Verizon Wireless launches OS update for BlackBerry Storm

Verizon Wireless launches OS update for BlackBerry Storm
We've seen it leaked on the internet for a few days now, but for those that prefer a more official release, Verizon now has OS available for the BlackBerry Storm. The update is approximately 102 MB and should offer several improvements, most notably an overall improvement in the speed of the phone when transitioning between portrait and landscape mode. Additionally, it is said to cut back on the random restarts, address the issue where the user's music would turn to the highest possible setting when someone would call, and no longer mute the phone when voice dialing is used.

The software update can be downloaded here. Expect our updated review soon.

via: SlashPhone



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

Not 100% sure but FYI, I think those with BES need to use the download link. Only BIS users can update it over the air (OTA). But my friend has the Storm and just did the upgrade on it: the change was tiny.

3. unregistered

It depends on how bad your storm was to begin with how much the change appears. For some reason it seems that altho all storms used the same software some people had major issues and some people only experienced some slight lag at times. .75 makes a HUGE difference however if you were one of the people who only felt it was slightly laggy at time you may not care as much as those who had consistent lag, frustration, and lockups.

4. unregistered

mine was pretty bad to begin with. .75 is better, but its nowhere near good still. there is still menu lag, the accelerometer is improved but still has issues from time to time and it has not improved the terrible keyboard experience, especially in qwerty mode. i told myself id give vzw/rim a chance and wait for the new s/w before i made my final decision on this device. its still pretty bad, and i will be returning it highly disappointed

14. unregistered

You do know you can customize every facet of the keyboard settings? It makes a tremendous differance, so, If you are going to return your phone, make sure its not just plain old user error.

15. unregistered

thanks, but yes i am aware and some do make a bit of difference. still, i have to agree with their initial assessment that its the worst keyboard ive ever used

37. unregistered

thats weird because i hate it in portriat but i love it in landscape.... people seems to hate haveing to push and i watched my coworker use mine. He felt the need to really shove it down and his thumbs got tired after playing a game for maybe a half and hour. It doesnt take that much pressure. I have had mine for alittle over a week and breeze right through on landscape and its less tiring than my old envy keys. I think people feel like they have to fully and loudly hear the click. Maybe it gets worn down a bit and gets easier. At any rate i would love to be able to show people mine and how to use it like i do.

42. unregistered

35 dollar restock fee! lol lol lol

2. unregistered

yeah ota is an option although error mssg kept occuring, said that i didnt have enough memory, rep at store was able to help out.....

18. unregistered

The battery has to have atleast a 50% charge to do the update OTA It takes 2 hours to update OTA anda bout 20 minutes with your computer.

5. unregistered RIM should recall that piece of Iphone killa wanna be already. I hope these makes it better NOT an Iphone killa.

16. unregistered, you mean the site that gave it a 5.5/10? you people...

17. unregistered

and your the reason abortions are legal.

38. unregistered

what chu talking about "YOU PEOPLE".... couldnt resist....

6. unregistered

LOL... Haha Another failed attempt. Who's the next iPhone killa wanna? This bb storm is worst than samsung glyde, VZW gonna recallit just like they did with glyde

10. T-Money3000 unregistered

Actually, they only recalled the Glyde in certain regions of the USA, not everywhere. Also, when the iPhone first came out it was a dissapointment too. At first they only had a "hacker" app store now it's an "iPhone" app store. There were issues with battery life and nNow its a little better. Every new phone has it's own issues. Just wait til version 2.0.

7. unregistered

Lov'in my storm. Works awesome and super fast except for the camera. Wouldn't go back to my iphone :) Storm is a great business must have. Upgraded to .76 os made the phone.

8. unregistered

That's crazy to see how many uptades this phone already had within 3weeks of released. A year from now this piece of garbage gonna have more updates than the iPhone did in year. That if VZW don't stop selling it like they did with samsung glyde. IPHONE RULES!

39. unregistered

ehhh I think the Iphone is FINALLY starting to get sweet and its mainly because of all the apps. I hate getting into this fanboy war crap but seriously the Iphone was joke until the 3g version. The browser was sweet(internet was sllllooowwww) but other than that it wasnt even 10% of the hype it had. To say the Storm is bad because it has updates and that the Iphone rules is retarded plain and simple. At least the storm can with the ABILITY to have high speed(3g), a replacable battery, insurance, pic messaging, voice dialing, audible directions, a smaller price tag and the bill wasnt 50 pages thick when it arrived.(yeah remember that?) I am dissapointed that i will have to wait for more updates so this phone can really meet its potential but at least i didnt spend what 500 bucks on a 2g Iphone? The Iphone has had what two years to get where it is and had to physically change hardware in the device. The Storm isnt nearly as smooth as the 3g iphone, at least not yet. It is better than the 2g. Blackberry will continue to improve their device and I think alot of the reviews it gets will do a 360 in the next six months. Unlike Apple, RIM listens to customers complaints and demands.

40. unregistered

"I think alot of the reviews it gets will do a 360 in the next six months"...i think you meant 180 otherwise the reviews would go right back to being bad ;)

9. unregistered

Ooh wow... How many iPhone killa wanna be in total we gonna have??? LOL... Haha that makes me love my iPhone even more!!!!

11. vzw fanman unregistered

i dont know why but the name at&t is boring, cingular was a waaayyy better name, does anyone else agree? i really dont think anything could kill the iphone anytime soon

12. unregistered

keep telling yourself that while i send picture messages.

21. vzw fanman unregistered

hahahah lol WOW! one feature! do you know how many people don't give a crap about picture messaging!? ROCK HARD FOR VZW!!!

25. unregistered

WOW u can send PIC messages with the iphone.....GEZZZZZZ do your homework.

29. vzw fanman unregistered

NO you idiot, i mean wow one feature that the iphone doesnt have that other phones do. "do you know how many people don't give a crap about picture messaging!?"

32. unregistered

umm I do and I bet more people that use smartphones care more than those who don't. And ummm, the iphone doesn't do a lot more than that. there is a huge list and maybe you should check it out.

36. vzw fanman unregistered

hello other idiot i was repsonding to comment 12! im saying just cause it has no pix messaging doesnt mean its a bad phone.

13. unregistered

I heard the VZ is going to recall the storm and let everyone out of their contracts because the phone doesnt have an apple logo on the back

23. unregistered

ummmmmmm what?

19. unregistered

#16 I was mocking VZW fan-boys when they saying simply because anytime they post a article about the iPhone, that's what come out their GAY mouth.

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