Verizon Wireless launches OS update for BlackBerry Storm

Though the update has unofficially been on the internet for a few days, Verizon on Friday officially released for the BlackBerry Storm...
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20. unregistered

This is an awesome phone. Mine has had no issues you people keep talking about.

22. unregistered

This whole touch screen revelation started with LG Prada IPHONE was not the first touch screen made

26. DeeBee unregistered

Well, nor the PRADA ;) Try open your eyes more :)

24. unregistered

remember how apple was in a class action lawsuit cause the iphone3g sucked so bad, but your right, the iphone is what god would have if he needed a phone (and liked to drop calls, and didnt want to send picture messages, and didnt want stereo bluetooth, and didnt want to be able to change his own battery, and wanted to have no upgradeable memory, and wanted to pay $140+ for his plan....)

27. DeeBee unregistered

I second that! and i have to admit that the Storm isn't bad at all for a biz phone; the simple consumers can't understand the needs of the business, that's why they choose the iPhone. Because it is made for them, but i will never give my BB to some simple device like iPhone. I'm not saying i don't like it at all, i actually have an iPod Touch but i will never buy an iPhone, cuz it can't suit my needs...

30. vzw fanman unregistered

you make great points however...not that i am defending at&t, but im guessing a lot of people dont care that they cant send pix/flix, many dont even use bluetooth, also, who actually changes the battery on a phone, unless it permantly goes dead then your fcked and again most people already have an ipod before it came out so i doubt many need upgradeable memory. and most people who have the iphone arent hurting on money. lets hear your responses cause i know i eitther said something wrong or i didnt make sense....haha lol does anyone agree with me? especially the amount of iphones they sold. i still would take the storm over the iphone because i hate apples gay gray interface!!! everything made by apple looks the same!!! thats why i have a zune, i can sync my music wirelessly and it has a radio :-J ROCK HARD FOR VZW!!!

33. unregistered

fanman, you have got to be one the biggest jackass douches in the world. I know most people who have multimedia phones love picture messages and I have known tons of iphone owners say they wish they could send and recieve them. Plus who really doesn't use bluetooth? and it's a multimedia phone, it is built and known for it's music and video features cause everyone knows the phone itself sucks it better have great multimedia functions yet it can't do something the original chocolate phone can do and that phone sucked balls. please say you're kidding, if you were that would be the only redeeming that about you then, if not.... really?

34. vzw fanman unregistered

hahahha lol. are you comparing the iphone to the chocolate? so why do your friends have the iphone if they could have other phones with pix messaging? there are a lot other at&t phones that have all of the above features you mentioned, so what makes the iphone so great?

43. unregistered

weren't you the one arguing how great the iphone. you really flipflop more than a politic. You say one thing on here then say something completely different. I honestly think you either have split personalities or are just a complete idiot.

28. unregistered

People that bash the storm have not spent a good amount of time with it. The new update has really improved the overall speed of the phone, with both lag and the accelerometer. You can't review a phone or judge it by going into your local Verizon store and playing with it for 5 minutes. It's a great phone, that has alot more features then that of the Iphone. Again the BB is geared towards the Biz side of things, while the Iphone is a main-stream multimedia phone. As a phone the Iphone is garbage... The BB excels in this department of a much better phone with much better call quality and signal strength. With some time and improvments this phone will be exactly what RIM envisioned. It already cannot stay in stock, especially in our store in Northern AZ. So in terms of sales, VZW is meeting Rim's expectations. Cause do remember if we don't sell it, the exclusiveness goes away. So far that has not been the case. So I say with the best advice give the phone some time, because every new phone from a company especially the first of it's kind will have problems. That's just the cell phone world.

31. unregistered


35. unregistered

Yeah my Storm is 10 times better than my iphone. I havent had any problems with my phone either it just takes a few weeks to get use to the keyboard. I would never go back to at&t, their network was slow and man their customer service was just as bad.

41. solox unregistered

Why do people get in such heated arguments about things that dont matter. Each of you... how much money are you making off the Iphone or Storm??? what's that? none? so give it a rest already. Why cant both phones have their respective fan base and agree that there are some things that each phone can/cant do that other can.... As far as people saying the storm is slow or sluggish, I bet they are the same people with slow or sluggish computers because the same concept is in affect. The more programs you have open the slower the system will run due to the memory being used up. Now this problem doesnt exist on the Iphone because of the away it closes out of programs. The downside to that is certain apps have to constantly be restarted. Example, instant messaging. when ever I close out of an instant messenger on my iphone, it disconnects and I can no longer receive msgs. now on my storm, the msgs come through because the prgram is running the background (yes I have both). So if someone is playing with the storm at a vzw store I can almost assure you that there are many programs loaded in the backgound. So when you're done with an app, i suggest you close it. For all the apple people thinking "ha, I dont have to do that"... thats correct but it's just one additional click so its not a big deal. I like typing on both, I feel that i'm more accurate on the storm. I also like the visual voicemail better on the storm (it's 3 bucks but it's a better service)... The last thing and probably the most simple of all the features is pic mssenging. I work in an city with a couple of major sports franchises and Im always running into athletes at my job and it's nice to be able to take a picture with them and send it directly to my wife and friends from the storm. Over all, i like both devices but my vote is definitely for storm

45. vzw fanman unregistered

i love having pix/flix. take 30 second video messages of anything you want send it thousands of miles across the country in the matter of seconds and there ya go. i use it all the time, more for pix tho.

44. unregistered yeah, definitely sign me up for one of those

46. unregistered

we're waiting for that review update.
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