Users report iPhones 6 and 6s turning off by themselves, cause not yet identified

Fans and users of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices have reported that after updating to the new iOS 9.0.2, their handsets have started acting cranky on random occasions. Apparently, the phones will decide to turn themselves off — no matter if the user is currently operating the device, or it's just on standby — and the only way to fix them is to perform a hard-restart (hold down the home and power buttons for as many seconds as it takes for the Apple logo to reappear on the screen).
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109. SupermanayrB

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I worked at an AT&T store from 2012 - 2014 & I've seen it happen from the 3GS to the 5S. I'm in GA. Not sure what area you're in. You're right about Android. Froyo wasn't bad, Gingerbread was the worst, ICS, started the phase of getting better, Jellybean & on have been great. My DROID RAZR Maxx never shut off on me & actually worked perfectly until I added a custom ROM. My Note 3 & Note 4 have been good considering TouchWiz.

72. thowersome

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73. irsoonerfan

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I have the old iPhone 5 and mine shut off by itself today and would not come back on. Installed the update 2-3 days ago. So apparently this is not affecting just the 6 and 6s. Ugh.

112. darkkjedii

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Stop lying

76. Diezparda

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umm battery problem? many of my friend experience this on older model iPhone 5/5s usually when the battery hits 30%-20% and it suddenly shut down. The device won't turn up again unless it's connected to electrical outlet.

100. LookyKai

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calibrate your friends iPhone battery. charge it without interruption, do it while sleep.

77. jeroome86

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Apple will address these issues quickly. This is a area that Android could learn from. Gave up waiting on my Nexus 7. Lollipop made it unusable and last update didn't fix the problem.

81. discharge unregistered

Luckily I still have my Samsung note 5 I got my 6s plus 128 gb in gold on 9-25-15 ordered the 20th fast to get!! Thanks t mobile!! But updated out of box from 9.0 to 9.0.2 and yes power sycles off and on and ever heats like a forth of July bomb lol but returned it and got my money back!! I should had known better after iOS 8 still have my old 6 plus 128 gb on 8.4.1 and staying that way!! I saw no difference at all in 6s plus WHAT?? Was so the hype??? Force touch? Big deal!! Camera seems the same, 12 mp?? Crap!! My Samsung takes great pics and did a test and the note beats both 6s plus and my old 6 plus!! The 6s has so many issues Apple should die and rest next to Steve jobs, and Steve kick Tim crooks butt for sure!! Apples quality has gone down the toilet tornado I sure don't trust apple anymore and selling the 6 plus on eBay the only good thing Apple has the Mac book pro just bought a new one and that kicks ass as for phones Apple should toss the towel on that

113. darkkjedii

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Man cut that lying out.

99. Midoo93

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iMichael?? I would love your comment in this post.!! You'd probably say that the android fans are trying to create an issue by hacking in to the iOS?

103. ldpantoja

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Can't find any wood to knock on but I haven't had this problem. I hope that I didn't just jinx myself by posting this.
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