Verizon Wireless gets RIM BlackBerry 8830 Cyclone CDMA/GSM hybrid world-phone

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Verizon Wireless gets RIM BlackBerry 8830 Cyclone CDMA/GSM hybrid world-phone
There have been rumors for a while, but these are the first real and high-resolution photos of the new RIM BlackBerry 8830, codename Cyclone, which Verizon Wireless will offer as its World Edition smartphone – a hybrid that operates in both CDMA and GSM networks. The first will be used for domestic calls in Verizon’s network, while the GSM will work in overseas networks.

The BlackBerry 8830 Cyclone looks like a 8800 cloning but in silver instead of black. Just like it, Cyclone will have QVGA display, microSD slot and will lack camera, but the relatively slow 2G EDGE of its GSM-only cousin will be replaced by the 3G CDMA EV-DO.

We will update you with more information as soon as we have some.

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1. argonnj unregistered

Silver, how ugly.

2. jaime v unregistered

Who cares about the color! you can get skins for it and make it any color! its the service we care about not the color!

3. argonnj unregistered

If it didn't, why is the Pearl made in several colors? Why are other manufactures making their phones in several colors.

4. dionnfr unregistered

Color dosen't matter, it only matters to the manufacturers so we the consumer continues to buy the product.

5. rajeev unregistered

finally something a little smaller and hopefully better..verizon needs more pda's comparable to this

6. argonnj unregistered

What, you mean you don't like the crappy Moto Q?

7. geerbottle unregistered

I thought it was size that mattere LOL!

8. ninja unregistered

the true purpose of this device is to have the reliability of verizons service in the states as well as having service over seas were they really didnt before. Plus they are taking back customers that may have left because the international services before that were limited. and you can always get a skin wich really only verizon customers know about or get a case. this phone is going to help verizon in the market to a larg extent i think..

9. Dre Liz unregistered

I agree. The phone will really help out Verizon, I myself have seen customers walk out of the store because they can not use their phone over seas. This feauture may not seem that great to a lot of us, but to a business customer, where he travels constantly this might be the way to go. I myself like it by just the looks, but so far I haven't enjoyed the OS of the phones, I find them to be annoying to use. And just for the record, size and color does matter, I mean look at the T Mobile Sidekick. Thats a perfect example of an ok phone, that a huge number of people have just for the feutures, because I am sure as hell is not for the service.

10. Lan unregistered

when is it supposed to be available??????? i need it ASAP!!!

11. Verizon delays inexcusable unregistered

I see May 4 is now circulating as the date Verizon gets a new Blackberry. I am willing to bet that will be pushed back to the Fall. I just took the 8800 from Cing...I know their footprint and speed stink...but Verizon is missing the boat - at least w/me for another 2 yrs.

12. bberrycyclone unregistered

Reports are saying an internet launch for apr 25th.. b2b side may 14th and all other channels may 28th... Can't wait. I'm so sick of the motorola q

13. Sara unregistered

Why silver? We want BLACK !! the Moto Q was a Joke !!!

14. Linda unregistered

Can't wait for the 8830. I have a phone AND an older BB. Use Voice Dialing all the time. Need to consolodate, travel a lot for business. Can't wait Can't wait. I'ts about time Verizon got on board for the business user.

15. unregistered

The 8830 is due through direct shipments on the 14th of May and May 28th in stores. Sprint's version is due out sometime in July and the phone should retail between $199-399. I buy all the PDAs and cell phones for my company, so I have to know this stuff and get info from the carriers themselves.

16. Danielle unregistered

it's being released to the internet on may 14th and to the public in stores on the 28th of the same month. i'm definetly using my upgrade for this phone. if you go on the blackberry website they already have rubberized skins you can buy in black and white colors.

17. unregistered

Will this be a quad band GSM in addition to the CDMA? I read somewhere that it would be the following: Dual-band 800/1900 Mhz CDMA2000 1X Ev-DO Networks Dual-band 900/1800 Mhz GSM/GPRS

18. Toad unregistered

Finally a crackberry I can use in Korea and replace my non-bluetooth Motorolla A840.

19. M. unregistered

No camera? Are they serious?! Watch how many people will end up passing on this phone because of this. Bad move.

20. JD unregistered

Finally a phone that has features and no camera!! with most of us Govt peopel being told no camera phones and also with a lot of the DOD contractors doing the same it's about time they realized that a camera can be a put off

21. Jason unregistered

Thankfully there is no stupid camera! This is a business tool, not a toy for a teen-ager. Most people in business roles, such as myself, cannot have cameras in their PDAs or phones.

22. unregistered

I love this phone except there is no camera and now i have to cart my camera with me in my purse

23. Bill unregistered

I know Verizon has the best coverage in the north east and that is why I have been with them for 10 years. But I am SOOO tired of the tacky and ugly phones. I got the 8830 and I hate the silver. but worse is the blue back light the illuminates the keys. I can't see anything when they light up. it hurts my eyes. this isn't the first phone they have done this too either. the motorola E815. Blue lights. Not needed and someone needs to tell them.

24. Dennis unregistered

NO DEAL! When are they going to recover that boo boo and put a camera on the thing? Great idea all the way around otherwise...I guess I'll still wait.

25. NavGuy unregistered

Many of us who work in the DOD or for contractors are not allowed phones with cameras. This allows me to have a great phone that I don't have to check in at the door in some areas. If it had a camera it WOULD NOT be an option for me.

26. vzw infrequent business traveller unregistered

Got one. Used it for a week in US, UK, & Germany. Gave it back. Business device is better without a camera. Many of my business clients restrict camera phones at sensitive sites like manufacturing and R&D. What's the use of a phone if you have to leave it at the reception desk all day? As for usability, the UI has some nice features, including the trackball, sound profiles, auto-shut-off in the holser, and capitalization by holding the letter down a little longer. But overall the OS was annoying. Automatically opening incoming messages, no word-completion, weak Outlook integration, no touchscreen... I went back to my WM5 xv6700 and I'll wait for the next generation. Even with all the quirks and performance issues, the xv6700 lets me tune everything just the way I want it. I wish VZW would offer a WM6 Global Phone. That would be a killer!

27. lmc unregistered

so why make a phone without a camera?? everyone likes taking pictures therse day's !! if your paying this much for a phone y not have a camera??

28. Darryl unregistered

and the 2 times I have taken it out of the country it has not worked!!!

29. Paul M. unregistered

I am wondering how this phone works in USA where there is also a CDMA network and a GSM network. The issue is that Verizon has very poor network coverage on CDMA in Alaska where I live; GSM is a more reliable network here and ATT is the provider of choice. Problem is my wife wants to keep her Verizon phone, which drops EVERY call. So if this phone was smart enough (even within USA) to roam onto the network with the best signal strength, and move from CDMA to GSM mid call if necessary vs. dropping the call, then this would be a killer feature. Is there anyone who knows if this works? Any Alaska experience with it? Can it be forced to be on GSM only, via network selection? We are roaming on someone else's network anyway, since no Verizon networks exist up here, so it really shouldn't matter if the roaming is on GSM instead of poorer tower coverage CDMA. Any thoughts appreciated. Reply to my email at

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