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VLC accuses Apple of infringement

0. phoneArena posted on 31 Oct 2010, 03:55

VLC has notified Apple of GPL infringement, and seeks the removal of their app from the iTunes Store...

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posted on 31 Oct 2010, 06:43 2

1. rafaelinux (Posts: 31; Member since: 29 Jun 2009)

Kinda pointless.. but oh well, the more against Apple the better

posted on 31 Oct 2010, 14:00

3. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Against Apple? Who should we be cheering for? Microsoft? Google? Nokia?

posted on 31 Oct 2010, 12:13

2. whydidtheydoit (unregistered)

VideoLan must have known how the Apple app store worked before they ported VLC to iOS, right? So why did they do the work just to ask that it be removed? I'm confused...

posted on 01 Nov 2010, 19:03

4. applesr4eating (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Jul 2010)

I want a White Iphone 4.


posted on 01 Nov 2010, 23:39

5. You Lie (unregistered)

VLC Said NO Such Thing.

It was a Developer that had wrote a small piece of code in VLC like many other hundreds of other developers have that had lodged a complaint.
Also this person that lodged the compliant works for Nokia also so put 2 and 2 together and stop link baiting your articles.

The Full Support of all the other VLC Developers Approve this Application only (1) doesn't and that is the one that also is employed with Nokia.

That should be your story.

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