Verizon Wireless adds 2.1 million new subscribers

Verizon Wireless adds 2.1 million new subscribers
It's that time of the year again, and the numbers of new subscribers to the various carriers are beginning to trickle in. By adding 2.1 million new users, Verizon Wireless officially crossed the 70 million subscriber mark for the first time. Their numbers come from 1.5 million new customers, and approximately 630,000 from the purchase of Rural Cellular Corporation.

As we covered last week, AT&T gained quite a few customers itself. With all of the new customers coming to the largest two carriers in the U.S., one has to wonder exactly where they're coming from. Sprint's 3rd quarter announcement on November 7th may be a bit worse than investors had hoped.

source: Verizon Wireless via Sprint Connection



1. unregistered

Yay go VZW. Imagine what happens when they finish buying Alltel. But Ive never heard of Rural cellular before.

19. unregistered

maybe u know them as unicell

2. pena411 unregistered

I cant wait to see the VZW and Alltel Complete. I wanna Know what is going to happen to "CHAD" Will he talk the place of the VZW Dude and still put down at&t, sprint, tmobile or will they FIRE CHAD and have the VZW dude Take his place and put down the reset of the companies at&t, sprint, tmobile well either way To Bad CHAD

3. unregistered

you people have absolutley no life.

4. unregistered

just because your friend is out of a job is no reason to be salty

5. unregistered

Hi HATER!!!!!!!

6. unregistered

That"s How BIG RED does Work......

7. unregistered

haha, salty

10. unregistered

Maybe they will leave Chad hanging around, get it political humor, hanging chad. I would rather see the phones that Alltel allows on it's network that VZW has passed on or has taken many more months to release become available.

23. unregistered

neither do you if your looking at this so get over it.

43. unregistered

lol that is true

8. JDubReno005 unregistered

BIG Red does DO WORK SON!! Yeah I said it....

9. Big Moe unregistered

Good Job VZW! Keep up the good work and you will be the biggest carrier in the country...! GO VZW!!!

11. unregistered

And thats called job security... Sorry Sprint guys

12. unregistered

I think they should have a commercial where test man beats up Chad from alltel. That would be pretty funny.

13. BalzDeepNher unregistered

GayT&T Can you hear me now. I would like to see a comercial where the Test man is T-baggin Chad.

14. unregistered

T-baggin! Wow, I love it. What's the matter Chad? I can't hear you. Oh, wait, what's that?

36. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol.

15. unregistered

i would like to drop a deuce in chad's mouth piece right about now....

16. unregistered

Didn't at&t add more customers than vzw? Hmmmmmmm you guys should really get off vzw's @#$% and get a real job.

17. unregistered

no at&t only added 1.7 million new users this 3rd quarter

18. unregistered

no actually they didnt... someone cant read to good... derr errr... att added something like alittle over a million customers and verizon added 2.1... go back to eating crayons....

20. unregistered

actually before you eat the crayons ill let you know that it was 1.7 million which is alittle closer.. now you can go talk to a tree

21. unregistered

and #19 wasnt up when i posted #20.. my bad...

75. bong_water unregistered

verizon wireless added less post pay net adds then att but verizons profit margin was a lot higher then att's. this means att has more cheap customers that complain to much and they lose more money on people always wanting free stuff

22. unregistered

too bad that Verizon still sucks and I have been with them for ten years. If it weren t for all the people I helped grt tthem I would switch to AT&T.

24. unregistered

"Other numbers were impressive as well, including a record 1.7M postpaid adds and 2M total adds" att added 2M NEW CUSTERS AS YOU CAN SEE HERE FROM THE STATEMENT. AND VERIZON ONLY ADDED 1.5M THEY HAD TO BUY OUT ANOTHER CELL COMPANY TO AQUIRE THE REST OF THERE NUMBER. yOU GUYS ARE SO SMART..LMFAO P.S. the other .3 was pre-paid customers which still count...

26. unregistered

how do you think at&t became the largest company... Cingular bought them... remember your own companys history before you try talking $**t.

27. unregistered

maybe you should do your homework att bought back cingular wich was from bell south which is the original company that is know today as AT&T. ooo yeah your famous VZW was also part of bell south....YOUR SO SMART!

29. unregistered

actually att was bought from cingular.. THEN CINGULAR CHANGED THEIR NAME TO AT&T. att vs AT&T is different. i worked for them at the time. Left because vzw pays alot more.. LOVE BOTH COMPANIES THOUGH..

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