbuds too. If you want the business applications, get a PDA/Smartphone. Want a flashy phone, get the Voyager. And, if you want your pants afire or hand burned off, get an Iphone : D

32. Kevin unregistered

DeeMan, the xv6800 may be a good device, but it could have had few more features like the Tilt to make more competitive. I bought the xv6700 without the contract price for nearly $500. The upgrade to a xv6800 is not that compelling for my purposes. I have been recently testing phones, and in particular their browsers in search for my next phone. The models have included the iPhone, several Blackberry devices, Tilt, i760, and a few more which I compared them to my xv6700 (WM5 & WM6). All of Windows Mobile devices running PIE offered the same web experience. The iPhone browser was able to properly access websites that PIE could simply not. I have tried all if not most WM web browsers and you have to give up precious system memory, cash and deal with system slowdowns for just a few extra features. I just flashed my xv6700 with WM6 ROM and it is working great so far. The HTML emails are a nice touch, the browser is about the same and the device is running fast compared to WM5. Deleting all the unnecessary software that VZW installed on the device probably helped also. Getting insurance directly from VZW is unnecessary because their are 3rd party insurance companies out there if you want to shop around. My real complaint is with some of the phones that Ausurion has sent me as replacements, several which were DOA. If I have a claim, I rather just get a cash value from the policy and buy a new device of my choosing. I still have not found a decent phone case that could protect my xv6700, let alone case that be be viewed and purchased directly from a store. iPhone users have multiple phones case options, ranging from fashionable to extreme protection that can be viewed and bought locally. One of the biggest problems with phones using the VZW UI is that is very difficult to view. My phone plan needs aren't that demanding, unlimited data and 500 anytime minutes a month. I do not need unlimited N&W, I don't use MMS, and I could take or leave texting. The $59 ATT iphone or $30 Sprint SERO plan are a much better deal for then paying VZW $79 the extra money each month. I still might go with a VZW Blackberry Phone because the push email and modem tethering may add more productivity to my day. The price for this plan is only $45 ($30 data and $15 tether) which is fair because of the tethering is included. I don't buy the rigorous testing that VZW keeps talking about, I have had my fair share of problem with their phones over the years. Just take a look on the internet at ANY phone and see how many problems are present regardless of the company. The only time I knew about a update/fix for any of my VZW phones was when I read about it on the web. When a update becomes available for the iPhone, you will see it ready to install on your computer which is a big difference in my view. Again I paid $500 for my xv6700 when it came out and it was full of bugs. Technology does get cheaper the longer it is on the market but I have seen VZW drop prices on new phone releases rather quickly also (no complaints). VZW has sold Office Connect and Music Packages for years, its nice of them to include them in the last few releases. VZW does cripple their phones, just look at the Bluetooth and GPS profiles. I purchased the $300 Timeport 270C that VZW advertised as their very first bluetooth phone. What they failed to disclose is that you were required to purchase an additional bluetooth module (not disclosed at the POS), which took over 6 months before it hit market and the device still didn't work. It wasn't until the class action lawsuit with the E815 that VZW started listing the supported (or should I say VZW allowed) bluetooth profiles. Compare the current UTStarcom 6800 Generic Manual with the xv6800 manual when it is released. I would bet the are quite different in respect to the bluetooth capabilities.

33. Chris unregistered

Got this phone on Friday, returning it today. The worst PDA phone ever. No GPS, No voice dialing with out spending another $40, made of cheap plastic, battery dont last for crap, wont charge with mini usb car charger.... just a hunk of junk. Call quality isnt the best either, speaker phone is noisy and distorted. I cant think of a single thing that I woud do in my normal day that this phone would be good at. I have waited for Verizon to release this for a year and we very very disappointed. Dont waste your money.

34. unregistered

Any indepth review of the 6800?

35. DeeMan unregistered

Finally Kev, we agree on something. The Tilt is indeed a sweet device. I still think the 6800 rocks and a friend of mine who works for Verizon let me the store demo ( the phone will be released in a few days ). Sweet device.

36. DeeMan unregistered

I see you say you don't MMS Kev, but the majority of folks ( especially the young crowd ) do. I think it's real funny. A lot of people here talk about crippled features from Verizon, and Apple and ATTcrippled the most basic feature in the industry ... MMS messaging. No way I'm shelling out $400 for a camera phone that doesn't send pics! But again, I DO agree with you on the Tilt issue. As for the rigorous testing you questioned from Verizon, technology is not perfect..whether it's cars, stereos, cameras, phones, etc. ...there will always be a batch of "lemons" (unfortunately). I wish VZW gets the Tilt ( or something along that path ). Sweet device.

37. Kevin unregistered

I just picked up the Blackberry 8830 for only $49, and its a mixed bad of good and bad. The phone side is pretty good, but the first day I picked up the 8830, VZW Blackberry server was down the whole day. The sync software on the Mac doesn't work. The USB charging data cable doesn't charge and the 8830 won't connect properly with my nuvi 360. Other then that the email worked great but it looks like its going back this weekend.

38. DUH unregistered

The VZW BB server was down?? What is that, we have nothing to do with that?? Ar eyou referring to the BIS or BES?? The sync software for the MAC works fine, used it plenty of times personally. Must be userheas space and timing. The USB works fine as well, you must have it hooked up wrong, but then again I better not say that, techys never believe they hooked something up wrong!!

39. Kevin unregistered

VZW Tech told me I could not provision the email because their/RIM/? server was down on the day I bought it. The Sync software is buggy. The BB when plugged into my ibook and the BB reported not enough power to charge the phone. VZW quality testing !

40. kenney unregistered

so to most of the replies the IPHONE(y)sucks it is the worst phone i have ever seen i worked for att and i can remember the countless times people have called in complaining over that piece of junk. if you want fast speed and reliable coverage as well as a phone then you want verizon i have never had any problems, yeah they take a while to produce a phone but i guarantee you that your phone from verizon will last a heck of a lot longer than one from att

41. Looking for solutions not opin unregistered

Wow! What a waste of space and time! There's some useful stuff in this blog, but you all who are spouting off your useless opinions... not helpful at all! Next time, focus on what products have what and how it may be helpful to those who are asking for help.
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