Verizon, LG, others get sued for Visual Voicemail

Verizon, LG, others get sued for Visual Voicemail
After lawsuits against Apple, AT&T, AOL and Vonage resulted in favorable settlements, and an outright licensing agreement with Sprint, we're not quite sure how Verizon thought they could get away without licensing Visual Voicemail from Klausner Technologies. Right on cue, the patent holder has sued Verizon and LG, and Google has curiously been named as well. Apparently Big Red saw this coming, they filed a suit two weeks ago asking for the patent to be declared invalid. Sounds like a sore loser to us.

Fun Fact of the Day: Judah Klausner invented the PDA.

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1. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

hope they don't cut my pay

2. unregistered

well i dont think visual voicemail should cost money, it should be free if you pay for vcast. at this point i don't think anyone should dare think about sueing verizon, it will come back to haunt whomever, verizon is obviously taking over the day at a time. just imagine....if verizon in the future at any point in time becomes friends with apple....and starts selling the iphone, there will be no reason to stay with at&t.

3. unregistered

Deja Vu? If you can afford it then get it. If you dont want to spend money go prepaid. :)

7. unregistered

id be more worried about suing google, who really might take over the (e)world one excellent free app a time

8. unregistered

True that, google is directly on path to rule the world. Who knew giving away free software would make you a epower.

4. jrcrow unregistered

its a stupid network alert least call it something else. E

5. unregistered

it doesnt matter if you have the money or not...its a voicemail feature, it should be FREE. and as far as getting prepay....thats more expensive than post-pay bud.

6. unregistered

It's not a feature smart one....It's an OPTION, therfore you can choose to get it and pay the extra or not and have the FREE basic voicemail. Just like Vcast if you have the capable phone that's all well and good, but if you don't subscribe it's a useless feature to have in the phone. Use your brain please. People need to stop complaining about paying for EXTRA things on their account, prepay compaines are going broke cause they are trying to complete with the services and prices offered by post-pay retailers. IE Amped' Mobile. You can't go to a car dealership and expect to get the sports package on a regualr basic car without paying for it. DUH.

10. unregistered


12. unregistered

Owned!?! How could anyone look at #6's comment and not see how myopic his argument is! Free VVM is an opportunity for Verizon to draw in more customers. When paying for VVM is the status quo, how competitive would Verizon be if they followed suit? Honestly, I'm a huge fan of Verizon, and I enjoy their service, so I don't bring an outside perspective. But bringing in new customers and even buying into a basic $39.99/month plan would boost profits for Verizon far more than simply charging the SMALL minority of people who want to pay $4/month and not receive a significant boost in new new business. Think before you disparage other opinions. Not all who argue that VVM should be free are baseless. Nor those who think VVM is fine the way it is are ignorant and obtuse.

13. sinfulta unregistered

First of all it's not going to pull a ton of customers because they offer Visual Voicemail for FREE. Nothing is for free. Carriers don't want the customer that pays $39.99/mo. The average cost per phone line is $25-28/per line to run with very little features via data/voice to change it slightly. You think Verizon or any carrier for that matters wants the type of customer running into there stores that want the free stuff? Hell no. They want the techies or the people that are going to actually spend the money with there company. Not someone who is watching every dime on how they can't get VVM for free and that's the only reason they would switch. The main thing here is NOBODY gives VVM for FREE. Sprint your paying at least $69.99/mo for your plan to have it on Instinct and same with ATT and the Iphone. So why not should Verizon let you have it as an -->Option

9. Jack of all trades unregistered

Judah Klausner is just another pattent holder trying to find people using their toy and he doesn't want to play, so he goes an wines to mommy and she makes the bigger child give up that toy. wine wine wine! Grow up Judah Klausner!

11. bb8330 unregistered

There are tons of other compianes that have visual voicemail. The technogly is not new and can not be held to only one company. Its real weak for the cell phone industry because everytime someone comes up with an idea that makes a user excprience better somebody is going to get sued. That's the hole idea behind compentition. If someone makes it better your going to get pissed and sue. I don't think verizon or virgin or anyone else is in the wrong. The company that is trying to sue should be shut down for being weak in its efforts to destroy freedom in the industry. o well that's what everyone does in this country cry and sue cry and sue and cry and sue. whatever I am tired of it. Wish we had a real voice as a people and make a differnce. Instead we take it in the @#!

14. unregistered

google is already taking over the world with the google web browser, everything to upload/send/recieve, google owns it. its in the terms and agreements when you download the browser. Google FTL/W

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